All Hail review by Kill Cheerleader

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  • Released: Mar 14, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 9.4 (20 votes)
Kill Cheerleader: All Hail

Sound — 7
"Your sister's not a virgin anymore. She hangs out with the boys in Kill Cheerleader" -- let me quote the band's profile. If they won't get a chance to seduce you after the concert, they'll try to knock you out with their music. Beware girls, here are the dangerous Kill Cheerleader and their new heavy weapon -- the debut album "All Hail"! Most songs follow the same simple formula, proven by many bands to be very effective -- layers of driving guitars, upbeat straight drums, sing-along choruses. Looking for some good guitar riffs here, you just couldn't go wrong. With that kind of music guitars just couldn't be bad -- guitarists compete in creativeness and fast playing, producing tons of great guitar solos worth being on one of Guns N' Roses album. Being brought up on the genius of Slash and Mick Mars, these guys really know what it should sound like. The album opens with "Sell Your Soul" -- it's a great straight-up rock song with a party rock feel. It starts with a strong guitar solo and has a lot of catchy guitar lines and dirty punk approach that makes you think the track's been borrowed from one of the '80s acts. The second track "So Young" starts in a similar way, it also has a lot of great guitars and "a party of bastards" rock feel. All tracks start in a similar way, they all have bastard party rock feel, exactly the same bastard party rock feel. They all are good, but individually. Together they tend to mess into an endless party that will cost you a huge hangover next morning. The highlight of the record are half-acoustic ballads "No Lullaby" and "Go Away." That's where the band finally shows something to call "their own sound," some real feelings, talent and interesting harmonies. "Go Away" anyway is very reminiscent to "November Rain," but still it's the best example here. The CD closes with a little keyboard track, which sounds absolutely out of place here. I've got no idea why they did it, as well as what the unicorn is doing on the cover.

Lyrics — 8
Two vocalists, Ethan Deth and Anthony Useless both have that typical rock sleazy gritty manner of singing -- no doubt there's a necessary bottle of Jack Daniels in their rider. Good thing is -- the singing is pretty diverse, with lots of backvocals. Bad thing -- unfortunately the vocals get lost under layers of guitars which kills the personality of songs. But it only in noisy tracks; in peaceful "No Lullaby" Ethan and Anthony do a great job, giving the song soft rock feeling.

Overall Impression — 7
You don't have to be a music expert to know who Kill Cheerleader are imitating. Putting two dots in letters, having articles on how to eat pu--y on the website, describing their music as "Siamese twins fucking each other with 17 year old Axl Rose pissing on their faces" -- Guns N' Roses and Motley Crue have already done all of that years ago. And there's one thing that Kill Cheerleader misses -- it's the certain kind of vibe that young bands have, the vibe that is being replaced by experience when the band gets older. These guys have neither the vibe, not the experience. They sound like they're really into heavy metal, but there's that record company that pushed them to make a rock-n-roll record and they aren't happy about it at all. Or no -- like they've been recording each track for 50 hours straight, got sick of it and just want it all to be over. It's just like they're doing it without any enthusiasm. Plus the production is weak, songs stay on the same level and that doesn't excite me. With all my respect to rock this is a cheesy album. Tracks sound like you've heard all that before and there's not a single bright new idea. Kill Cheerleader would probably act much better as a cover band.

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    WELL! I have the album and these guys are pretty much one of the best new metal bands i have ever herd, also culdron and skull fist.
    this band is great if you like microwaved pizza and hanging out with the in-laws.