World Shut Your Mouth review by Julian Cope

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 10 (1 vote)
Julian Cope: World Shut Your Mouth

Sound — 8
"World Shut Your Mouth" was released as Julian Cope's solo debut - the first album after The Teardrop Explodes. The album incorporates the upbeat, fast-paced style of The Teardrop Explodes ("Quizmaster", "Pussyface"). But is more sobre and sombre ("Head Hang Low"). The album is filled with simple chord progressions combined with splendid melodies. The oboe (played by Kate St. John) gives the album a just-a-bit-more-special-than-pop sound, and for "Elegant Chaos" it is even essential. To cut a long story short: this is an album with much diversity. From ethereal pop ("Greatness And Perfection"), to avant-garde rock ("Sunshine Playroom"). Pretty much everything...

Lyrics — 7
Lyrics have never been my strongest side, but - even though I almost never exactly know the meaning of the text - I started to appreciate them. In "Sunshine Playroom", for example, the text is crucial in the chorus and in "Elegant Chaos" Cope sings about the fact that there's nothing wrong with being a cow, something simple and funny, something that can never hurt. Still I am more fond of the way the melodies that are the containers of those lyrics. Ultimately Well-crafted melodies like in "Bandy's First Jump" make sure that I would like the lyrics even when it was about microwave ovens. Furthermore I like the fact that the lyrics are quite implicit (with "Pussyface" being an exception) - Cope's later work. Had the message in the title mostly (and a excessive amount of the word "f--k" in them).

Overall Impression — 8
"World Shut Your Mouth" is a great album, unsurprisingly underrated (but seeing millions of YouTube users commenting about underrated albums on the worst songs doesn't really empower my statement here). If you didn't listen to it yet: You Should! The songs I like the most are "Bandy's First Jump", "Metranil Vavin", "Elegant Chaos", "Sunshine Playroom", basically pretty much everything. Though it got some weak spots, in my opinion: "Pussyface", got a nice chorus (which was my favourite for a whole week) - but Cope's spasm later on make this song quite weird and "Kolly Kibbler's Birthday" may be quite hard to appreciate initially (though I quite like it now). Anyway - buy it if you haven't already!

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