Prism review by Katy Perry

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  • Released: Oct 22, 2013
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 3.5 (65 votes)
Katy Perry: Prism

Sound — 6
It's difficult and increasingly rare nowadays to tune into mainstream radio and not hear one of Katy Perry's many heavily rotated singles on the air. Her music has been implemented into nearly every aspect of our lives: television commercials, film soundtracks, and of course the almost consistent airtime. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why, either; the music of Katy Perry is heavily built around adult lyrical content, energetic electronic beats and a typically upbeat theme that when infused together could fit any dance floor. Although she did release a widely ignored debut album back in 2001, it wouldn't be until 2008 that her second studio effort would see the light of day, and did it ever. "One of the Boys" was a commercial success, bolstered by such hit singles as "I Kissed a Girl," "Hot n Cold," and "Waking Up in Vegas." This was the beginning of success for Katy Perry, who only achieved larger mainstream popularity with their third studio album, "Teenage Dream," which spawned a number of chart topping songs including "California Gurls," "Firework" and "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)". With her third studio album, Perry became the first female artist to have an album produce five number-one hits, the second overall behind Michael Jackson's "Bad." 2012 showed the re-release of "Teenage Dream," which included several bonus tracks including another number-one hit, "Part of Me." One year since her hit album's reissue, and Katy Perry is ready to reenter the music scene with her fourth studio album, titled "Prism." As far as her new album's sound goes, don't expect any dramatic revolutions in her songwriting. If anything, anticipate a less energetic performance from the pop artist. Songs such as the inspiring "Roar" show a quieter Katy Perry, who's not so much about partying all night as she is about standing up, finding her courage and recovering from a harsh breakup. "Unconditionally" doesn't bring anything new to the table, by either Katy Perry and mainstream pop rock standards. It is a typical emotion-induced song about always loving this one person unconditionally, which is an all-too-common theme in modern day pop music.

Lyrics — 5
Similar to the album's dramatic change in sound, Katy Perry changes her lyrical content and singing style as well on "Prism." While her previous efforts were themed around getting wasted in Las Vegas and one night stands, "Prism" appears to be entirely comprised of depressive themes, whether it be on lost loves or recovering from abuse. When you take Katy Perry and leave out the upbeat energy, what's left is an uninspired collection of songs which is difficult to even listen to.

Overall Impression — 6
With "Prism," listeners are subjected an entirely different, more serious side to Katy Perry than we are accustomed to hearing. Her upbeat energy was typically one of the few positive qualities to Perry's music, and has since been replaced with depressive lyrical themes and leaves very little to grasp upon. The majority of the music included on "Prism" is entirely forgettable, although songs such as "Roar" and "This Is How We Do" do have some memorable moments that established fans should be able to enjoy.

