Rock N Roll Jesus review by Kid Rock

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  • Released: Oct 9, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (34 votes)
Kid Rock: Rock N Roll Jesus

Sound — 9
Rock N Roll Jesus starts off with the title track, something never done before on a Kid Rock album. The song kicks off the album well though with the loud drums and the hard rocking guitar riff with the wah-wah driving lead. Like previous efforts released after the History of Rock, Kid Rock continues to abandone and step away from the rap genre and focus more on the rock n roll and country side. When I say country, I don't mean that the songs on the album are pure country per se but have a noticeable country influence such as the sound of a steel guitar during a hard rocking metal riff. Rock N Roll Jesus was recording over a 4 year period in Kid Rock's studio in Detroit and also in Nashville. Rock got help from Rob Cavallo and Rick Rubin in the production department.

Lyrics — 9
From past efforts, although I think any Kid Rock album, whether it be Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast, The Polyfuze Method, Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp or Devil Without A Cause are great, Kid Rock notes that writing rap lyrics to him are easy and with Rock N Roll Jesus he grows leaps and bounds as far as a songwriter goes. Rock's lyrics focus on more than just sex and drugs (although there's still some references). It's also noticeable that Kid Rock doesn't say his name one time throughout the album. Rock's voice is stronger than ever on this outing, displaying his vocal range on many of the tracks.

Overall Impression — 9
It's difficult to compare any Kid Rock CD to another since everyone of them really has It's own different style. Grits, focusing on the old school hip-hop, The Polyfuze Method with the acid-rap style sampling, Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp with the old school gangsta raps & now up to Rock N Roll Jesus with It's rock/country/gospel/rap influences. Does this CD stack up to earlier releases? As a whole, I think yes. Would everybody agree with me? I doubt anybody would say Rock N Roll Jesus is as good as/better than Devil Without A Cause but there's not many albums in general that are, period. Tracks like Rock N Roll Jesus, Roll On, Sugar, So Hott, Don't Tell Me you Love Me & Blue Jeans and a Rosary are really the tracks that stood out to me and just about each song has a different style. My only suggestion would be to add the Best Buy only track, Guilty, co-written by Twisted Brown Trucker DJ Paradime, be placed on every version of the CD since It's one of the most enjoyable tracks. If this CD were stolen I'd go buy another one and I would make sure it was the Best Buy version because It's only $7.99 and you get the two bonus tracks; Guilty & Jackson, Mississippi (Live) or I'd just look at this Kid Rock collection,

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    He said this album was really inspired by Southern Rock and Bob Seger, which I can definatley hear, he also said he wasnt finished with rap, so hopefully his next album will be more like the older stuff
    666Sabath666, Rock and Rev Run are recording a CD together now called Runnin' With The Kid. It's a spinoff of B.B. King and Eric Clapton's Riding With The King.
    This album is awsome! The return of southern rock. This is exactly what the world needs.
    Kid Rock? IMO It wasn't an important musician, "rap-metal" and some easy choices (take boobs, 5 choirs in 1 song, and some easy guitar licks.) But this album is quite interesting; southern rock with Hard Rock and a little of rap, jazz and blues. Is understandable why the usual KR listeners are complaining, but take it as it is: A very different album. Again IMO the only KR album I'll buy and listen.
    i like the cd a lot, cause it something different. Some people are pissed cause they want the old style back of kid rock (metal/rap), but you going to get bored after awhile listening the same style all over. Take a look at Bon Jovi, that is a artist that actually really sucks. He is doing his style every frigging time, you know one song, you already know how the new tracks. So thats why most, good and creative artists are trying to make a new style for they newest record. So Kid Rock. I like what Kid Rock did... and he should keep on doing this. Thats his style! peace