For The Revolution review by Kalmah

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  • Released: May 20, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (29 votes)
Kalmah: For The Revolution

Sound — 9
This album is put together so well that I can not stress it enough. There is quite a bit of vocal variation, which is very nice this time around. As always, the Kokko brothers come up with astonishing riffs that are very catchy and complex. The leads of Antti are much better then those of The Black Waltz. Sounds almost impossible right? Janne does a great job on drums and to me, he seems to stand out a lot. I think I am in love with Marco. The song Dead Man's Shadow is pure beauty. All of his solos just blow me away and I like how Marco does not only stand out in his solos. You can hear him throughout each song. Timo does a little less of a job on this album if you ask me. Yes, he is audible, but he does not have anything that seems to standout like the previous albums. This disappointed me because I am a bass player and as most bass players, we love Timo. I am sure that if you were not only focusing on the bass at some points in the album, that you would be fine with his playing. Maybe I is only me? All in all, Kalmah is sure to blow heads off with this album.

Lyrics — 8
Some fans do not care for Kalmah's lyrics at all. I am very fond of them. Sometimes lines like "A murder on a TV-screen/The adults playing their game/PlayStation controls/children's lives/As they grow up they'll do the same" may seem very lame and weal, but with very little thought, you can see the symbolic image that Kalmah delivers. The lyrics are not a concern on this album. They may even be some of Kalmah's best. I am very pleased with the mix up in vocals. Going from the death growl to a higher pitched scream is great! It is constant throughout the album and was wanted by many fans.

Overall Impression — 9
So as a Kalmah fan, you have probably heard The Black Waltz. This is no doubt a legendary album. So what does that leave you with? Fear. You might be scarred that Kalmah may not be able to punch out another album like this. Have no fear! To me, For The Revolution is better then The Black Waltz. I do not have anything to pick on about this album. All I can honestly say is how surprised I am that Kalmah can release material that will please all, and keep it that way, unlike their "rivals" Children of Bodom. Kalmah is now dominating my playlists because I think that every track they have is enjoyable. For The Revolution is another great addition.

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    Sweet dude, sounds like its a good album. I ordered it yesterday and am psyched about hearing it. I heard dead mans shadow on the radio a week and a bit ago, it sounded pretty good but hard to rate any song with one listen. Nice review.
    This album really shows off Kalmahs progession in musicianship. The keyboard solo in "Towards the Sky" is awesome and really goes well with the song. This album is no dissapointment for older fans and im sure it will pick up more of a fanbase for Kalmah..
    This album sounded amazing at first, and there are great songs on it, but for me it did not survive the test of time. I listened to it for a month almost every day, and then one day stopped completely. It's a good album, but something is missing.
    I love this album. I think its much better than TBW, to me that was one of their weaker albums. I feel like For the Revolution is on par with some of their earlier releases like Swampsong, its really that good. If you liked The Black Waltz, this will blow it away. Definitely for fans of older Kalmah as well as the new stuff.
    God I love this album..."Ready For Salvation" is such a awesome song.
    The Black Salts
    I ordered this album in May and still haven't gotten it. It's on back order. I'm sure it'll show up sooner or later...*squeezes face Hey great review. I don't agree that they sound like Bodom anymore, though. Not since TBW. I bashed their lyrics in my review of TWR but TBW's lyrics were clearly a big step up.
    well you can not listen to this band and say that they do not sound like Children of Bodom.