Nostradamus review by Judas Priest

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  • Released: Jun 17, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (182 votes)
Judas Priest: Nostradamus

Sound — 8
This is the two CD version of Nostradamus. Judas Priest is one of the most influential british metal bands, tied with Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. Their sound is similar to Iron Maiden yet has an essence that Maiden can't get. This legendary metal band has given some of the best contributions to this genre with works like British Steal, Painkiller, and Nostradamus. I am a huge fan of Judas Priest and this album made me worship their high voltage rock even more. the sound is great. The songs are mostly metal songs to the bone yet there are ballads like lost love. In one of the best songs of this album there is the explosive War that includes a very good mix of sounds. Basicly the structure of this CD is: one heavy sound then one that is sort of an soft interlude that introduces their next song. The sound in this album is really great and the guitars are really good most of the time. The singer, Rob Halford adds some amazing screams in the songs, and the drummer: Scott Travis has amzing skills. With this album Judas Priest proves that they are the bosses of heavy metal.

Lyrics — 9
As I said the singer has great skills. The lyrics really are just an addition yet they go really well with the rythms of the songs. The lyrics do not vary a lot they basicly talk about Nostradamus. If you actually do pay attention to the lyrics you notice that they actually are good but do not talk about something that other metal bands talk about.

Overall Impression — 8
This album is not as great as the awesome painkiller, and british steel. This is a good album though although it was not well accepted by the critics given the album mostly 7 out of 10. Here is my impression of some of the best songs from this album. War: this song starts with some exploting drums and are soon followed by the voice of Rob Halford that gives this song the Metal sounds many bands look for. This song however can't be compared to their best songs. The song basicly stays the same throughout the whole song. Persecution: this song stars with a guitar riff that is very quiet and then is followed by with an explosion of drums and guitars and of course Rob's voice. This song is actually quiet good and is one of the best songs in this album. Exiled: the song starts with drums and some chorus voices and then is followed by some string instruments and then comes Rob's voice accompanied by a soft guitar. Later in the chorus the distored guitar comes in and disapears again afterwards. The song basicly follows this structure and has some solos in between. Visions: this is for me the best song in the album. It starts with a distorted riff then there is a brief acapella part then the guitars comes in again. The song has a very good chorus that is very crowd accepted. The song is overall good and if it would be a little better it could be only compared with Gods. Nostradamus: this song is not that good but gives the album it's name right? The album should be called visions. The song however is almost as good as Visions. Although by the time you get to this track you've had enough with the same riffs, melodies, solos, and lyrics. If I would lose this album I would not buy it again, instead I would by Death Magnetic by Metallica or All Hope is Gone by Slipknot. This album was still worth the listen.

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    tim western
    Judas Priest were the worst band of Download this year. Rob Halford just cannot perform live. Cringeworthy. As for this album, heard some new songs live and they sounded equally uninspiring to a lot of their overrated back catalogue.
    Kel_the_Gr81 wrote: A great song on the album is Conquest... though it has no mention here
    tim western wrote: Judas Priest were the worst band of Download this year. Rob Halford just cannot perform live. Cringeworthy. As for this album, heard some new songs live and they sounded equally uninspiring to a lot of their overrated back catalogue.
    That's really weird cos I thought that they were one of the highlights of download... but got to agree with ya, overated back catalogue, halford can't perform.... must just be really good luck that they have had a career that has spanned nearly 40 yrs.....and regularly play to huge audiences across the world..... and have a massive fan base.... nad so on....
    The original reviewer ends up looking really bad, not due solely to his obtuse review (immersed in more than a little fallacious, a priori and ad hominem-based arguments), but by mentioning Judas Priest copycats Queenryche, Kamelot, et al in the same breath as the Mighty Metal Gods Themselves. Not even Blind Guardian has released an album to match the Priest albums from "Sad Wings of Destiny" to "Defenders of the Faith", and yes folks, "Nostradamus" easily bests the best by any of those unintentionally hilarious poof-y bands like Dragonforce, Kamelot, Dream Evil, Lost Horizons, ad nauseum. Priest already did their "Living After Midnight"/ "Breaking the Law"/"Don't Go" comeback album. They decided to push things further. Casual listeners wanted more of "You've Got Another Thing Coming". I ask the same casual listeners to try to forget that, and to see how truly brilliant "Nostradamus" is. Much like the fantastic recent release of Manowar, Gods of War), "Nostradamus" pushes the boundaries of how "metal" is usually defined. In plainer language, cds like "Nostradamus" and "Gods of War" are expanding the boundaries, which means that Metal will last longer as an Art form (the same art form that was definitively invented by the composer Richard Wagner in the late 19th century). Without a forerunning band like Judas Priest daring to do more with Metal, it (Metal) will continue to decline in aesthete. I realize this isn't particularly important for a casual-listening headbanger (I'm not implying you're one of course, if you are of course that's just fine). But as a lifelong lover of Metal, Judas Priest, and Richard Wagner I most certainly DO care about the music AS music with depth, scope, and range. Slipknot is a great example of the lowest common denominator in metal. Bang Bang Bang. It has its place (can be alot of fun) in this genre of music we love, but there's no depth to it, nothing to make one think and want to listen intently; to gain something with every listen. The latter is what Judas Priest has given us, and over the next ten years people will see it for its true value more and more.
    its a very good album. As for the lyrics at least there original makes a change from the usuall *AAAAARRRRGGHHHHH deatgh death helll ... wait no.... wrong... aaaAAaaRGGgrRggGRGRGGgRRRGGGGG!!!! lalalalallalalallla*
    Way better than all the death metal and modern metal crap. (Slipknot, Dragonforce lol, all the other metal bands that have come up in the past ten years all suck, basicly.)
    the song nostradamus is awesome.but it has stupid lyrics but anyway,i dont listen to lyrics.if the lyrics suck but the music rules.i wuld still listen.
    Music MadMan
    I personally love it. You just have to sit down and hear every song in order to truly apreciate. Before, I didn't even like it that much because I didnt take the time to even listen to all songs completly. I'm glad I did. The only problem is the voice. It needed a little bit of more punch, but he is closing in to the 60s, so with that in mind, his voice is pretty good for his age. 9/10