A Touch Of Evil Live review by Judas Priest

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  • Released: Jul 14, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (30 votes)
Judas Priest: A Touch Of Evil  Live

Sound — 9
Judas Priest have released umpteen live albums. So why A Touch of Evil Live and why now? Well, for starters, for all intents and purposes, Rob Halford's return to the band is more recent than it seems. But more importantly, this live release features deeper album cuts that are also fan favorites which were previously unreleased as live cuts on CD! So that's what's new and exciting about A Touch of Evil Live. Any self-respecting Priest diehard will want this for his or her collection; but we're going to go as far as saying that it's essential for the most loyal and dedicated Priest fans, especially those who stuck with the band in the post-Halford, Ripper Owens years! Casual fans might be looking for Living After Midnight or You've Got Another Thing Coming, but they're not here. The most mainstream song here is Painkiller, which closes out the disc, and it sounds f--king awesome! Halford hits every note, spot on. If you've not had the pleasure of seeing the band in support of last year's Nostradamus concept album, the live renditions of Death and Prophecy might compel you to get off your ass and check out those songs live, since they'll be sprinkled among the classics and the hits. That said, this is an album for the truest of Priest fans and while the set list is carefully selected for those fans, the album puts you in the moment of a Priest. Show.

Lyrics — 9
It's Rob Halford. It's the siren. The soaring voice. The Metal God. Need we say more? Really? Halford may be pushing 60 but he is not going gently into senior citizendom! He's literally kicking and screaming his way through old age and he's not lost a step. His voice still slays, every show, every time. While nitpickers may not agree, we don't care. Halford still has it. He's still the Metal God. A Touch of Evil Live only serves to further prove this indisputable fact.

Overall Impression — 8
Judas Priest remain consummate metal professionals who, despite their age, are still deftly playing a younger man's style of music. Clearly, age is just a number and is not affecting the skill or the mindset of the almighty Priest. Kudos to Priest for digging into their extensive catalogue and choosing album cuts for A Touch of Evil Live. The songs were recorded during the bands world tours in 2005 and 2008 and the result are live cuts that pluck you from your living room (or wherever you are listening to this release) and plunk you smack dab in the middle of the arena! Judas Rising, Riding on the Wind and Between the Hammer and the Anvil make us fall in love with metal all over again. Long live Priest. Long live Metal!

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    Diamond Dave
    Good review man, I'm gonna have to go and get this sucker. Completely agree with the Lyrics and Singing section, I saw them last year and Halford amazed me, sounded so much better than on the Rising in the East dvd of 2005
    Maybe they just had an off night then when i saw them, because a lot of people were complaining
    Great idea, mostly pulled off. However Halford's voice is not what it was. Painkiller was never a great song live, but even so this version is painful (hehe). Try comparing the rendition of Beyond The Realms Of Death here to any from the 70's or 80's. The tagline none of these songs have been released live before is a lie as well. BTROD is available on some versions of UITE as well as the b-side to the Evening Star single. Riding On the Wind was added as an extra track on the remasters series. A Touch of Evil & Painkiller are both on offical live albums (albeit with Ripper on vocals). However it contains stellar renditions of most everything else, just Dissident Aggressor & Death letting the side down. Riding On The Wind is nothing special either. On a final note the Japanese release adds Deal With The Devil & Worth Fighting For while the russian one adds Angel.
    Saw them at Jones Beach Theater with Whitesnake..they didn't play ****ing Painkiller it was kind of a let down..
    seen them at summerfest, was the first time I've seen them and the best concert I've ever been to.
    FearOfTheDuck wrote: Maybe they just had an off night then when i saw them, because a lot of people were complaining
    Yeah.... probably. Even the greats have off nights. BTW... thanks for taking my post the way I meant it, in good humour. A lot of peeps would have had a shit fit.... So respect to you dude..
    I saw them this year at Wembley Arena with Megadeth and Testament on the 'Priest Feast' tour. Priest sounded good (apart from Robs painkiller vocals) but visually weren't anything special. Megadeth and Testament seemed closer to the audience and interacted more which made them more enjoyable and got a way better crowd reaction. Whereas Rob Halford is walking around looking at the floor and the others are swinging their guitars in time like Status Quo and its a little embaressing. The most interaction from Priest was when Rob Halford had an english flag around his back and was doing some call and response "yeah yeahs". Exactly what Freddy Mercury used to do, funny that...
    Really good album...just listened to it and yep I likey. Really good live band but this 'live' album even though it's a blinder it does their live stuff no justice at all.... you really do need to see them. Nuts to what to fear of the duck says.... respect you're opinion etc, etc.....but you're wrong. lol. Priest are Fucking amazing live. Thank you and good night
    I allready have it and its amazing very good review very good album. Greetings from Costa Rica
    saw them this year and they blew the **** away. The whole band really was great. Rob moved around a lot and taunted the audience. Great cd too stuff like dissident agressor and riding on the wind is great
    Just saw them the other day with Whitesnake and Pop Evil at the the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. Had floor seats, pretty damn close to the front and it was amazing. Rob still has his voice, maybe not as high-pitched as it used to be, but still amazing nonetheless. There was this kid who couldn't have been more than ten years old a couple rows in front of me on his dad's shoulders and at the end of the show, Rob walked up to the front of the stage, pointed right at the kid (I'm assuming) and did a sort of "I'm watching you" gesture. It was awesome, it looked like he was pointing at me.
    devilball wrote: The tagline none of these songs have been released live before is a lie as well. BTROD is available on some versions of UITE as well as the b-side to the Evening Star single.
    Actually, NO version of Unleashed In The East features Beyond The Realms Of Death. The Soundboard bootlegs from the first and fifth of those shoes that made up Unleashed shows Beyond WAS recorded, but never officially released. The version on Evening Star "12 Inch single was recorded in Cleveland Ohio in 1981. Don't Mislead people.