Asymmetry review by Karnivool

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  • Released: Jul 19, 2013
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (75 votes)
Karnivool: Asymmetry

Sound — 9
Karnivool has finally released another album, titled "Asymmetry." This album has been quite a few years in the waiting, but was definitely well worth the wait as the band's sound continues to build on the musical complexity of the "Sound Awake" album. Perhaps what makes this album unique in relation to prior releases is the willingness of the band to experiment with ambient tracks which create unusual feels between certain songs (the title track "Asymmetry" is certainly a good example of this experimentation). Between these experimentations comes that same well crafted Karnivool sound we have all grown accustomed to; a sound that can only be described as the best of the progressive scene. Another thing to make note of is the beauty and time that was put into the album artwork. Both the normal and deluxe album covers offer a visual sense of intricacy that compliments the sounds of the album well.

Lyrics — 10
Lyrically this album has to be the best yet! You can really see how the band members are continuing to grow in their songwriting through their lyrical ideas, which are built upon mostly problems that nearly everyone in the world has or will face. Their single "We Are" is a prime example of the lyrical complexity that has been added to this album, which is a perfect balance to the complexity of the music. The song talks about the issues that the world is dumping on the younger generation, and the band states that they wish they could "reset it all." The singer is perhaps one of the most impressive elements of the album. In songs where it is easy to lose yourself in the change of time signatures and catchy guitar riffs, the vocals are still able to remain the primary focus and deliver the exact emotions that most effectively compliment the song.

Overall Impression — 9
This album truly is the best of the progressive scene today. Songs such as "We Are," "The Refusal," and "Sky Machine" will become an instant, essential part of your music library and will leave you wanting more. However, the songs "Asymmetry," and "Amusia" may prove to be a bit on the more experimental side of the album and may not sit well with all of the album's listeners. All in all, this album is great if you love the new progressive era and may end up broadening your horizons in the end of the day. I purchased the Deluxe version with the DVD included and would re-order it in a second if it were ever to be damaged.

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    Honestly, most of the songs on this album bring me to tears. Damn beautiful stuff 9/10
    To all of you that dislike the album so much - how many times did you listen to it?It is not cacophony - because of its complexity it may sound so at first but on the third listen your brain will understand the complexity, will get the melodies, and here comes the addiction. You can't believe in yourselves' musicality so much to throw away an album as weak (weakest) after the first or second listen. This act may be possible for other albums but not for this one and you should have known it yourselves already because you could surely see how complex it is. I did the following - I heard the album and the first time and thought - yeah I still don't understand anything from the melody but this is the most complex thing I have ever listened to and (because I have experience about that from other bands) I knew that if I listen to it more, the melody of the songs will gradually unravel itself and will be something I never heard of before and something unusual and most likely more beautiful than other songs that are understood upon the first listen. And my prediction proved right. In my musical experience it was always like this - the more hardly I understand the melody, the more beautiful it is when it unravels itself. I immediately understood that this is the deal about "Asymmetry" too and that's why I was very happy that I found it, even though it didn't make any sense to me at the same time (I just completely ignored the latter!). Now "Asymmetry is one of my favorites (which aren't this many in number..) Also, one more thing to show you how misguided you are - there's a singer and composer, Marcela Bovio, which is a genius in my opinion, and some of her songs (check Elfonia- "A Sonic Landscape", or the song "Wherever you are" - the beginning) sound, upon the first listen very unmelodic and strange and just won't make any sense - kind of really unpredictable. But people will continue to listen because Marcela has really beautiful voice, an the lyrics are mainstream, and no one will ever say anything about lack of melody. Then only on the second listen the melody unravels itself partly (and believe me it is really beautiful) and people will forget if there was any other experience on the first listen. But in "Asymmetry" there aren't any beautiful soft female vocals, and there are drums that are like very fast and strange, and unusual guitar riffs that are rough and annoying at times. Also they have the track "Asymmetry" which is really disturbing (maybe it's part from the concept I don't know because I'm no so familiar with the lyrics of the album)and all this must have creeped you out and this must be a reason for you throwing away the album so quickly. But this is such a loss .. and when you write all these hating comments you may (depends on what people they are) discourage the band on continuing to do things like "Asymmetry" which will be such shame.