Rock N Roll Jesus review by Kid Rock

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  • Released: Oct 9, 2007
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.3 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.2 (34 votes)
Kid Rock: Rock N Roll Jesus

Sound — 6
Well Kid Rock calls this album Rock N Roll Jesus. But it should be called Country Jesus. Because that is what you get. Overall just a pop country album. A lot of gospel in the background and plenty of acoustics. But Kid Rock has been spending to much time with Hank Williams Jr.

Lyrics — 7
Overall his lyrics are actualy better and tell of more stories rather than simple ryme schemes implied. Singing is great. Songwriting is great. And range is incredible. But muscianship is not there. And there is barly any rock. Here are all the songs detailes. 01. Rock N Roll Jesus - from past albums Kid Rocks first track was always one of the best with songs like bawitidaba, trucker anthem, and american badass opening the album up. Well this track is just boring. It is a blues country song that should have been more of a rock song. 02. Amen - this a acoustic guitar song(with a quick solo). And actualy one of the best songs kid Rock ever wrote. I mean I would rank it up there with someother songs at there. Basicly though this another country song. Singin is pretty good on this song. 03. All Summer Long - so far another, well you guesed another country song. This song just seems like the same thing he just did in rock and roll Jesus. It sound a lot though like Lynyrd Skynyrd. 04. Roll On - by now being as big of fan of Devil without a cause I was dissopointed this being another slow song. Like the rest of the other songs it still implies the gospel. But great singing and lyrics. This is like an old jazz song with a trumpet in it. Brings you back to the '20s mixed with current '20s. 05. So Hott - this is the first single off the album and the first rock song. It is a acdc styled playin with simple lyrics. And Kid Rock back to normal. But this song just doesn't satisfy like his other rock songs. As wierd as it is hearing this song makes me apreciate his country songs on here. Overall a medicore song. 06. Sugar - as quick as So Hott came we were back to country. Or so it seems. As the country ends I begin head bagin. It follows the same formula that he did in cocky. Even sounds like some old AC/DC. Pretty good song though. 07. When You Love Someone - I am not realy going to explain this song because it sounds like all the other country songs. 08. New Orleans - so this song is one of the worst songs on the album. Kid Rock sounds like a hick. And everything on this track is just boring. 09. Don't Tell Tell Me You Me - the title is a good tounge twister. Sounds to much like mother f--ker quite like me. Then jumps into another Lynyrd Skynyrd type song. 10. Blue Jeans And A Rosary - this album just gets more and more boring. I am personly getting sick of these country songs now. 11. Half Your Age - hearing this song just reminds you how boring it is again. Not a good song to go out on. Lyrics aint good. Musicianship is boring.

Overall Impression — 6
Well Kid Rock has changed a lot. Devil is still way better. The best songs from the album are amen and sugar. I love the fact that Kid Rock is trying something different. But I hate that it completly ruins the idea of what he used to be. If this album was stolen I would let them have it and go buy something else.

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    Kid rock stinks he's never been anywhere close to Rock in my opinion... Just cause it has guitar's in the background it doesn't mean it's rock...
    I wish the CD had some more hard rocking stuff like So Hott & Sugar but I like the CD okay. The Best Buy version has an extra rap song on it called Guilty written by his DJ, Paradime. Check out this Kid Rock collection.
    Kid Rock has always had a country side to him (give a good listen to Grit Sandwiches and Polyfuze Method and you'll see what I mean), so I really cannot believe you are pissed he's gone back to it. Mixing rap, country and rock has always been his style, yeah he has gotten away from his rock and rap side a little, but so what? Southern Rock is great ****ing music.
    the album is all country that is wat is suprising. IF it ain't broke then don't fix it. Well that is wat kid rock did after devil
    I love Kid Rock, very good guitar work, Kenny Olson is a fantastic guitarist with some really amazing solo's. This is the first album without Kenny and I think it is pretty crappy. It's an alright album, I can appreciate what he is trying to do, but I think he just tried way to hard. His older albums were awesome, you had rock, rap, metal, blues, southern rock, country, jazz, r & b, but with this album it just seems to one sided genre wise. The reason I liked Kid Rock was because he was so versatile, overall a pretty mediocre album at best
    Ok, so I don't know what's going on. I have always been a HUGE Kid Rock fan but for some strange reason my wife likes this cd. She's never liked Kid Rock in the past. Now she's talking about wanting to go the the concert when he rolls thru town in November. WHAT!!!! Us guys always looked forward to seeing half naked chicks showing off their mams without judgement from my wife. C'mon Kid, put some hardcore guitar licks and a few f-bombs in the next cd so my wife goes back to listening to Cheryl Crow. You're killing me smalls...
    Kid Rock is going Southern Rock / Country! He is, by album after album trying to get out of the rap element to make his music career longer and I have loved Kid Rock from the start and I like his career choice move to be honest... Rock N Roll Jesus is a good album, could have been have better but it is still a good album.