My December review by Kelly Clarkson

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  • Released: Jun 26, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (28 votes)
Kelly Clarkson: My December

Sound — 8
This is Kellys third smashing and very expected CD, My December. The CD was released in the middle of 2007. Critics have given it mixed reviews, both good and bad, using expressions as "Childish", "The best CD yet", and so on. We all know about the rumors, how Kelly and her "team", (Clive Davis) had a little unsolved issues, but it simply worked out, and Clarkson gave out her own, and I repeat her own album, her own vision, her own blood, sweat, tears. Kellys first single off the album is, "Never Again," it's also the first son on "My December". The song has a mixed feeling between "Since you Been Gone", and "Behind These Hazel Eyes". It's heartbreak, it's hurt, it's I'm gonna hate you forever, and I'll never be back! "Never Again" is a hard, (maybe the hardest) rocksong that Clarkson ever has done. "Does it hurt, to know I'll never be there, bet it sucks to see my face everywhere." The son's about a boyfriend who has deceived, and now Kelly's haunting him. "Never Again" is not as catchy as "Since you Been Gone", but the song isn't a disaster either. It's simply good. The next song on the album is "One Minute", which is a techno, dance, rock, up-beat song. You can dance to it, you can laugh to it, you can cry to it. It's a good song, but it feels a little pale, when you measure it with some other songs on the CD. "One minute you love, the next minute you're slowly sinkin' into something black". The third song is "Hole", which according to me, is pretty meaningless. I don't feel so much when I listen to it. The song is one of the rockiest on the album. "There's a hole, inside of me, it's so damn cold, slowly killin' me". "Hole" is not bad, but it's not very good either, it's just okay. Like "One Minute" it fades. "Sober" is the fourth song, and this one is probably a masterpiece. The song is written by Kelly and the countrystar: Reba McEntire. Kelly once said: "The whole concept with "Sober", was to write a song with the frase; "I picked all my weeds, but kept the flowers". Critics say that "Sober" is the heart of the album. It starts of slow, but in the end it breaks off into a rock ballad, that Kellys voice mananges to sing, by far. This is the song that will win Kelly a grammy. In "Sober" Kelly sings: "Three months, and I'm still sober." She screams, replies, yells, sings, says, "Three Months" countless numbers of time in the song. "Sober" is really strong, and personal. Perhaps that's why Kelly made it the second single, due just a couple of weeks after the first "Never Again". "Sober" reminds a lot of Because of You. Both have that darkness and that fog in them. The fifth song is "Don't Waste Your Time" In this song Kelly is pissed. She is very angry, and she sings "It's ove, it's over, it's over" many times through the song. It's a pretty rough, and raw rocksong, that many P! nk-lovers would like. "Don't Waste your Time" is a very good song, that after maybe three times listening to it, you face yourself singing it, many times over and over again. "Don't waste your time, tryin' to fix, what I wanna erase, what I need to forget". The next song on the album is a pretty hard rock song. It's titled "Judas". Kelly is not very happy. This song shows that she's not a little bear that takes every or any kind of sh*t. It's hard, it's up-tempo, it's rough, it's good. "Judas is not a very hard song to remember. I bet that it sticks in your head after the first time you listen to it. "I didn't know, I didn't know, I couldn't see, I couldn't see, never thought you'd do that to me". In "Judas" Kelly has been betrayed, and very hurt... I don't think she's gonna find herself in that mess. The seventh song on the new album is "Haunted" and that's a ballad, a rock song, and a biography. Kelly's singing about her friend that commited suicide. "Haunted" is a very, very personal song. And it is one of the best on the album. It is very dark, and mysterious. And the end Kelly is singing, repeatedly: "You were smiling, you were smiling". You will find yourself mumbling "Haunted" after just maybe two times, listening to it. The song also shows Clarksons BIG, BIG vocal range. She's jumping from note to note, from chord to chord. She fools you inte believeing that there's nothing her voice can't do. After "Haunted" comes the very calm and vulnerable: "Be Still". Here Clarkson has decided to take it easy, and she's begging her beloved one to "Be Still". In the chorus she sings: "Be still, I already know. Foolish one with the smile, you don't have to be brave, everytime we fall down, but we're fallin' from grace. I'll gladly climb your walls, if you meet halfway." Kelly Clarkson shows a still, calm side of her. She shows that she can love. It's a very nice and cute song, that Jazz and Soul-people will enjoy. The ninth song is called "Maybe". It's a guitar song, that starts off like a country-pop song, but in the end bursts off into a rocky, outta-my-face-song. Kelly