In Person review by Kitaro

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
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Kitaro: In Person

Sound — 10
'In Person' was made after 'Ten Kai/Astral Voyage'. Unlike Voyage, In Person had more harmonious elements and even more keyboards and/or some more electronic-style sounds. 01. "Prologue" had some spring water sounds at the beginning, and there was like a choir singing or something. Then there is the flute-like wind instrument, more sharper tone than in Voyage, in my opinion. 02. "Eternal Spring" has something like a keyboard playing some melodic sounds but like a xylophone, its percussion-style. There is that wind instrument here too. 03. "Westbound" was really impressive. This got me into Kitaro in the first place. There was powerful keyboard-like sounds, and I intend to look for that sound when I get my keyboard to write songs of my own. This track picks up speed. There ws a first solo in the middle that almost sounded like an electric guitar! I'm not sure if it actually was, but it sure sounded like it! A different solo, similar in notes to the first one, was made my that wind instrument. There were also some mean taiko drums in it. 04. "Silver Moon" slows down, and has some breeze as a sound-effect, and hteres some of that wind instrument (doggone it, I'm gonna find out what that instrument is called and get it myself! [laughs]). Whenever I listen to this track, I can visualize myself in a peaceful state staring at a bright moon, with a cool breeze, and all my worries temporarily goes away. 05. "Peace" has some more wind effects and that wind instrument and a note-producing percussion instrument with a tone of a light 'triangle instrument' only it produces notes like a xylophone (I need to study the names of more instruments). Real beautiful semi-electronic (or) keyboard effects somewhere before the track ends. 06. "Bell Tower" has a good instrument much closer to the xylophone than the other tracks. More wind instrument. Some cool effects that remind me of the relaxing flow of water. 07. "Morning Prayer" has some keyboards and more wind-instument harmony. I also thought I heard some jingling sound in the distance close to a tambarine. 08. "Tienshan" - this one's real good. The melodic notes (whatever it is called LOL) have the complexity worthy of Iron Maiden in my opinion. Some more keyboard-like sounds. Less wind-instrument, but its a real good track. 09. "Four Changes" goes slower and has that xylophone-like instrument. There's some more of that choir, and is one of my personal favorites. 10. "Magical Sand Dancing" is personally an epic to me. The longest track, increases the taiko drums in soaring passion. The keyboards-style sounds are much more brilliant this time, and it can sound like a blowing instrument in areas. One some areas where the music goes softer, there's that blowing instrument. As the song goes on, the taiko drums become more frequent and better and eventually finishes the album so satisfyingly.

Lyrics — 10
No Lyrics. Don't need it either.

Overall Impression — 10
I may be wrong about what each instrument I described actually is. But I hope they're really sounding to other people like I described it. This is a great work of art and music and the spirit/feeling of Kitaro. For info on Kitaro's background, read my review on his 'Ten Kai/Astral Voyage' album. Brilliant melodic work, true talent. If you're into some artistic new age, and not the just-harmony, boring stuff, try this album.

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