Angel Of Retribution review by Judas Priest

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  • Released: Feb 28, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 9 (37 votes)
Judas Priest: Angel Of Retribution

Sound — 9
With Rob Halford back, the sound of Judas Priest has definitely changed for a better since the past 2 albums. The opening song to the album "Judas Rising" is one of those pumping songs that just makes you want to go wild and punch a hole into the nearest wall. Haha, that might be a bit much, but the sound of the band has gotten fuller during this album. With the dual driving sound of the guitars, the heavy bass and sound of the drums, there isn't really a gap where you can say "it would be better if they did more". To me, this album is like Judas Priest modernizing. Listening to their past albums and then listening to this really shows how much their sound has changed from more border-line hard rock to heavy metal. With the sound of Halford back, the double bass, and the melodic, driving sounds of Tipton and Downing, this is definitely one of Judas Priest's best albums.

Lyrics — 6
There is no doubt that Halford is an awesome singer. I mean come on, he's not the Metal God for no reason right? The lyrics show how Judas Priest look into past material for new material. Many songs contain references to past albums/songs such as "Hellrider" and "Demonizer". Their songs lyrical range from a few different points, but most of the songs talk about Judas Priest in general. Referencing their past like in the song "Deal With The Devil" which is about Judas Priest's beginning. The song "Judas Rising" is about Judas Priest Messiah that is on a few of their albums. At the end of the album track list it seems they also venture into Lake Loch Ness and it's monster with the song "Lochness". Overall, I'd say it's not that lyrically powerful, but they do write some good lyrics.

Overall Impression — 8
The album was definitely one that I would not go without. It contains my favorite Judas Priest song which is "Loch Ness". I love how they implemented more "modern" guitar techniques that weren't used often in their other albums such as pinch-harmonics. The album was mixed beautiful. It's full, it's metal, it's Judas Priest. The album contains a mix of style, and they mixed it near perfect. With the heavy, heavy song "Demonizer", you have to headbang. To a hard rock n roll style with the song "Revolution", it's like one of their 70's songs. (Which in fact, the bass line is from the 70's!) The album even contains soft songs like "Angel" and "Eulogy". It's one of the albums I listen to the most. I recommend this for all die-hard metal fans!

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