shows off her dark voice, and also her big range. She's more confident, more secure. "Maybe" is a nice song. She sings: "I'm confusing as hell. I'm north and south, and I'll probably never have it all figured out." The third single on the album is "How I Feel". It's a pop-rock song. It's a fun and very lyrically fit song. It's shows Kellys very good, strong voice, and it reminds a little of "Walk Away" and "Gone". It's also a very good song that tributes to the album. In "How I Feel" Kelly is beating up her self: "And it's probably all my fault, all my fault." She's also pissed off: "Oh! I think you're feeding me lies again". "Yeah" is the next song called. It's one of the most playful songs on the ablum. It's a mix between jazz and soul, but still it's rock. "Yeah" suits Kellys voice like a glove. It shows that Kelly really can reach "The Hights". She sings: "Lay back, enjoy the fall lover, I won't hurt you, you. I take it all on". The song is very nice! After "Yeah" comes a speciall song: "Can I Have a Kiss?". It's very fun, but still dark. It's a ballad, but still up-tempo. "Can I Have a Kiss?" is actually one of the best songs on the album. I think that everbody likes this song. It reaches your head after maybe two times listening to it. It reminds of "I Hate Myself for Losing You". It's good. "Irvine" is the next song called. It's a calm, deep, dark, and very, very good song. The lyrics are exquisite. Everything fits. And you fall into a certain mood, when you listen to "Irvine". You also notice that it's a personal song, that carries very much proudness. In "Irvine" Kelly sings: "Are you there? Are you watching me? As I'm lying on this floor." This song is probably the one you discover late, after you've bought the album. You realize after some time, "Oh this one is very good." "Irvine" takes time to understand, and to accept, but it's defently worth a grammy. The hidden track is named "Chivas". In this song Kelly's filled with regret and hate. "Chivas is a slowgoing song. I would classify it as soul, maybe. It is very, very good. I like it very much. Kelly sings: "You don't turn me on, you don't do anything at all". "Chivas" is about suddenly starting to hate the one you were involved with. And Kelly does that good. The song suits her voice, amazingly. By comparing her three albums you notice that there's something speciall with "My December". It's like Kelly had some problems letting lose on "Thankful" and "Breakaway". Maybe it's because that "My December" is entierly written by Miss Clarkson. You also notice that in her two previous albums she has those sweet songs like, "Breakaway, and "The Trouble With Love Is", but on her third album, there's just one sweet song: "Be Still", and it's not even sweet. You notice that Kelly is herself now. She can do whatever she wants. She has permission to put "Twinkle, twinkle Little Star" on the album if she wants. "My December" is 99% rock, and not soft rock, pretty rough, raw, rage-rock. She is not happy, and you're a fool if you don't notice that. On "Thankful" Kelly had no rocksongs. On "Breakaway" Kelly had maybe three rocksongs. On "My December" she has, about twelve rocksongs. It's a big development, a huge risk and a very big turn. Kelly is changing, and it seems like she's proud of it. She's mostly proud that this is her own album, just hers, and no one elses. It's completly written by her, and no one else. The sound of "My December" is raw, hard, rough, rocky, in-your-face, I-hate you, How-could-you?!, and so on. Clarkson is angry as hell. Just take the first lines, of the first song from the album. "Never Again" "I hope the ring you gave to her turns her finger green. I hope when you're in bed with her, you think of me." That says pretty much, doesn't it. I have a feeling that no matter what, Kelly will be here criticizing boyfriends, being pissed off, and doing her thing. Even if we like it or not.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are pretty good. I can't say that they're much better than the ones from "Breakaway" because they're not. The only difference is that these are more in-your-face, if-you-don't-like-it-then-leave. Kelly was hurt when she wrote this album. It was like her therapy. She got a lot of it out. Kelly has an ability that she suits her voice after the lyrics or is it the other way around? She really can sing what she writes, and you notice that she believes in what she has written. My opinion is that the lyrics are more important than the music, and Kelly proves that too. Her music is stunning, and her lyrics are amazing. Sometimes she falls into traps, and ratholes but she manages. I feel that in the song "Maybe", she falls into traps sometimes. That's what I have to complain about. It sometimes feels like she takes the easy way out, and throws something in there like and escape. But overall, it's good. I've got to compliment her good work with "My Decembers" lyrics. They're not worse than her previous ones. The lyrics from "My December", and from "Breakaway" are pretty equal, so they share the firstprice. I give Kelly 8/10 in "lyrical-score". Very good.

