Nostradamus review by Judas Priest

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  • Released: Jun 17, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (182 votes)
Judas Priest: Nostradamus

Sound — 9
On the first song of this album you get the impression what the album is going to be like, Epic and with a hint of Doom. There's a lot going on in this Judas Priest Album. They've gone back to the keyboard roots of their Turbo but this time they did it correctly. K.K and Glenn on top of their game once again, They've got more technical than their previous albums. Incorparising Sweeps, Tapping and full out shredding into their solos. Most people think this is bad since they're not sticking to their soulful solos or their previous albums but believe me their still kicking around in songs such as Future of Man kind. Now to talk about the tracks of the album. There are 23 tracks on the album over two discs, It clocks around 105 minutes in total. Many of the songs though are intro pieaces and not full out songs. But all the songs mesh well together creating a continuous atmosphere aswell as telling a story. Some songs to look out for our. This said I felt that they should of maybe cut down the album a bit since you can lose the feeling off the song, ect.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrics where never Priests strong points but in this album it's taken a turn for the better. Though their are still some cheesy lyrics like all priest albums, these go into more depth are more logical and have meaning. All the songs tell a the story of Nostradarmus's life and how it unfolded with him getting these Visions about what will happen in the future to his counter with the plague taking his familiy and being exiled because of his visions. Rob's vocals are nothing short of spectacular with this album. Though he doesn't scream as much as he used to he still pulls out some great banshee esque screams such as in the title track. He's developed this deep and doom feeling repitoir which goes perfectly with this album.

Overall Impression — 9
I feel that this album is priest returning to their older roots with such albums of Rocka Rolla and Sad wings of destiny. Anyone else think that Calm Before the Storm sounds like Run of The Mill from Rocka Rolla. Though they've gone back to their older roots they've managed to keep in touch with the modern side of music. incorparising some speedy and thrashy tracks. The things I love about this album are. It's something new and they're not falling into this trap of becoming repetive like some of the other big named bands. The things I dislike about this album are the fact that is does clock a lot of minutes and you can't really listen to a single track on it's own. Also I wish the guitars would be a little more clearer since they're quite muddy in some parts of the album. If this was stole I would run to the store and buy it again and listen to it as soon as I got in.

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    Up The Irons 94
    Ok First of all theres 2 songs that i respect from this album *Visions* and the title track *Nostradamus* but the rest is nothing compared to angel of retrabution but idk i dont like how the synths have bascily taken over for the guitars
    colm c
    Fi-Fi wrote: It's the conceptual thing i think you guys don't like. It's all somehow in one mood and connected by instrumental tracks. I really liked some songs and others not. I prefer when concept albums don't contain the instrumental parts. Funny thing though this album instantly reminds me of iced earths' 'framing armegddon'. Ironicly IE was inspired by JP. But i'm sure this time it was the other way.
    I thought the same thing too... pity framing was a bitter lack lustre!
    I thought this album was an excellent piece of work. I listen to it regularly and I do not find it dissapointing at all. The only weak song in my opinion is "war". The rest are great. Rob's vocals in the song "Death" are top notch. The production of the album is great and in my opinion the guitar work is great.