Devil Without A Cause review by Kid Rock

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  • Released: Aug 18, 1998
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.5 (13 votes)
Kid Rock: Devil Without A Cause

Sound — 8
Kid Rock is one of the most infamous and overlooked artists of all time. Much other white artists out of Detroit such as ICP, people have heard one song by him and judged immediately. If you ask anyone nowadays to name a song by Kid Rock they would either say "Cowboy" or "Bawitdaba." This proves most people haven't really looked into the talent of this performer. Kid Rock never got the respect that he deserves, and where I live, he is pretty much treated like crap. I am the one who stands up for him when people say "Kid Rock is gay." This is Kid Rock's first CD that actually got some copies sold. Kid was way ahead of his time, making this. It sounds like something like RUN DMC because he chose to mix rap with metal and rock with hip hop. Doing so, he made a great CD that is still overlooked today. As any fan can probably see, Kid Rock has got more mature by every album until eventually, instead of one ballad like "Only God Knows Why" he has a whole CD full of them. I really think every song on this CD was fantastic.

Lyrics — 7
I loved this guys lyrics. Joe C's too. My favorite lyric on this album was on the title track and it was when Joe C spit the line "I'm a hoe call me sick, three foot nine with a ten foot dick." Then some of Kid Rock's lyrics were a little obscure too. The chorus to "Bawitdaba" still boggles my mind to this day. Kid Rock's best lyrics were on this album, I must say. As far singing goes, Kid Rock is not the best. His little rants or raps he does fits with his music though, that's all that matters.

Overall Impression — 7
With these points in mind, this is still a thoroughly enjoyable album. As party albums go, this is excellent. Kid Rock doesn't pretend to be anything greater than he is, and I find that refreshing. Overall, he is a solid producer, a pretty good singer when he wants to be, and his rap lyrics, though certainly not on par with the great lyricists of Hip Hop, do put a smile on my face. I still listen to this when I want to to turn my brain off and chill out after a long day. If you think of Devil Without a Cause in those terms, you will understand its merits.

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