Angel Of Retribution Review

artist: Judas Priest date: 03/22/2005 category: compact discs
Judas Priest: Angel Of Retribution
Released: Feb 28, 2005
Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Label: Epic
Number Of Tracks: 10
"Angel of Retribution" does indeed rock just hard enough to please longtime fans and convert a few new ones along the way.
 Sound: 8.8
 Lyrics: 8.4
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8
Angel Of Retribution Reviewed by: IzzySnakes, on march 22, 2005
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Sound: Judas Priest's original line-up reunited last year. Somehow they have already come out with an album almost as good as Painkiller and British Steel. The single Revolution was a genius peace of classic metal. Although the album features some less the powerful ballads. // 8

Lyrics: Supprisingly some of these lyrics are pretty gloomy and self-loathing. But some are incredible. They almost all have something to do with the reformation and the events during the breakup. They aren't as deep as the old Judas Priest. Rob Halfords voice is incredible. He hits some notes that he probably have never hit before. // 8

Overall Impression: Judas Priest's original lineup reunited last year. Somehow they have already come out with an album almost as good as Painkiller and British Steel. Compared to most of the rock and metal albums out today it kicks some major ass, compared to the old Judas albums its mediocre. Without some of the power ballads this album could have easily rivaled albums from Judas Priest's hayday. I would buy it again and again. The bonus features are incredible! If you like metal you will love this album. // 8

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overall: 10
Angel Of Retribution Reviewed by: nihilus, on may 09, 2005
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Sound: This is Priest at their best. The sound is amazing, the songs will be classics I guarantee. The beauty of 'Angel' echoes out of the speakers with Rob Halford's voice almost being hypnotizing. 'Worth Fighting For' is another soon-to-be classic which simply blows you away. And as for 'Deal With The Devil', it speaks for itself. But if you haven't heard it (which you bloody well should) then it is like a middle finger to the world. the guitar work is amazing and as the first track tells you in its name, judas really is rising. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are strong competition for their classics like Electric Eye and Livin' After Midnight, and worthy competition at that. The lyrics are as hypnotizing as halford's voice and has the same impact. I can't pick a song that stands out lyric wise, because they all stand out amongst some of their previous work. The lyrics from the very beginning of the album will grip you, tear your flesh from your bones and spit you back out at the end. They are truly amazing compared to the whiney lyrics of most other bands. // 10

Overall Impression: If you couldn't tell by thoughts already, this album is amazing. Don't expect easy listening, but if you buy a priest album you wouldn't anyway. This album is definately as strong as their classics like 'British Steel' and 'Painkiller'. And this will definately inspire bands. As another priest song states, some heads are gonna roll. // 10

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overall: 8.3
Angel Of Retribution Reviewed by: Sabbathhead, on july 19, 2007
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Sound: After the failures of Juggualtor and Demolition, the band convinced former singer Rob Halford to join up with the band again. This album is one of the best sounds Priest has made since Painkiller and Sad Wings of Destiny. From the heavy, distorted Lochness (one of my favourites from the album) to the powerful, hypnotizing power ballad Angel that remindes me sorta of Beyond tthe Realms of Death. They have other sounds too like the aggresive Deal with the Devil, the metal classic single Revolution, the heavy grinding Demonizer, and the solemn Eulogy. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics from this album are amazingly well done as well. Rob Halford once again proves he's the metal god and strikes high notes like in the early days of Priest.Rob Halford once again proves how much of a vocal god he is. He sings well enough that you wonder if age is having any effect on him. From his low powerful vocals on Hellrider, to his soft yet moving vocals to on Angel, all the way to the other end of the spectrum with his high pitched screamy work on Demonizer. // 8

Overall Impression: The most impressive songs on this album in my opinion are Angel, Lochness and Hellrider, which show off some classic Priest sound. There is a few flaws with the album though. After Demoltion (their last album) they tried moving away from their sound which was a bad idea. So in this album, they kept their classic formula. This is good, but it would have benn nice to see some different songs on this album like in the early days, but the songs they made with their old formula certainly are amazing. This album is definatly a must buy for Priests, and may even convert a few people as well. // 9

