Because of the Times review by Kings of Leon

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  • Released: Apr 2, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (90 votes)
Kings of Leon: Because of the Times

Sound — 10
Kings of Leon come back on a whole new level of musicianship to before. Youth and Young Manhood was simple, Aha Shake Heartbreak progressed, but Because Of The Times establishes the Kings as excelling musicians who haven't lost their ever improving ability to write amazing music. The most noticable differences are found in the rhythm section. Nathan Followill's drumming is now complex and driving, taking the band to a new, exciting and anthemic level. Most noticeable in the abitious track 'McFearless,' in which he gives the kit a loud, complex pounding throughout. Jared Followill's bass lines have now become even more advanced, and create the unique sound of this record. His blooming technique leads it's way boldly through Charmer and On Call, and his new found fuzz tone comes to the surface in 'Mc Fearless'.

Lyrics — 9
Caleb's voice is stronger than ever. And that is without a doubt. People have had mixed opinions about the use of reverb on his vocals on this album, but it is all part of their ballsy new sound. His strongest vocal performance comes on 'Black Thumbnail', where he belts out bold and shameless statements such as 'I'll be that person til my dying day'. He's not just singing it, you can tell he's feeling it aswell. 'Arizona' is also worth a mention for it's soothing melody and breathtaking lyrics; 'That taste, all I ever needed, all I ever wanted'.

Overall Impression — 10
Without a doubt this album is a massive step-up from the nature of their previous two albums. Youth and Young Manhood was written by in-experienced minds wishfully thinking, Aha Shake Heartbreak was written most openly and crudely about sexual experiences they had obtained, the Kings have now matured and this record is quite simply based on real love and emotion.

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    This album was exactly what I thought it would be. After the amazing first to albums, this one is like a punch in the face. The single released, On Call, took a few listens but I grew to like it a lot. With this album however, I've listened to it 10-15 times and tried to like it but it's simply no good. For example, you may call Knocked up a 7 minute epic but I call it boring. It's rubbish! It does have a couple of good songs though (On call and Fans) but is not a patch on the other two albums. I can only hope that they realise their mistake in time for the next album, and I would love to see a return to the Kings of old.
    noel gallacher is legend, thats why, he's the best social commentator of our times! as for KOL, the album is great! couple of stinkers, especially Charmer) but the album as a whole is defo the best of their 3 albums! On Call, Ragoo and Fans are the standout tranck, track 7 is ace also! bring on T in The Park!
    you have to admit that a handful of the songs on this album are half hearted in a way, but tracks such as fans,charmer, ragoo and on call for example really make up for it. you can't really say this was better than aha shake.. or yaym because this album takes more than one listen to really like it, unlike the previous albums which instantly amaze you all the way through. i agree with the guy that said the bar was set very high for this one after the success of aha shake, but they deserve credit for how experimental they were on because of the times and actually pulling it off, not many bands can or have done that. kings of leon remain one of the best bands ever.
    i love this album a lot but i have to say i agree the first two albums were better especially the first but top marks for trying something new
    I love it! I was never a big fan of the first two albums but I love Mcfearless, Fans, On Call, Knocked Up, Arizona...
    charmer sucks but the rest is as near to perfection as i have heard this year especially fans and arizona
    AU79 XY
    wheelie123 wrote: noel gallacher is legend, thats why, he's the best social commentator of our times! as for KOL, the album is great! couple of stinkers, especially Charmer) but the album as a whole is defo the best of their 3 albums! On Call, Ragoo and Fans are the standout tranck, track 7 is ace also! bring on T in The Park!
    They were brilliant at T,I was right infront of the stage. Great weekend
    getting it this weekend hope its as good as the two other albums
    I actually really like this album. first time around no need to relisten and relisten
    havent heard any of their songs except on call which is good after a few listens
    just got the album today. its good...but i think ill have to listen to it a bit more before i really know whether i like it or the first two...hope this is as good.
    My Favourite band have produced another great album. the bar was set really really high for this one and i think thats why some fans are dissapointed,i just hope they go back to the days of the BEARDS,denim jackets and the blues for the next one
    Fantastic record. Was a fan of the first two but this is a big step forward. They retain their sound but with a greater maturity. Knocked Up, Arizona and On Call are great and Fans is the best song I've heard in a long time. The rythmn section really drives the whole album but I love the guitar. He makes it stand out without playing too much. Early front runner for album of the year in my opinion.
    It's average compared to 1st 2 albums.Knocked up, Charmer and fans stick out but it lacks what Kings used to have.On call has a great build up and feeling in the first few minutes then drags on!I'm sure they could've made it alot better!
    man what a great tune brillant!!! and album is great too. same can't wait to see them at oxgen!!
    hard to explain
    I really like the album aswel, its actually my favourite of the 3 albums. The music puts me in a good mood, cant wait to see them live at oxegen this year.
    i saw them open for bob dylan in the fall and they were amazing, and i'm seeing them again at coachella, I'm really excited. I enjoy this album the most out of their 3 albums. it has a lot more diversity which i realy like.
    I quite like it, looking forward to seeing them at leeds.
    a great record, after knocked up it really takes off with the band shouting at you through your stereo with charmer. they took a chance with this record and in my opinion it really paid off. so many good songs like my party, black thumbnail, ragoo, fans and camaro. i love it.
    well i completely disagree, i think this album is brilliant. A new sound for the band. Black Thumbnail is so powerfull would be amazing to hear that live.