Live at the Forum [DVD] review by Karnivool

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  • Released: Jul 19, 2013
  • Sound: 9
  • Content: 9
  • Production Quality: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (6 votes)
Karnivool: Live at the Forum [DVD]

Sound — 9
With the release of Karnivool's newest album, "Asymmetry," the band has continued to reach new heights and strive towards more complexity. However, were you aware that the artist has released a deluxe edition of the album which includes their DVD "Karnivool: Live at the Forum"? The DVD itself does not include any new pieces from "Asymmetry", but gives live footage of their tour the past year at one of the band's favorite Australian venues. The setlist includes songs from two of the band's prior releases: "Themata," and "Sound Awake." The only reason this receives a 9/10 and not perfection is that the DVD wasn't mastered for surround sound.

Content — 9
The DVD features the full set of the band's tour prior to the release of "Asymmetry." The setlist of the live DVD is as follows: 01. Simple Boy 02. Goliath 03. Shutterspeed 04. C.O.T.E. 05. New Day 06. Fear of the Sky (noted as "FOTS" on the DVD) 07. Deadman 08. All I Know 09. Umbra 10. Themata 11. Set Fire To The Hive 12. Roquefort 13. Change While I personally think that the DVD should have included some of the cover songs Karnivool has performed, such as "The Only Way" (originally Gotye) and "Sleeping Satellite," the setlist is satisfactory and certainly a pleasure to enjoy in its entirety.

Production Quality — 8
The quality of the show production is nothing less than up to par. With a world class act like Karnivool performing their songs to extravagant light shows, you can easily find yourself lost in the music. Camera shots are all great and allow you to see the areas that you want to see at specific moments in the setlist. While the filming of the video was great, there is a bit of disappointment in the audio production. While it is mixed and produced well, it is not mastered for anything past 2.1 (meaning anyone wanting the full concert experience in surround sound can not enjoy it as the engineer/band fully intended).

Overall Impression — 9
The "Live at the Forum" DVD is a remarkable way to capture the band's entire stage show. As noted before, it is upsetting that the audio is not mastered out to surround sound. The other thing that is a bit of a burden is that the DVD is encoded to play in Australian devices only, which means if you ordered a deluxe edition of the album and do not live in the Australian region, you will have to own a region free DVD player. Overall, if you don't own this DVD you are missing out on a unique experience that dives you into the already complex music of Karnivool in a brand new way.

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    Sort of irrelevant comment - the song title is "C.O.T.E." not "Cote." It's an acronym for "Center of the Earth" (I believe so, that may be incorrect). This seems to be a pretty common mistake, otherwise I wouldn't mention it.
    Thanks for letting me know! I actually hadn't realized that, but it makes perfect sense.
    The only problem I have about this review is that you mentioned your problem with Surround Sound way too much. We understood the first time. Other than that you have nailed it. It's a brilliantly shot live performance and the sound of the band sounds exactly like the album versions. I also do wish they included The Only Way but oh well