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overall: 9.7
Angel Of Retribution Reviewed by: face_the_slayer, on december 27, 2007
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Sound: Well, let's say you're a kid in 8th grade, angry at the world of preppy a-holes encroaching upon your self-esteem and the emo kids and their My Chemical Romance shirts, and you reach out in a CD store and pick up this gem and it blows your mind! Yes, folks of Ultimate-Guitar, Judas Priest may be old, but they are still good-perhaps even better now than back in the day. Like the old red wine in your cellar, they are only getting better as they age. Only a few months after reuniting with original singer Rob Halford, Judas Priest released this underappreciated CD, but those wise in the metal community picked up on it and the diamond in the rough it really is. The sound is straight-up heavy metal (you couldn't expect anything less from the Priest) but the album touches every base. From the mournful power of the 13 minute-plus long Loch Ness to the epic ballad of Angel to the radio-friendly Revolution and finally, to the screamingly blinding Demonizer, this will indeed keep you on the edge of your seat. You can thrash along to Judas Rising, Hellrider, Deal With The Devil, Revolution Wheels of Fire, and, of course, Demonizer with the devil horns straking the air. Chill out to Angel, Loch Ness, and Worth Fighting For (and Eulogy, the most pointless piece of work here). The twin guitarists scream up into the stratosphere and down into the lowest cellars with their amazing and powerful twin solos. After all, they've had some experience in this (the original duo? one would think so.). Drumming, however, is where the music really breaks out. Without Scott Travis and his screaming double bass lines in Hellrider and Demonizer, this knock-down sound would not be possible. Not headbanging to these two amazing examples of power is another thing that is not humanly possible. Eulogy is my only complaint-a sort of funeral dirge that manages to just waste space. No instruments except for Halford and a few notes on a piano. No thanks. // 9

Lyrics: Halford has always been able to chill your spine with his intense, high-pitched (but always clean) vocals, but it's now like a load of ice dropped down the back of your shirt. He wails like a crazed banshee (in a good way, of course) at the end of Demonizer. His mid-and lower-range singing, like compatriot Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, has matured with age and he sounds much more powerful low down than ever before. Singing beside, the lyrics are great themselves. Deal With The Devil speaks about Priest's early days. Loch Ness is pretty self-explanatory but the lyrics themselves are quite descriptive and brooding. The lyrics, unlike Priest's rather shallow 80's music, are quite deep, often introspective, and more metal than ever before. They are still quite Judas Priest. // 10

Overall Impression: Again, oldies but goodies. Priest are simply at their best in this powerful tour de force of old-school metal mixed in with the new school. Hellrider, Judas Rising, Angel, Demonizer, Deal With The Devil, and Loch Ness are (seven) songs that really jump out at you when listening to this masterpiece. There is simply no more to say about this. Go out and buy it. And tell the demons who underrated this to get out! Like old red wine, Priest are just getting better. I hope Nostradamus (their concept album) is half this good. // 10

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overall: 7.7
Angel Of Retribution Reviewed by: Kajinaga, on august 04, 2010
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Sound: With Rob Halford back, the sound of Judas Priest has definitely changed for a better since the past 2 albums. The opening song to the album "Judas Rising" is one of those pumping songs that just makes you want to go wild and punch a hole into the nearest wall. Haha, that might be a bit much, but the sound of the band has gotten fuller during this album. With the dual driving sound of the guitars, the heavy bass and sound of the drums, there isn't really a gap where you can say "it would be better if they did more". To me, this album is like Judas Priest modernizing. Listening to their past albums and then listening to this really shows how much their sound has changed from more border-line hard rock to heavy metal. With the sound of Halford back, the double bass, and the melodic, driving sounds of Tipton and Downing, this is definitely one of Judas Priest's best albums. // 9

Lyrics: There is no doubt that Halford is an awesome singer. I mean come on, he's not the Metal God for no reason right? The lyrics show how Judas Priest look into past material for new material. Many songs contain references to past albums/songs such as "Hellrider" and "Demonizer". Their songs lyrical range from a few different points, but most of the songs talk about Judas Priest in general. Referencing their past like in the song "Deal With The Devil" which is about Judas Priest's beginning. The song "Judas Rising" is about Judas Priest Messiah that is on a few of their albums. At the end of the album track list it seems they also venture into Lake Loch Ness and it's monster with the song "Lochness". Overall, I'd say it's not that lyrically powerful, but they do write some good lyrics. // 6

Overall Impression: The album was definitely one that I would not go without. It contains my favorite Judas Priest song which is "Loch Ness". I love how they implemented more "modern" guitar techniques that weren't used often in their other albums such as pinch-harmonics. The album was mixed beautiful. It's full, it's metal, it's Judas Priest. The album contains a mix of style, and they mixed it near perfect. With the heavy, heavy song "Demonizer", you have to headbang. To a hard rock n roll style with the song "Revolution", it's like one of their 70's songs. (Which in fact, the bass line is from the 70's!) The album even contains soft songs like "Angel" and "Eulogy". It's one of the albums I listen to the most. I recommend this for all die-hard metal fans! // 8

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