Killswitch Engage (2009) review by Killswitch Engage

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  • Released: Jun 30, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 7.4 (155 votes)
Killswitch Engage: Killswitch Engage (2009)

Sound — 8
I should start by saying this album is different, but also it has more of the same at the same time. Which is both good and bad. First song I heard was Reckoning, and after one listen I was hooked, say what you want, but that song is catchy, and heavy at the same time, which is why people most people listen to Killswitch to begin with. (and whats nice about that song is the lyrics change it up a little bit, singing about god isntead of heartbreak.) There were also a bucnha songs on the album that start and I immediately found myself bangin my head wit a smile on my face, the forgotten, never again, and starting over being some of them. The drums have switched up a little bit, taking a bit more of an eratic, crazy turn. They also just feel stronger. The big thing for killswitch has always been the guitars, but this album really showcases what Foley can do. But don't listen to anyone who says the guitar parts are toned down, the riffs, as always, are monsterous for a Drop C metalcore band, the leads are as catchy and cool as ever, and get this, theres a *gasp* guitar solo on the opening track, Never Again! Not counting holy diver, there hsant been a solo since Breathe Life, way back on The End of Heartache. Approach the instrumentals on this album with an open mind, and ull be pleased.

Lyrics — 6
Singing and lyrics are another thing though. Lets get this outta the way, yes Howard Jones has an amazing voice and a beastly scream. But it gets kinda frustuarting when you know whats coming. Screamed verses, catchy ballady sung chourses, repeat. But any Killswitch fan knows this has been there formula for years, and if it works, it works. The lyrics, I'm afraid to say are the same deal. Heartbreak, Heartbreak, "inspirational" song. You know the deal with Killswitch. Reckoning is a nice litte change up, as I said before. "No man can be a deity You are no God to me This is a reckoning You are nothing to me This is the reckoning" Might be about God, I've heard its about Obama, you make up your own mind about that. However, as I said before, this album is different, while being the same at the same time. Jones has really stepped up his singing, and its not AS repetitive as before. His screaming also has taken a bit of a change. It sounds more wild and raw, almost like he's doing it live on some tracks, espically Never Again, Save Me, and BIG time on Reckoning. At first I didn't like it so much, it kinda sounded almost weaker. But as you listen to it, trust me, it grows on you, and it doesn't sound weak at all, it sounds insane. But unfortunately, Mike D. doesn't have ne backing vocals on this, and that really sucks. His high pitched scream is absolutely ridicolous, just listen to When Darkness Falls or Reject Yourself to see what I mean. The singing has gotten better skillwise, but in terms of originality, its kind of lacking, espically the lyrics.

Overall Impression — 8
Like I said before, this album is different. I feel that there wasnt much of a change between The End Of Heartache and As Daylight Dies, but there is deffinately change here, and it isn't bad in anyway whatsoever. The screaming is great, and can be very ballsy, and the singing can be emotional and heartfelt (Which Is Not A Bad Thing) all in the same song, but than again, thats why people listen to Killswitch. The guitars and drums are great, guitars living up to their standard and drums going above and beyond. The only real bummer about this is the repetitive singing and lyrics, but that is the case with many bands in this metalcore genre. Even with this, Killswitch Engage is still the band you should go to if your looking for good metalcore.

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    all the lyrics on this album hit home man its crazy. great album it will def GROW on you.
    TDG Tabs
    this album is like a bottle of tabasco. you drink it at first and it's not really that hot, but after awhile your mouth aches and burns. this album is okay, not what i was expecting after TEOH or ADD, but this album will grow on you. i love the song In A Darkened World.
    The Chrous from "A Light in a Darkened World" Reminds me of the same type of chrouses that Bruce did from Iron Maiden.
    [Arran] : Compared to earlier efforts, this album sucks ass.
    yea compared to earlier efforts because there early albums were amazing this album isnt as good but its better than any rap, hip-hop or r&b song/album i've ever heard
    was truly dissapointed in this album, in terms of a follow up to ADD that is. in their older songs like This is Absolution you could hear every note clean and crisp but in the new album i can hardly hear anything but drums and root notes. i'm not saying i find people who liked it are blatently wrong but i truly had to force myself to listen to the whole thing simply out of respect for KsE
    I'd have to disagree with most of you guys. This album OWNED all the previous ones.
    ^ i just dont see how you feel that way. anyways. i didnt like this album. it didnt satisfy me the way i wanted it to. for example, the riff at the end of reckoning. wtf? whyd it STOP. that is the best riff ive heard out of him since AOJB. and it just ends?
    Insanity 101
    ^ Actually, that riff is repeated throughout the song at certain points, listen for it and you'll hear it. Plus, I do like the way it ends, it has a really interesting sound to it.
    Lukey70 wrote: The guy who gave the 6.7 was perfectly right! There are no distinct riffs they are all very simple. I want ballsy killswitch back!
    Hear, hear.