Prism review by Katy Perry

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  • Released: Oct 22, 2013
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 3.5 (65 votes)
Katy Perry: Prism

Sound — 8
If you've always liked Katy's musical style, then you won't be disappointed with her latest release, "Prism." Keeping with the "Katy Perry style," tracks like "Walking on Air," "Birthday" and "International Smile" are all reminiscent of songs off her album "Teenage Dream." While tracks like "Dark Horse," "Legendary Lovers" and "Ghost" are a new side that show growth/change in the artist. Many of the tracks intros have somewhat of a "'80s" feel with the use of electronic keyboards. The movie "Napoleon Dynamite" comes to mind. Not really hearing a distinguished beat in the intro leaves the listener waiting for what the tone of the song will be - is this happy and fun or depressed and regretting? Overall, Katy knows what her fans like and gave them that, but she also added a new layer of growth and her creativity may find her with some new fans.

Lyrics — 8
Katy Perry can sing. She can belt out those notes with power and ease when needed and then make us feel her hurt with the softer notes and tones that reveal her pain. Going through a divorce and then finding love again has given Katy a lot of inspiration lyrically. Fans will be hurting right along with Katy, with lyrics like "Thought I wasn't enough, found I wasn't so tough, laying on the bathroom floor..." With its soft melody through the verses "By the Grace of God" gives listeners an insight of her pain through a difficult time and how she overcame it. The song "Roar" with it's strong beat, tells us she's not going to take it anymore. She now stands up for herself because she's a fighter. "It Takes Two" has a steady beat and shows that she doesn't put all the blame on her ex. She accepts her part of the breakdown that ended that relationship. Then Katy is falling in love again and not just seeing through rose colored glasses. The track "Unconditionally" tells us she only looks to the future - "All your insecurities, All the dirty laundry, Never made me blink one time..." While the songs "Double Rainbow" and "Legendary Lovers," leave no doubt in fans minds that she wants this relationship to go the distance.

Overall Impression — 8
Some might feel, "Katy hasn't grown as an artist..." because of the many "Teenage Dream" like tracks, while others will continue to enjoy her trademark style and appreciate her new creativity as well. Competing with artists like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, this album is right in the running. Katy has lost some of her edge, especially with what Miley Cyrus is doing these days, but it's almost like she doesn't need to do that stuff to get attention anymore. She's almost 29 years old now and has burned the wig. I think that shows much maturity. Everyone knows Lady Gaga will be out there looking crazy and they'll love her for it, but it's also nice to see an artist move on and not rely on all that craziness anymore. The hair, the make-up and the rubber dresses all got her noticed and out there. Now it's just Katy. There's a lot to appreciate with that honesty. Life experiences really carve this album from hurt, loss and not loving yourself enough into being strong, forgiving, accepting ones past, falling in love again and fighting for that love to last. I love the song "By the Grace of God" and her openness about her feelings at that difficult time. The song "Birthday" is fun and upbeat and makes me happy that she's so happy :) "Double Rainbow" just reminds me of the YouTube video of the guy amazed by the double rainbow! Lol! I don't really care for some of the song intros. The keyboard beats will have to grow on me. As I mentioned above, they remind me of the movie "Napoleon Dynamite." Watch it, you'll see what I mean. I'm disappointed that there are not any stand out acoustic guitar tracks. I was hoping maybe a bonus track would be. I hope she'll do some unplugged versions. As to the question "If it were stolen/lost, would you buy it again or get something else?" I would definitely buy it again. There are enough stand out tracks that I love to make up for the ones that I don't love so much :)

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    I think it's a great album. A lot more real than the last two and more down to earth. Only real disappointment is that John Mayer barely played the guitar in "It Takes Two" but the part fits so I can't really complain about it, I just wish he had been able to play out a bit more.