Hotter Than Hell Review

artist: KISS date: 06/10/2009 category: compact discs
KISS: Hotter Than Hell
Release Date: Nov 1974
Label: Casablanca
Genres: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Arena Rock, Album Rock
Number Of Tracks: 10
Even though Hotter Than Hell actually fared worse on the charts than the debut, it has become a revered album among Kiss fans over the years.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 8.3
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
Hotter Than Hell Reviewed by: metalcore16, on june 10, 2009
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Sound: The bands second album, "Hotter Than Hell", might've done worse on the charts than its predecessor, but the tracks remained a concert staple throughtout the seventies. The band's sound was like that of the first record, the blues influenced hard rock, but the quality of the sound is awful. The Song "Parasite" sounds like it was recorded in a cardboard box, most of the album is murkey in a sense compared to the first album, and albums after that. This probably due to the fact that the producers had relocated to California at the time. Other than that, the albums sound is great. As I mentioned above, the sound is like the first record, that is true, but the songs are more "heavy" songs like "Parasite" and "Let Me Go, Rock N Roll" are heavy blues influenced songs, that were the heavy metal of there time. In short, I give it a 8, not a 10 because of the quality of sound. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are very original in my opinion. But the whole album seems to have songs that show the band had trouble with there love lives at the time. As Paul sings "I heard the neighbors say, you might be leavin' me today...someone's come along who shares your time" in the song "Got To Choose" or the title track "Hotter Than Hell" which sings about unobtainable love. And the song "Parasite" which talks about having a fling with someone, who won't leave, there stuck on you. Other songs include, "Comin' Home", which was written about how they hated being in California and wanted back in New York. (Note: Kiss hated California at the time, the first day they were there, for example, Paul's guitar was stolen.) and the single from the album, "Let Me Go Rock n Roll", which was a concert staple are great. For lyrics, I give it a 9, for originality and content. // 9

Overall Impression: At the time I believe this was one of the heavier albums out. Although the sound production was awful, the songs were a key to there live performances. The crunchy guitars and pounding drums, make the album great. Key tracks include: Got To Choose, Hotter Than Hell, Parasite, Goin' Blind, Strange Way (featuring one the best Ace Frehley Solo's), and Let Me Go Rock n Roll. I give this album a 9, because its almost perfect, lyrics, sound, the only problem is the sound quality. // 9

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overall: 9.3
Hotter Than Hell Reviewed by: Hart_Attack, on december 05, 2005
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Sound: My first impression of the album was 'Jesus Christ', there is nothing that can top the way this CD sounds like (cept well ofcourse of the original 45). I really Loved how the sound was, the crunch of the guitars and the blast beat of Peter Criss's drumset, I loved how his singing came up on strange ways and mainline. I knew that they had once tried to make the drumkit as loud as possible so they liked uhh. I'm pretty sure they stuck it in a bathroom, which was later done by metallica (better not get flamed for this). This is my number two fav. album. Well My Main Concern is that I really wish they had the extended solo's they do now but hey, that was the bread and butter back then, unlike today's line up. // 9

Lyrics: I'm just impressed so much by Ace's style of writing. Parasite is my favorite song, and I love the solo on Strange Ways (that was one of the times where Ace Blast's a solo on The Spot In One Take). Usually when it comes to Paul's style his main influence of writing is Led Zepplin, or ballads, but Got To Choose is one of Kiss's main staple guitar song I'd have to say, along with Goin' Blind and Parasite. Gene had some good one's in there like Goin' Blind and Let me go (co-wrote that with Paul) though many people like 'watchin you' he kinda ripped off that one old ass song, also known as watchin' you. Gene's voice was really not up to par. but then again it was the early day's which are the best year's I'd have to say. Peter, awesome! Paul, I absolutly love his vocals on hotter than hell, and comin' home. // 9

Overall Impression: Alright, I think that this album can only be compared to the original self-titled Kiss album. I seriously think that this album is the #3 reason why Kiss fans love Kiss. I know I do. Like I said the most greatest song on this album is parasite, everything just fits in so perfectly. It's like sex, but without the b*%%! ing part at the end. I seriously think that Goin' Blind on the Electric sounds alot better than the acoustic version, especially the solo, Love Ace's sound. I Love this cd to death. I just wished that I had been born around 66' so I could hear all this from the beginning. If it were lost or stolen. Well I'd find the guy that stole it and beat the livin' s--t out of him, grab my CD and impale it in his head, then I'd buy my a new one. And make alot of copie's of it. // 10

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overall: 7.3
Hotter Than Hell Reviewed by: jamiedonnelly93, on april 02, 2007
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Sound: I'd give a 7 for Kiss' second album Hotter Than Hell as it was using the same sound from the previous album, nothing really changed which was quite dissapointing but don't get me wrong that vintage tone is brilliant on old records. The music on this album isn't as strong as the previous album either, on Kiss they spent so much time writing material for it wheras Hotter Than Hell seems a little rushed. On the front cover of the album their are Japaneese letters as they had a huge following in Japan, the Americans thought they might be Japaneese and took the make up ideas from Japaneese Kabuki Theatre. The back of the record has a weird photo which everyone was drunk during the photo shoot, well all except Gene who doesnt't drink. Peter Criss said that 'It was a wild photo session for the back cover. I was sitting in an armchair there with this broad givibg me head with a mask on.' Well as Peter said it must have been some party. // 7

Lyrics: I think again alike the sound the lyrics are a bit less interesting than the first album or it was similiar but because it had been done previously it wasn't as good as it could have been. However you must take into account that Kiss were solidly touring and then all of a sudden Casablanca Records told them to go in and make a new record. So with that in mind some of the songs are quite good. I think the best song where the lyrics fit with the music is Goin' Blind. Gene wrote Goin Blind in 1970 when in an earlier band, It sounds so much better unplugged though. I think Paul Stanleys singing skils actually improved slightly on this album compared to the previous Kiss album as he reaches some quite high notes, and is singing over some difficult music aswell. Overall good lyrics but could have been a lot better. // 7

Overall Impression: I think that in comparison to the first Kiss album Kiss it isnt as good but it is a good album, compared to future albums it is in the middle compared to some of the strongest albums such as Alive!, Destroyer and Revenge. The most impressive songs of the album are probarbly Watchin' You, Goin' Blind and Parasite. Watchin' You stands out as it has such an evil riff, it's very heavy for 1974 and is also put together well lyrically. Goin' Blind I explained in the Lyrics section. Parasite is one of the most impressive songs on the album, infact it is the best song on the album just down to that riff that Ace made it is so amazing. I love the album art, it's so psychedellic and very Jimi Hendrix. If it was stolen or lost I'm not sure if I'd buy it again. It's a good album but I don't know if I like it that much to be honest. // 8

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