Empire Review

artist: Kasabian date: 02/22/2007 category: compact discs
Kasabian: Empire
Release Date: Sep 19, 2006
Label: RCA
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 11
They provide a more full and melodic sound on this record. The same swagger is there from the first album but it is now less noticable.
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 9.7
Empire Reviewed by: screwup30, on september 12, 2006
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Sound: This is a major development in Kasabains sound from their hit debut album of the same name. They provide a more full and melodic sound on this record. The same swagger is there from the first album but it is now less noticable. One of the best songs on the album is British Legion, an acoustic song that transforms into an enormous wall of sound halfway through. Another great song is the current hit single Empire, a stomping riff that takes you by the balls and drags you through the rest of the album. // 10

Lyrics: I haven't had the album long enough to determine the lyical quality, but in saying that I have no complaints after as many as 20 or 30 listens in the past 4 days. They represent a growth as songwriters and also a wider choice of subject now that Kasabain are a band that have seen and toured the world. The singing is more of the same from Tom, but in my opinion Serge the guitarist and songwriter is an excellent suprise on this record. He sings on my personal favourite British Legion and gives the album yet more diversity. // 9

Overall Impression: If I were you I would buy this record as soon as possible. Everyone has said that Muse have made the record of 2006. I would disagree. This is a major step forward for Kasabain and in doing so they have created a brilliant second album. Roll on number three! // 10

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overall: 8.7
Empire Reviewed by: Daniel Pearce, on february 22, 2007
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Sound: This is an improvement of Kasabians first album: 'Kasabian.' Some nice guitar riffs are in this one and I'd say It's got more packed in than their first. But Club Foot is still a really awesome song. They have a great sound, listening to classic songs like 'Shoot The Runner' up loud or playing it on an electric guitar is so much fun. You here all these songs several times and you don't know at all who the song's by until they say it on the radio. Then you hear all these other songs and you realise they are from the same band. This happened with me with 'Club Foot' and 'Shoot The Runner' (definately one of their two best songs. There is some good keyboard stuff on some of the tracks, for example: 'Seek and Destory'. They are very good at rocking the crowds with their music, good drumming. I'd advise you to go and see these guys live at some festivel or other because they're nailing those frets! // 9

Lyrics: You'll probably find that the lyrics are actually quite better than your first impressions of them even though you may not know the story or even what the hell he's actually talking about! He says the lyrics with pure attitude towards them, they suit how they perform. Speaking of performing Kasabian got nominated for 'Best British Live Act' which they lost out on at the Brits but still are one of the few best. The lyrics suit the music very well, good compliance between the two. There's some great slow singing. He's definately a singer-songwriter you can learn from. But I still think the lyrics need that extra edge, I just don't know why. It's sounds a bit live when you listen to some of the songs. I think Apnoea sounds weird and a song you can't really get used to and also the verse of 'By My Side'. Kasabian's lyrics are sung diffrently from other bands in that there's a lot of words sung over a few seconds. But I have to say that he's got all the musical elements you really need. // 8

Overall Impression: Kasabian are from Leicester (where I live, one of the reasons I like them). Each song has a good name on this album. In the end the closest thing to them is probably 'Kaiser Cheifs' except Kaiser Cheifs arn't like them too much. Kasabian have gradualy made it up throught the album chart with this album, before I saw their album in HMV and it was at number 22 and then later I saw it in the top 10. They've kept and improved from their first album. The most impressive songs on this 2nd album of theirs are: 'Empire', 'Shoot The Runner', 'Sun Rise Light Flies' and one that was in the singles charts: 'Seek and Destroy'. I love that they come from Leicester, of course lol, that this backs up the last album tremendously, it has some cool techno, they're a good live band and finally produce great riffs and songs. If I lost this I might buy it again but I'm so pooor lol and rather just get it off my friends or download the best songs. So overall I give it a 9. Great sound. // 9

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