Priest...Live! Review

artist: Judas Priest date: 01/18/2011 category: compact discs
Judas Priest: Priest...Live!
Released: Jun 21, 1987
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Columbia Records
Number Of Tracks: 15
What I really love about this album is the live feel you get from it. I actually feel like I'm in the front row watching this concert.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 9.7
Priest...Live! Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 18, 2011
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Sound: To begin with this album, I will say that this album sounds alot more live than Unleashed in the East did. "Unleashed" did kinda sound like the audiance was added, but on this album, every time I listen to it, I really feel like I'm in the audiance. And the crowd participates alot by singing the chorus of alot of the popular songs on the album. The drums and bass have their own deal on Judas priest albums: they're there, but their not the highlight. The guitars and vocals are really what make this album great. The guitars have both the heaviness of thrash metal at that time, while still having that kinda of glam metal feel that was at it's peak at the time. (The album was recorded sometime on their Fuel for Life Tour in 1986)

The solo's are wicked and have the moments where the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Now the vocals are what really make this album. I consider Rob Halford to have been at his peak at this time. This peak would end around after the Painkiller album. And with alot of the songs, before they start them, he'll say something about the song that kinda shows you some humor, such as before they start Turbo lover, he adds the line "Now its time for the somethin' somethin' that'll make you hard! The title track from the Turbo Album! Lets go with a Turbo.....LOVER!" The way he says "lover" is, the best way to describe it, a kind of kinky high pitch. But the sound really is good on here. But the only thing I think is that the bass could have been a little louder because I can barely here it on this album. // 9

Lyrics: So, this is a live album, and it has no new songs. But I actually think that that is a good thing. The track list:

01. Out in the cold
02. Heading out to the highway
03. Metal Gods
04. Breaking the Law
05. Love bites
06. Some heads are gonna roll
07. The Sentinel
08. Private property.
Disc 2:
01. Rock you all around the world
02 Electric eye
03. Turbo lover
04. Freewheel burning
05. Private property
06. Living after midnight
07. You've got another thing comin'
Bonus live tracks:
08. Screaming for Vengance (Recorded in 1982)
09. Rock hard, Ride free (Recorded in 1984)
10. Hell bent for leather (same concert as the rest of the album)

This is really one of my favorite live albums. This is almost the perfect priest concert, missing some of the earlier stuff, but it's still great. // 10

Overall Impression: Out of the other live albums I prefer this one overall. For some reason it didn't get as much fame as Unleashed in the East did, but I think it is 10 times better than Unleashed in the East. The best songs on here, in my opinion, are:

01. The Sentinal
02. Private Property
03. Electric eye
04. Rock you all around the World
05. Breaking the law

What I really love about this album is the live feel you get from it. I actually feel like I'm in the front row watching this concert. There's nothing to hate or dislike about this album, besides the bass problem. Though, this album is really for priest fans. It may grab the attention of new fans, but they have to remember that this is when priest was kinda making mainstream music. The Turbo album was hugely mainstream and alot of the songs sound like they were written for the radio. But overall, its great. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Priest...Live! Reviewed by: Xraiser, on august 30, 2011
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Sound: In 1986, Judas Priest was going for a more commercial style, their new music was more synth oriented (as you can hear on "Turbo") and many fans were alienated. Recorded on their Fuel For Life Tour supporting "Turbo", "Priest...Live!" captures the band at their commercial height, with screaming vocals and lightning fast guitars. Actually, that's the main reason this album sounds so good. In my opinion, Rob Halford, Glen Tipton and KK Downing never sounded this great before. While the main difference between a live album and a studio one is the addition of the crowd, another reason to buy this album is the special way the band plays their songs live. Priest have always added something new to their live performances. Whether it's Rob's voice or Glen and KK's new take on the solos and tracks, the outcome is brilliant. This tour was no exception. Some songs are faster than their studio version (like "Breaking The Law") while others are longer. It's also nice to hear the in-between-songs dialogue with the crowd and the song introductions. On the re-release version, 3 track were added, also live, but I think only "Hell Bent For Leather" was from the same tour. The other two songs are "Rock Hard, Ride Free" and "Screaming For Vengeance". // 9

Lyrics: No new songs appear on this album so the lyrics are the same as before. Rob Halford was at the Himalaya of his vocal range. He sang all of the songs perfectly and added new screaming bits which, as a listener, I can only enjoy. The setlist (15 tracks) borrows 5 songs from the "Turbo" album and the rest are classic Judas Priest songs. // 10

Overall Impression: I like this album more than "Unleashed In The East". It's more "live" and sounds better. Some really great songs are "The Sentinel", "Breaking The Law" and "Freewheel Burning". I'm really disappointed they didn't release more live albums. A live recording of a Defenders Of The Faith, Ram It Down or Painkiller Tour concert would have been pure gold for the fans. If I would lose this album I would definitely buy another copy. // 9

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