The Great Cold Distance review by Katatonia

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  • Released: Apr 4, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.5 (33 votes)
Katatonia: The Great Cold Distance

Sound — 10
Katatonia has always been one of my favorite bands, and this CD proves that they can still kick ass and fucking rock! They may have a new image, but their music hasn't changed. If anything it's improved. They got creepy with this album which is good because it wouldn't be Katatonia if they weren't creepy. The guitar work is amazing. Anders and Fredrik's guitar riffs blew me away, very catchy. Mattias's bass playing and Daniel's drumming are incredible as always. They play amazing together and provide that gutwrenching sound that is the backbone of Katatonia. Jonas's vocals are always unbelievable. His haunting melodies go with the music perfectly and send shivers down my spine. This album is one of my personal favorites. One of the best metal albums to come out in a long time. Being a guitarist myself, I tend to listen the guitar more than the drumming or bass playing, but it's all good. I'm gonna review each song individually:

01. Leaders - a great start to the album. Solid guitar work and amazing vocals. Very catchy song.
02. Deliberation - 2nd single, and a good choice to follow up "My Twin". Some of the best lyrics on the album. It has a very catchy rythmn, and an amazing chorus.
03. Soil's Song - a great song. I love the guitar work in this song. Very melodic and haunting. Vocals are very light, but still great. One of my favorites.
04. My Twin - 1st single, and an obvious choice at that. The catchiest song on the album. Everything about this song is perfect. This is the song that made me want to buy the album, and after hearing the album I'm happy I did. Unbelievable song.
05. Consternation - one of the heavier songs on the album. Very creepy vocals as well. Not one of my personal favorites, but still a good song.
06. Follower - the bass and drums are amazing on this song. Some good vocals on this song to. Catchy song.
07. Rusted - my personal favorite off the album aside from "My Twin". Perfect both musically and vocally. Hopefully a future single. Very catchy and easy to listen to over and over. Amazing.
08. Increase - another heavy song. The guitar is the best part of this song. The riffs pull you in and rap around your throat. The vocals and lyrics are good to. A headbanging song.
09. July - the vocals are fucking awesome on this song. This song gets stuck in my head a lot. You can really hear the drums and bass in this song, and they are exceptional. The bridge and the chorus are my favorite parts. Awesome song.
10. In The White - the best song lyrically on the album in my opinion. Very creepy and catchy song.
11. The Itch - not one of my favorites, but still pretty good. Heavy and fast Intro and Chorus with a soft Verse. Not bad.
12. Journey Through Pressure - a very good song to end the album with. My 3rd favorite off the album. The vocals and guitar work are some of the best on the album. Outstanding song.

Lyrics — 10
Jonas' lyrics are always awesome, and this album is no different. Each song is a story, and each story has deeper meaning. That's one of my favorite things about Jonas's lyrics. No matter what the song is about, there is a deeper meaning to the song as well. Some of my favorite lyrics are on the song (Deliberation) when he sings "I am ice, I am clear, Let the world be cold, Our deliberation, Pass them on, Let it snow, Let the words come slow, Your constant incantation". The lyrics are fucking amazing, that's all I have to say.

Overall Impression — 10
It's been awhile since Katatonia's last album (Viva Emptiness), and all I have to say is Katatonia is back and better than ever. Jonas, Anders, Fredrik, Mattias, and Daniel did an outstanding job on this album. One of my favorite CDs in my collection. If your a Katatonia fan, you will love this album. If this album were stolen, I would hunt the fucker who took it, kick his ass, and take it back.

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    Heavy Metal, Scandinavian Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Death Metal/Black Metal? This is ONLY and alone doom metal, scandinavian metal is the stupidest tag ever. Awesome album
    I just bought 'the great cold distance' about a week ago, and 'soil's song' is my personal favorite. this whole disk is amazing!
    I think that some riffs are to Opeth like but over all good CD. I hope that the next Katatonia release is more like there old stuff
    Jonas sux live.....all effects on his voice are NOT brought with the mixing board!!! I can't even believe they released that DVD without discretion like that. Guess it shows where the talent really is, the music!!!