Them review by King Diamond

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1988
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (28 votes)
King Diamond: Them

Sound — 10
"Them", being personally one of King Diamond's most inspired works, is a treasure trove of metal riffs and a plethora of bewitching solos (don't worry I'll get to the vocals later), the guitar work really shines. Also, credit should go to Mikkey Dee for supplying this album with some really great percussion, undoubtedly the best drumming on any King Diamond record. Compared other KD works, the production sounds a notch poorer, however this does seems to intensify the feeling of horror and uneasiness this album induces. The album has been constructed masterfully, each song blending right into the next. Not only that, but the "feel" of the album changes in such a way throughout, curiosity, ecstasy, terror and insanity... Something perhaps only King Diamond is able to do.

Lyrics — 10
This is a concept album, based on King's childhood (he actually refuses to tell us if it's actually fiction...) when his grandma came back from a "holiday". After the arrival, strange mishaps start to occur and King feels a mysterious force present in the house. King delivers the vocals in his signature falsetto excellently. No doubt why he is considered to be one of the greatest vocalists in heavy metal. His technique perfectly reflects the emotions in the plot of the album; you'll find yourself looking behind your back in fear of a figure in a wheelchair!

Overall Impression — 10
King Diamond has been surprisingly consistent in terms of musicianship. Each album, especially "Them", is not only a reminder of what a good metal record is, but the outrageous originality in both technical and vocal approach. From the opening track to the final one, there isn't a single "filler" track. The album grips you and plunges you right into the nightmare. Watch out for tracks like "Welcome Home" and "Bye, Bye Missy".

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    This is old but im posting anyways. That dude stired up some shit saying that about kings lyrics. Everyones butt hurt. IM BUTT HURT! What the hell guy? Thats a matter of opinion. Hes entitled to his. But hes the guy who everyone would turn to if we was all in the same room and shout SHUT UP IDIOT and would then be socially isolated. Show me a 10 yo who can write and compose masterpieces as king diamond does and i will agree. And then i will say that 10 yo is equal to king diamond in writing. I can sing along, without having to read lyrics, and! it be the sickest awesomess thing i can listen too. Masterpiece accomplished. This one is my favorite album. Just overall though because i like the story alittle more.
    James D Hill
    This is my favorite King Diamond album along with the follow up Conspericy.I think King is one of the greatest vocalist in metal history.His reputation for being a satanist has really hurt his overall record sales even though his solo music is only slightly satanic.The music is borderline prog metal at times with complex changes and the light and dark textures.No wonder the 80's thrash movment didnt really seem to like KD at times.He made their poor punk brains work a little harder.I hope they didnt get a headache.