As Daylight Dies review by Killswitch Engage

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  • Released: Nov 21, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.9 (292 votes)
Killswitch Engage: As Daylight Dies

Sound — 10
I had first heard Killswitch Engage on the WWE: Wreckless Intent CD with the song, "This Fire Burns." I heard and I really liked. I had then seen the music video the "My Curse" (track 5 on "As Daylight Dies") and fell in love with that song too. I went out and bought the CD expecting to like maybe a few songs, but I listened to it straight through and was blown away. Their music is awe-inspiring with amazing vocals and melodies, fast and harmonizing guitars with a great bassist in Mike D., and with a great drive on the kit by Justin Foley. I heard "The End of Heartache" after hearing "As Daylight Dies," and I still believed that this CD was a much better album as a whole. "The End of Heartache" to me died a little on the last 2 or 3 songs, while "As Daylight Dies" seemed to complete itself with great songs like "Break the Silence," "Desperate Times," and "Reject Yourself." You can tell a difference in maturity between the 2 albums. "As Daylight Dies" really picks up where "The End of Heartache" left off. There have been only 2 albums that I have heard that I can listen to straight through and not be tempted to skip over any songs and this one is one of them.

Lyrics — 10
Howard Jones is an amazing vocalist and a lot of people know that. But I have not heard enough recognition for his contribution to the lyrics of the album. The theme througout the album seems to stick to the fact that the world is a corrupt place and how no one stands up for the place that we live in. The songs "Daylight Dies," "Break the Silence," and "Reject Yourself" really concentrate on this theme. All of the lyrics drag you inside the mind of the writer and let you see what's going on inside of their head, and how much they care about many different scenarios.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, I am so glad I got this album and it's almost because of this album why KsE is one of, if not my favorite band(s). I can't even pick one favorite song off of the CD because I love each song in a different way. No song really sounds like another and they all tell a different story. Buy Killswitch Engage's "As Daylight Dies." You will not be disappointed.

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    Whoever said this is death/black metal is a ****in idiot. and why the **** do death/black metal always get listed together, even if they're probably the two most extreme genre's...
    Amuro Jay
    SnowFire wrote: "Black Metal" lmao! either this guy is dumb or a racist
    LOL but yeah this is a great album. simply amazing.
    God, these guys are just amazing. They're cool guys, they make unbelievable music that's so different than anything else, and their guitarist wears a cape and a viking hat on stage. Really, can they get any better? I'll see you guys saturday with Lamb of God!
    I hope they make a new album in 2009 cause 2008 is full of touring and i don't think they'll have time for writing.The Precursors of metalcore!!!
    this is a great album in my eyes. Learning the songs has been a blast. Its a very heavy sound with great melodicisism. I cant wait to see where the sound goes next. KSE!!
    It's great, and I really like the new sound, but I'm missing the old KSE. Not that I dont' like new KSE, I just think they could've found a better singer. Still great stuff, though. Love this album. 8/10.
    I give it a B- After buying this album its very clear to me that now As I Lay Dying!!is the leader in metalcore with a few other bands :Unearth, All That Remains, LOG. Disagree? Pick up "An Ocean Between us" and then talk to me.
    Hands down, Killswitch has the best guitar tone ever. only The End of Heartache and this album really show it off. unbelievable distortion; the sound you can only dream about. but i digress. on top of that, Howard Jones has the voice of God. i believe this is also uncontested. =) he is only beaten by Adam D's growl. This is an insanely talented band, and my favorite metal band by far. if you're thinking about buying this album, get the special edition somehow. 'Be One' and 'Let the Bridges Burn' are two tracks you cant afford to miss.
    valley boy
    Jeff Manthei wrote: I just realised something... As Daylight Dies... ADD... Attention Defficit Disorder... haha. Okay im done.
    Haha. funny
    valley boy
    jodo311 wrote: Everyone keeps posting that this album has 11 tracks and that's kind of disappointing. Well, go to Target and buy it. It has 12 tracks. The bonus is called "Let The Bridges Burn". Enjoy that little morsel of knowledge.
    when i ripped it into WMP, it told me that it had 15 tracks. the ones i didnt get were: be one let the briges burn this fire holy diver I wish i could have gotten that version because holy diver was the first song i had ever heard and that was the reason i wanted this cd
    The only thing I think they could've done better; the lyrics in lots of the songs on ADD have this: "There is (insert adjective)!!!!!" lol XD
    "Black Metal" lmao! either this guy is dumb or a racist.....but yea...great album even for a metalcore band.