Overall Impression — 9
Clarksons three albums are very different from one another, and I think that everybody agrees with me on that. I think that rockpeople will fall for Kelly and "Her December". She might gain fans with this CD, and she will lose some, that's for sure. What's bad is that Kelly maybe gave a false image of herself, with her two previous albums, but the on the other hand, they weren't written completly by Kelly, so I think that she now want's to show us, which music is hers, which music she writes, and that's good. She shows us herself, who she is, and by being that honest, I think she will gain many fans, but as I said, lose many as well. The most impressive songs from the album are: Sober, Be Still, Judas, Haunted, How I Feel, Can I Have a Kiss?, Irvine, and Chivas. Every one of these songs have something speciall, either it's vocals, or lyrics, or music, or simply meaning. The meaning of the songs are important, and Kelly always shows that. I strongly recommend these songs, they're very, very good. What I don't like with "My December", that's not much but I sometimes think that she could have put on some more ballads or slow songs, she has about two. But I can't complain too much. What I love, is very much. I love that Kelly was strong and brave enough to give out this album. "My December" is personal, and different. It shows who she really is. I love the lyrics of the songs, they are very good, and I love the cover of the album, it's so nice, and beautiful. If my copy of the CD, was stolen or if I would lose it, I would defently buy a new copy but I don't really think I would lose it, because I'm so careful with it. I love it. I practically lock it into a safe. "My December" is very hard to like, either you love it, or you hate it. But don't worry, I know that every Kelly fan that likes "Behind These Hazel Eyes", and "Since You Been Gone", will adore "My December" and every second of it.

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    Sober is NOT written by Reba McEntire; It's by Autumn McEntire who gave the lyric "picked the weeds and kept the flowers." Can you please correct it?
    AnnieMae wrote: Sober is NOT written by Reba McEntire; It's by Autumn McEntire who gave the lyric "picked the weeds and kept the flowers." Can you please correct it?
    Yeah, but that's still wrong, lol. Kelly said on an interview that she was talking to Calamity McEntire on the phone, and then the latter said something like, "Well sometimes you just have to pick the weeds and keep the flowers, ya know." That line inspired Kelly to write the song right after she put down the phone.
    Why do people complain about this review being here? It doesn't have to be Trivium or Slipknot on the news to make it belong to a "guitar site". Any song that has guitars on it or any singer that plays guitar belong to this site, whether it's Metal, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Classic, or flamenco. Clean guitars and Acoustic guitars exist, you know? .. I'm a rock fan too but that doesn't mean Kelly's music doesn't belong to this site. The album is great by the way. Proud owner of it! Great review!
    edflinkinp wrote: Why do people complain about this review being here? It doesn't have to be Trivium or Slipknot on the news to make it belong to a "guitar site". Any song that has guitars on it or any singer that plays guitar belong to this site, whether it's Metal, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Classic, or flamenco. Clean guitars and Acoustic guitars exist, you know? .. I'm a rock fan too but that doesn't mean Kelly's music doesn't belong to this site. The album is great by the way. Proud owner of it! Great review!
    I couldn't have put it better myself. Death to music snobs. Have half these people even heard the album? There's some tasty little riffs on it that I wouldn't mind being seen tabbed. When she plays live, she has 3 guitarists (not counting bass) so yes, I'd say she deserves a place here. Besides which, having a broad spectrum of reviews and styles here makes it far more interesting for the wider UG community. I'm sick of hearing about bands like Arch Enemy, give me some pop-rock over them any day!
    I fully agree with the last too posters. Why no pop-rock? it still has guitars in it. I'm also a proud owner of this, and Breakaway.