Viva Emptiness review by Katatonia

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  • Released: Mar 24, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (1 vote)
Katatonia: Viva Emptiness

Sound — 10
When you realized that Katatonia couldn't give us a breathe with his masterpiece "Last Fair Deal Gone Down," released in 2001, they decided to change the style to a more mature sound, a more dark production, almost so dark like the next albums, and this is how "Viva Emptiness" born in 2003. Katatonia are Katatonia, but the structure of the songs in every album sound different, every album had his variation, but in "Viva Emptiness" took the variation to another level, to join lyrics for a more dark and delicious atmosphere. "Viva Emptiness," musically, is the most genius album of the band, no one album would sound like this. The matter, is very unaccessible for the first time, no joke, I hated this album for the first time, but with many listens, passing the months, I've realized this album is more appreciable than other album of the band, like "LFDGD" or "The Great Cold Distance." In "Viva Emptiness" the band play with every detail what is variation but without lost some of the image that the band conserves.

This have much elements of pop, some little elements of alternative rock, strange melodies, but the most really important, "Viva Emptiness" is RAW, the effects of wah wah are very important, we had a furious Anders Nystorm in the guitars, with much strong riffs, is the most important part of the album. We are facing one of the most challenging and representative albums of the band, for not to say the most, very hard to take, but it worth so much.

Sometimes I've question with an album like this, how this took 2 years to be released? In a little bit time? A complex album like this it would take at least 5 years or more, like an album of Tool or Meshuggah, but well, Katatonia are very genius, they would haven't done better.

Lyrics — 10
I've say this every time, the most important part of Katatonia are the lyrics! And in this album, Jonas had the most catchiest and darkest lyrics of any other Katatonia album. This is so catchy, immerses you in another world, Jonas play psychologically with you in many ways, but in "Viva Emptiness," Jonas exceeded his composition, with many great stories of criminals, desolation, orphanage, fog, heartbreak and so much more..., the variation of dark themes on this album, makes it a very special point, something different. And the way he tells the stories consumes you like a drug, make you cry, even Jonas make cry a cactus, an absolutely nice and creative composer and melodist, his voice never changes, it sounds dead, desolated like a dead tree, but is the essence of the band. Very brilliant.

Overall Impression — 10
And now, I love every thing of this album, I've hated for the first time, I've waited for a "LFDGD part 2," but later I've checked that Katatonia do many different things for have a complete discography, with much variation but without lost a essence of what is the band. I realized that "Viva Emptiness" is a monster, A MONSTER of album, almost one of the best albums of the band, a masterpiece, every song is very appreciable, Is very mature, isn't an adolescent alt. metal album, His sound is very adult, a different sound, I love the albums that have this sound (like Chevelle, 10 Years or Tool for example), it's a shame that there isn't other album that sound like "Viva Emptiness," every time I've listen to this, blows out my mind, I love the complex music, the lyrics of Jonas, Katatonia is very amazing in every album, is a band with one of the more flawless discographies of all time in the genre. And this album is not the exception, I'd say it, no repetition, if you love this album for the first time, very good!, If you hate it, give it more time, because in the next time, you've gonna remember this and wouldn't forget it. Incomparable.

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    Yes, it was my first album by Katatonia back in 2003, and since that I really love them!..