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    I love how pretentious we all are by posting all these ridiculous reviews on here. "Oh, I play guitar, but I listen to ALL kinds of music" ...Shut up, we all listen to metal.
    Not sure if you are joking but definitely not everybody here listens to metal. Or at least not just metal. IMO guitarists and all musicians should listen to a variety of music. Or at least have an open mind.
    Being open minded, doesn't mean liking everything. It means giving everything a fair shot and respecting bands even if you don't like them. After studio effects, Katy Perry sounds like a good singer, but her music is boring. Sarah Bareilles is a really talented pop singer and so is Florence Welch. Katy Perry isn't.
    Haha. It always annoys me a bit when you hear a metal or rock fan proclaim to "just looooove Lady gaga or Katy Perry". It really is a "hey look at how more open minded I am than you." type of thing.
    Being open minded is not the same as liking shit produced solely for profit. Art left the pop scene when they brought all the copies of boy bands and female pop stars.
    Nobody listens to all kinds of music, but I doubt most people only listen to one genre. As much as I love metal Anathema and Soulsavers produced two of the albums I listened the very most to last year. Brilliant stuff.
    Alright I'm about to say something constructive about Katy Perry... oh f**k it, she sounds annoying and I hate this annoying mainstream bulls**t.
    This is literally the worst thing she's ever released. Not too mention, one of the worst pop albums released this year, along with Miley.
    Why did UG put a review on this. Typical UG.
    The point of this review was...? What, so you all could circle jerk each other while bitching about "real music"? How pathetic. Who gives a **** about this or any other music that you don't like. Just ignore the shit.
    bassboy 999
    The point of this review is to try and keep traffic on this site by playing up to the attitudes of its visitors!
    I thought this site was about music. She's hot and all but her "music" was created to sell things to stupid people. It has very little in common with actual music.
    "Roar" is right up there with "Wrecking Ball" as the cheesiest lyrics of 2013, for me. "Because I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar", really?
    People actually [i]listen to Katy Perry? I thought we all just watched the videos, hit mute, and well....other things.
    That Roar video is so over produced it makes me want to cry! Too much money!!! ...It's got 166 mil views -.-
    Don't tell me this review is here because "The UG community has a wide range of tastes", or "This is a music website, so we should review all kinds of music", cause that's bullshit. This is a stupid way to get ad revenue on the site because such a mainstream, overly talked about artist/album is bound to draw randoms googling reviews for it. This is UltimateGUITAR, not ultimate-whatever-music-will-get-us-the-most-attention, review something good please.
    Though the most popular tabs here are contemporary mainstream pop. So there are members and visitors who like this kind of music.
    that's hardly an argument i think, as I can guarantee you that the people who used those tabs were not regulars of this site, but rather just random people googling easy stuff to show off to chicks. Popularity means nothing dude, ask any regular of this site, and most if not all will agree this stuff does not belong on this site, it ESPECIALLY does not belong on the front page.
    "stupid way to get ad revenue" Gotta pay the bills somehow, and I'd rather that than membership fees.
    Violent Soho has a new album out...why is there no review for them? You ''review'' a pop album just to bash it and forget about the alternative artists again. Disgraceful UG
    This. Time would've been better spent on reviewing an album that caters more to UG fan base which already is varied and wide as it is, instead of whatever the heck you guys are trying to do by reviewing Cyrus, Perry and the like.
    I agree. Why write negative reviews of albums that most UGers won't even listen to? I mean, of course you are allowed to review this album and I see nothing bad with it (and IMO it's not a thing you should bitch about), but why waste your time doing negative reviews about music you don't like? There's lots of other new music that doesn't get reviewed.
    Not saying much, but I'd take this album over any other current pop music that has annoying beat noises and zero melody.
    I liked it
    Everyone has to admit here, that she can at least belt her voice out...unlike many new up and coming pop artists...
    David Byrne said something along the lines of "the better the singer, the harder it is to believe what they're saying." I find this holds true in most cases. Pop music doesn't really allow a singer to be "bad."
    Also, why is this on a guitar-based website? If the website was Ultimate-Music, I could understand, but Ultimate-Guitar? That's just fuel for the fire that is angry posters.
    I think the confusion comes from the fact that 90% of the people around here absolutely despise the likes of Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and etc etc. There are plenty of other reviews here for albums that are not guitar based, going from rap to jazz. Check out the comment section for the review of "Kind of Blue", for example, which is 99% about Miles Davis' trumpet: No hate whatsoever. It really makes it look like the critics are based solely on the assumption that "modern pop music is not music" and etc etc. I agree that the name "Ultimate-Guitar" misleads a lot of people into thinking that UG doesn't allow anything that is not guitar-based, but still... we have to recognize that it doesn't work like that. *crouches and waits for 330 downvotes*
    This question has been asked before. There is always some turd who is quick to point out that this site isn't really dedicated to guitar, but also includes all other instruments, cuisine, movies, dentistry, good housekeeping, car care, and feminine hygiene products.
    I'll let the site creators know that Ultimate-Guitar was a bad choice.
    Or we could just stick to reviewing good things rather than just bashing a popular album for the sake bashing a bad album, or for, dare I say it, ad revenue?
    Year Zero
    I remember before she got famous she was in POD's video 'Goodbye for Now' as a nice Christian girl singer. Lol shes come a long way.
    Tap Master
    What's the purpose of giving us an artist history lesson in every review, UG Team? We all know who Katy Perry is and what she's done the last 3 or 4 years...why waste space reminding us?
    Roar is pretty good (at least compared to other pop songs these days) but the rest is just boring.
    How about you listen to the message of the song? I honestly like Katy Perry. She's sings relatively well, and her music isn't that bad compared to some out there.
    I actually quite dig the record though I'll admit if it wasn't for Double Rainbows, the 2nd half is kinda non-existent.
    with all the pop shit being played on the radio i actually like Katy's songs, sure i will never pay to see or listen her but she is still one of the best things on radio. and you know it's sad but true
    as a very avid fan of Teenage Dream, Prism doesn't hold up. But I wasn't expecting it to, and if it was, it was going to take much much longer for her and her team to write. Prism I think is an album that released the melancholy tracks, its hard to write about the same themes and the same stories and still make it interesting. I think when something really drastic changes in her life, and when she really starts feeling a variety of emotion, we will get great songs from her.
    She started off with clothes on im like WTF *skips to middle of video* ah there you go now THATS talent right there