Monster review by KISS

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  • Released: Oct 5, 2012
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 6.6 (131 votes)
KISS: Monster

Sound — 8
Ahh, "Monster" at last. The follow-up to the current line-up's "Sonic Boom". This "Wall Of Sound" on "Monster" is pretty in-your-face. Recorded straight from analog tape, the sound has nice, crisp vibe to it. But, some of the overall songs are well... Mediocre. "Back To The Stone Age" sounds like a song written for that Nickelodeon kids show Gene Simmons created. Oh what was that called? "My Dad The Rock Star". Also, if you listen to "Wall Of Sound" and "The Devil Is Me", the songs sort of mirror one another sound-wise, especially in the choruses. Tommy Thayer has really stepped up his game on this album. He has really come into his own style without straying away from a classic KISS sound. Listen to the solo on "Outta This World", a song which he also wrote and sings on, on the album. Paul's voice is definitely still capable of getting up there, although I'm not quite sure he pushed it as much as he could've on the album. Still great, I believe the auto-tune roll came into play on most of his songs in the final mixing.

Lyrics — 6
As for the lyrics, it seems as if Gene has ran out of ideas on what to talk about. For instance, a lyric passage from the song, "Eat Your Heart Out", on "Monster". "Yeah, give me a kiss I'll bite your lip C'mon baby let your backbone slip" This lyrical passage is taken from the song, "Russian Roulette", off of the bands previous album, "Sonic Boom". "Open up and let your backbone stiff" What's with the "backbone" obsession Gene? Also, the lyrics seem to be cheesy and comical. Some say that KISS has always been that way lyrically, but this album takes the cake.

Overall Impression — 7
Does it compare to other albums? Yes. It is basically a follow-up from "Sonic Boom". KISS, themselves, compared it to being a mix where "'Destroyer' meets 'Revenge'". If such a statement were true, then "Monster" would melt your brain and eat your heart out. Sadly, it does not compare to those iconic KISS albums. The songs that really stand out, to me personally, would have to be "Wall Of Sound", "Shout Mercy", "Eat Your Heart Out", "All For The Love Of Rock & Roll", and "Outta This World". As a dedicated KISS fan, I would buy this album over and over again if my copy were damaged or lost. But I'm sure, others would not. If anything, they would download it off the internet. "Monster" is not a very memorable KISS album such as the likes of "Love Gun" or "Rock And Roll Over" are.

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    i'm a little disappointed... sonic boom was way better in my opinion. on this one, all songs sound the same, none really stands out. hell or hallelujah isn't exactly a good song or a choice for a single either... none of the songs on this one left me impressed or like "hey, that's a great tune, let's hear that one again"...
    I think this is a good record, it definatly blows away Sonic Boom. I thought that record sounded like it was sad, whereas Monster is back to KISS, good, heavy riffs. I'm glad to see that Tommy and Eric are finally making a name for themselves. I think this will be a KISS album that will stand the test of time.
    I agree with your comments comparing Monster to Sonic Boom. I also think Monster is a better album. IMO the songs are better and seem to stay with you. I'm not crazy about the 2 songs that Eric and Tommy sang. Nothing against those two...I just think the songs aren't up to par. Being a KISS fan of 35 years...I'm gonna be waiting on the new albums from the band....but I was REALLY SURPRISED with how good they did on this album. Only a few songs that I feel don't need to be there.
    Seriously after a couple weeks listenning to it, there's really some tracks that stood in my mind (hell or hallelujah, wall of sound, shout mercy and mostly long way down) Really good jams, to bad Paul sings a bit too much on Long Way Down, instead of "Letting the music do that talking"
    Impossible to imagine how anyone can find enjoyment listening to this garbage. These guys lost their hunger for rock n roll over 30 years ago. Their greatest hit was a terrible jingle that could have been written by a couple of 14 year olds as their first song. There is no heart or soul in anything those posers do. None. Now, go ahead and blast me for speaking the truth. Yawn.....