Between The Fence & The Univerrse Review

artist: Kevin Max date: 09/25/2008 category: compact discs
Kevin Max: Between The Fence & The Univerrse
Released: Summer, 2004
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Northern Records
Number Of Tracks: 7
It is a compilation of songs that Max initially recorded for his second album for Nashville-based ForeFront Records, following his critically-acclaimed debut album Stereotype Be.
 Sound: 3
 Lyrics: 5
 Overall Impression: 3
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overall: 3.7
Between The Fence & The Univerrse Reviewed by: TAOD4ever, on september 25, 2008
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Sound: This album disappointed me, Kevin Max went from eccentric to almost Metal. It's not real pretty, especially the tracks: Seek and 21st Century Darlings. But Kevin Max makes up for those two tracks with several other great tracks: Stranded 72.5, Hallelujah, and To The Dearly Departed. This album is OK, it's not Kevin Max's best, he struggled with album, it's not as smoothly done, as his works usually are. // 3

Lyrics: This is Kevin Max's down-to-earth CD, as far as vocals are concerned. They're not as high quality as usual and most of the songs are about common place happenings, things that the common man can relate to. This is different from his Stereotype Be album. Common as they are they have a nice meaning and often a unique way of saying what he wants. So the lyrics on the is album are OK. // 5

Overall Impression: I was not very impressed with this CD overall, it feels like he just threw it together as a last ditch attempt to make some money, it's not a very high quality, instrument or vocal wise. The music is not well orchestrated and the melodies leave something to be desired on this album. I would debate buying it again. // 3

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