Set This World Ablaze [DVD] review by Killswitch Engage

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  • Released: Nov 22, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (24 votes)
Killswitch Engage: Set This World Ablaze [DVD]

Sound — 10
This DVD is amazing. Killswitch Engage is an amzing live band. The guitar tone is great, perfect for pinching, which they do a lot of. Howard's voice is perfect. He has a great scream and a powerful singing voice. This is one of the most talented metal bands. They are very tight and together live.

Content — 10
The live concert is great. You don't know wether to headbang, or laugh at Adam D. running around in short-shorts and a cape. The crowd sings along with every single song. This DVD also contains one of the best documentaries I have ever seen on a band. It is hilarious. It has lots of metal bands like As I Lay Dying, Lamb Of God, and others telling jokes and talking about there experiences with Killswitch Engage. It also interviews Corey Taylor, the singer of Slipknot, who is probably the funniest person on the whole documentary. As well as the live footage and documentary, the DVD has all of Killswitch Engage's videos.

Production Quality — 10
The sound and video quality are perfect. There isn't any way they could be better. There isn't much else to say.

Overall Impression — 10
In short, this is the best DVD I have ever seen. I love everything about it. There just isn't anything to hate about it. If someone took it, I would definately get a new one.

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    This DVD should set a standard for which bands should follow when it comes to DVDs. Only DVD that's just as good is Lamb of God's Killadelphia. The documentary was my favorite part, where you get to learn the bands' roots and other bands these guys have done. (Overcast kick ass!) The live footage is excellent with good camera work. A audio commentary from the band on the concert portion woulda been cool but ya can't have everything. Also if they woulda had a soundcheck like Lamb of God's DVD that'd been cool. But for what's on the DVD it's worth picking up Killswitch Engage, like Lamb of God, Shadows Fall & Children of Bodom are one of the most important metal bands around! Adam D is also a awesome producer & funny guy!
    OMG!1 ADAM D IS FUCKIN HILLARIOUS ON STAGE!!! DUDE HEwas doing push ups at the end of fixation on the darkness, and on a bid farewell he was running around the stage like a retard (with is awsem) and then joels"wicked big hair" lol.but howard should definetly wear under wear, lol, you can see his ass in the end of heartache song.
    omg!! red tide!!!! the former band with justin folly, those guys were so ****in stupid !!!!! lol
    absolutly flawless dvd shows just how good they are live, i wish i went to taste of chaos uk now