Made Of Bricks review by Kate Nash

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  • Released: Aug 6, 2007
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (16 votes)
Kate Nash: Made Of Bricks

Sound — 7
The nuts and bolts holding Kate Nash's full length debut album Made Of Bricks together is made of catchy avant-pop movements with hues of Brit-pop basted in alternative-folk. The rhythm section on tracks like Mouthwash and We Get On have jazzy pop spurts emitting from the rhythm sections as Nash's vocals resonate with a Feist-like coolness. The finger snapping beats of Dickhead create a bluesy aura that cradles Nash's softly rapping vocals which show language that cuts right to the core. The country-folk guitar strums of Birds produce a soft base for Nash's angst-ridden lyrics, and the spontaneous outbursts and elegance in Nash's voice on Mariella have a likeness to Regina Spektor. The showers of electro-pop rolled keyboards on Shit Song are reflexive of Klaxons, and the ska-pop phrasing of Pumpkin Soup emotes a Lily Allen-tinged funk. Nash shows independence in the movements of her vocal melodies, oftentimes going outside the framework formed by the music notes like in the gypsy-punk tune Skeleton Song. The string arrangement in the track is a nice addition, though Nash has a habit of shaping distinctive hooks and vocal melodies that step away from the music like on the tune Nicest Thing. The final number Merry Happy is a cheery melody with an andante tempo that keeps everything uplifted.

Lyrics — 9
Kate Nash's lyrics express candidness without holding back from being offensive. Whatever is on her mind comes out of her mouth like in the song Dickhead as she spews, Why you being a dickhead for? / Stop being a dickhead. Think you know everything/ You really don't know nothing/ I wish that you were more intelligent/ So you could see that what you are doing is so shitty to me. I love that bluntness which Regina Spektor also applies to her lyrics. Of course, being so blunt can be offensive which may cause cuts that create irreparable damage, but sometimes such bluntness jolts someone's system into action to make changes for the better.

Overall Impression — 8
Kate Nash's album Made Of Bricks represents current music conditions. Her vocal style is in fashion showing similarities to Feist, Lily Allen and Regina Spektor but without sounding exactly like them. Though Nash has a more folksy vibe in her music and vocals than the above-mentioned recording artists, she has the same pop-sheen that glosses her songs. The melodies are not too cluttered but not too sparse, they show moderation in their layering and have a comfort level associated with The Kooks music. Nash's album Made Of Bricks which was produced by Paul Epworth (New Order, U2, Goldfrapp), is right for the current times, and at 20-years old that is all that she needs to shoot for with this album.

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