The Black Halo review by Kamelot

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  • Released: Feb 16, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.5 (74 votes)
Kamelot: The Black Halo

Sound — 10
When I first heard of them, I was expecting the sound to be the standard type of power metal, with iron swords and fire breathing dragons. But then, when I decided to listen to one of their songs, I imediately went out to buy this album: The Black Halo. Like I said before, they aren't the Rhapsodysh kind of metal. They have their own unique sound. They are actualy power/progressive metal and might I say that the songs on this album are unbelievably compelling and pure. The guitar play is original and unthought of. I didn't think songs like these could have be created. Casey Grillo (drums) does a great job of diversifying his playing he never uses the same drum beats twice, every song has it's own drum play. If there's a song that could resume this album it would be the 12th track, Memento Mori. They are overwhelming from the begining to the very last second. But good thing they've put in Interludes to take a breather from the intensiy that they deliver.Since these guys are perfectionists, there isn't a song short of a solo or a riff or anything. Every song has been thought out and beaten until there was nothing left to make it better.

Lyrics — 10
Kamelot's lyrics are more than just power metal, they're stories. They are so unique that they are the only ones that can be accompanied by the music that they are put with. I will ad this, only Roy Khan can sing these songs to perfection. Not only is he the right singer for the band, but just the way he sings makes him seem as if he was an actor. He has the right tones for the songs, he makes the lyrics stand out along wth the music. The lyrics are different from the standard power metal. For example in the song soul society. it starts like this: If my soul could revive from my carnal remains, what does it matter to me. If it all fades to black if I'm born once again then no-one really is free.

Overall Impression — 10
If I had to compare this album to another it would be hard because I don't know any other band with the same type of metal as them. After 6 albums since 1995, this one has to be the best one of them all mainly because every song stands out but those that I would recomend listening to get into them are: March Of Mephisto (the first track), When The Lights Are Down, Soul Society, The Black Halo and Memento Mori. There isn't one thing I hate about this album and I don't only love one thing about it, I love everything. Lastly, about it being lost or stolen, I might not be able to buy it again mainly because their CD's don't get mass produced like other band.

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    LMAO @ Genreseath Metal/Black Metal I must agree 10/10 for everything
    ya kamelot is a great power metal band but why its written death /black/heavy metal ?? do they know something about music or what
    Universal_Moon wrote: ya kamelot is a great power metal band but why its written death /black/heavy metal ?? do they know something about music or what
    Sweet Album, I think the March of Mephisto may be Death or Black Metal ish with Shagrath though I agree.
    I agree. This is definitely a ten for everything album. Kamelot give a great take on power metal and have a unique style.
    Yeah this album as a whole is just so amazing I can't explain it, everything is perfect.
    Kamelot is amazing. I found this band through my friend who said I have to buy this album, and I did. But death or black metal? Its power metal and its special way of it. Its no "dragon metal" like dragonforce etc.