Apparitions Of Melody review by Kids in the Way

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  • Released: May 10, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (3 votes)
Kids in the Way: Apparitions Of Melody

Sound — 9
The music is awesome. The band ia a crhristain punk and post-grunge band. They are awesome and in my opinion they sound more post-grunge than punk but they still sound amazing. The band has really cool guitars and some cool guitar riffs but the vocals are amazing. David Pelsue "vocals" has an amazing voice. He also likes to scream in the songs and that makes his songs so much better. This album has pretty sweet drums also. But the best thing has to be the vocals. The best song is by far "Apirritions of melody" that song rocks. It has cool guitars and a screaming outro.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are pretty good. the way david sings them is really cool. The lyrics range from a bunch of different meanings. Some songs are deeper than others but they are all pretty much good. The best part about the lyrics is that they have zero bad words. The less explicit lyrics a band sings the better that band is. In these songs you can see the bands love for God. The song with the best lyrics is "Breaking The Legs Of Sheeps". It has an awesome meaning and also shows the bands dedication to God.

Overall Impression — 10
Many people say that these guys sound like "MCR" but they are wrong. Kids In The Way sounds so much better than "My Chemical Romance". The lyrics and pretty much everything else is so much better. I love this CD. It is probably the best band I have ever heard. Their sound is very unique and if you look for another band that sounds like these guys you probably couldn't find one. When I first heard one of their songs I knew I had to get their cd. I did and it was awesome.

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    i really, really like this band too and i agree with a lot that's being said here, but this article would be a lot more 'helpful' if the opinions being expressed had more about the band itself to back them up. sure, they're awesome, but why?
    Yeah this seems pretty biased. Also, "The less explicit lyrics a band sings the better that band is" is totally not relevant... There is no direct relation between curse words and quality of music. The idea of that is pretty funny. I don't believe you when you say many people say they sound like MCR. There really isn't anything musically similar...