Made Of Bricks review by Kate Nash

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  • Released: Aug 6, 2007
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 7 (16 votes)
Kate Nash: Made Of Bricks

Sound — 6
I first heard of Kate nash when a friend of mine sent me some bootlegged tracks she found somewhere on the internet. Kate Nash is a very talented musician, and has appeared and played competently on the Jools Holland show. She had been referred to as 'an english Regina Spektor', which can be heard within her lyrics. My only issue with her sound is that the tracks have become too layered between the bootlegs and the album versions, which have made the sound somewhat busier than her initial performances culd have predicted. For someone who believes that music is best when it is at it's most simplest, she hires a hell of a lot of backing musicians, who just seem to distort the purity of her sound. Nevertheless, Kate Nash is a competent pianist, and the speed at which she wrote the album further proves her competence. The story behind her becoming a musician is quite interesting. She was an aspiring actress for years before she turned her hand to recording music. It took a fall down a flight of stairs and a broken leg to bring her back to the piano she so loved to play in her youth. With the rest period came recording time. And with the ingenuity of myspace music, she uploaded some tracks, and was soon a popular artist within the myspace music world. It was a top friend placing on Lily Allen's music page that gave her the rise to fame. The album was finished long before she recorded it in a studio. It took her sudden leaking of 'Foundations' to spark the interest of record companies.

Lyrics — 7
Kate Nash's lyrics are very gritty and disgustingly british. She doesn't hold back, and although the album versions of many tracks involve lyrics diluted from the original recordings, you can't always blame the artist for the mistakes of sound engineers. The short choppy accented lyrics fit perfectly with her generally short, repetitive phrases. Her skills as a singer are questionable. Can she sing, but chooses to sing badly? Or does she sing badly because she can't sing properly? That is a question only she can answer. The studio has obviously done everything they can to make her sound as good as they can, but the problem with that is, with vocals that are meant to sound gritty and accented, tryig to perfect the lyrics has removed something. I just cannot put my finger on it

Overall Impression — 8
Of course, Kate Nash's sound is that of her peers and influences. Including Lily Allen and Regina Spektor. In fact, I would go as far as saying the only difference is that Kate seems to play more of her own instrument, and sings less that Lily Allen. I'd say that, although it's initial success, 'Foundations' is becoming quickly overplayed, with 'Pumpkin soup' following in it's footsteps. She seems to have turned from a raw musician, focusing on the music, to being an artiste focusing on production values of her music, relying less and less on her own talent as a musician, and more on the ability of her supporting musicians. However, I love the way she seems to write lyrics without sparing a moment to consider who she is offending. I hate the way she has progressed as a musician. If this album was stolen, I'd not buy it again. I would refind the bootlegged versions of her songs, as to me they reflect the artist she couldve become if she hadnt relyed so much on the layering of her music.

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    I like the album, but it sounds like she's holding back a bit. I'd love to see what she can really do.