Funeral For Yesterday review by Kittie

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  • Released: Feb 20, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.5 (71 votes)
Kittie: Funeral For Yesterday

Sound — 10
The sound of this album is very dark. The instruments on this album are the most technical to date. Mercedes has definitely become more precise, with double bass, more technical fills, and better cymbal choices. Morgan has definitely improved as well. She has always shown audible improvement from record to record (especially from Oracle to Until The End), however this album has definitely shown how far she has come. With fast-paced, very precise, just plain awesome riffs (especially Witch Hunt), to her voice. Oh, she can sing. Vocal harmonies, highs, lows, to primal screaming this record has it all and I find that highly appealling. This is Tara McLeod's first album with Kittie and she has brought something that I love but have not heard in any Kittie record before, solos! Fast-paced lead licks over Morgans riffs to shreddy metal solos (Flower of Flesh and Blood, Never Again), I was highly impressed with her performance and believe that she will bring a lot in future records. Trish Doan had known Morgan and Mercedes for years before she joined the band and I gotta tell ya, she does such a better job than the numerous bassists before her. She plays a five string bass which definitely fattens out songs a lot more. Some impressive bass lines and a flare for rythmn you can tell she isn't just another filler, she will definitely be in Kittie for a while. Overall, I was more than impressed with the growth of the girls individually and even happier with growth of the band overall seeing as how they are one of my favorite metal bands.

Lyrics — 10
As I have said this album is very dark. I have a feeling that most of these songs were at least started right after their split with Artemis and they were feeling bitter and betrayed. The lyrics for Never Again and This Too Shall Pass are prime examples. Morgan just has a way with words, there were actually a few times on this record when I couldn't help but headbang along and say "Hell Yeah!" Especially with her primal screaming, vocal harmonies and intense emotion in her voice. You can tell that those lyrics and screams came from the heart. I have to say that her vocal ability has increased dramatically

Overall Impression — 10
I will say if you are a fan of older Kittie records as I am, this may be a shock to your system. I understand, I was huge fan of their other albums, especially Until The End. Before you write them off just know that the screaming is still there. So are awesome drum beats, killer bass lines, ass-kicking riffs, shreddy solos, and some great singing. This album a snapshot of who they are as a band right now, a kick-ass snapshot I might add. A well rounded forty seven and a half minute declaration that they're still here and aren't goin' anywhere. it's actually a little inspiring to think of all the stuff they've been through and then listening to how far they've come. If this album were lost or stolen I would definitely buy a new one right away, such a great album from such a great band.

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    I wish some people would have a little more reasoning behind what they say. I'm not saying you have to like them, but honestly what is the point of just coming here to say 'i hate kittie'. If you hate them, don't read the review. I've been a Kittie fan for years now and to be completely honest when I first listened to the album I was disappointed with the album vocally what with Morgan's choice to sing on every song, but after listening to it a few times it grew on me. Musically it is by far their best release so far and the addition of Trish and Tara has brought an element that the band was definitely previously lacking. The addition Mercedes vocals alongside Morgans are almost intimidating.
    Kittie has made a nice leap towards glory with the choices they have made leading up to and including this album. Tara and Trish are brilliant, and gel unbelievably well, creating what I believe is the bands most passionate and deliberate record to date. Tara 's solos add a previously undiscovered tone and technique to the raucous attitude that is Kittie, and Trish 's tasty bass lines don't hurt either. Morgan 's voice has grown exponentially since the last album, and Mercedes continues to increase her drum vocabulary. I think it is possible that Kittie has now shed the dead weight, and have taken a pivotal turn in the very right direction. Rock on ladies.
    Back in the "Spit" days was probably when they were at their greatest...they had Talena on bass, she always rocked... They had awesome songs like "Charlotte", and "Paperdoll", and "Immortal" was always cool... I think right now they are trying a WEE bit to hard to be Metal, when they're roots are sewn into something a little more simplistic and darker...
    ^well said, villian. i did find a couple of kittie songs.....and i was like \m/0_o\m/. kittie rock.
    I bought this album when it came out, and ive been listening to them since they started, i must say in musicianship and vocal talent they have come leaps and bounds from when they first started,love the new album...and to all of you saying you would bone them, keep those thoughts in your pants, cause last i checked this wasnt a "would you bone them?" forum
    this band goes through bass players and guitar players like there's no tomarrow. i'm seriously surprised they're still together. i have learned in the past that bands that can't even funtion as a group end up breaking up in the long run and on their road there they end up making mediocre cds. someone wrote that they suck more and more each cd and i totally have to agree. if only they hadn't fired falon and talena, maybe they would actually be good.
    i havent heard any of their songs yet, but according to everyone i know they are quite the talented ones. i like the eyeliner.....and anyone who is a girl and can scream(like me ) is worth listening to, so i'll look them up.
    ive been listening to this band since they first came out and no one knew who the hell they were outside of Ontario, Canada (the band is from like an hour away from me) and they seem to get worse with every album. From what Ive heard from this CD, its absolute shit. The clean vocals sound TERRIBLE and are soo over produced and high pitched its sickening. The screams still sound fine, the guitars sound like absolute crap and the drums are still as half assed as they have ever been, which didnt normally bug me but now since everything else has gone for a total nose dive it stands out even more now then ever. Ive totally written this band off as a legit metal band and they are not nothing more then a radio metal band.
    The guitar playing is alright, and the drums are decent, but this isn't really a memorable album. 3 out of five stars.
    well, i listened to them for a while they're good, but i guess ill have to hear the solo's to think higher of their mainly simplistic riffs, overall though, i like dark sounds so it should be great.
    2 - Dir En Grey cover more genres than metal and so can't be fairly compared to a band that just does metal.
    I sure as hell they don't branch off into those stupid sub-generes like "Speed Metal", "HotDog Metal", and my personal fave to abuse "Slant Metal." Kittie is alright, I'm not bothering listening to this new album. But I always thought of them as one of those bands your into when your in some phase in life when you think your parents hate you, and life sucks.
    Scrathch that last review, i contradicted myself a little, it doesnt really matter how technical they are instrumentally, though it does help, but having just that emotianally boosted complexity to the sound would be the real killer with this band.
    Xeus wrote: i'd do the assin one
    can_i_say : masterometal666 wrote: I hope you're right. The whole thing with signing the asian chick made me flinch. She didn't look hardcore enough for them. Guess I shall see. Hey first comment! Rare for me. Not hardcore enough for them? just because of the way she looks? thats a tad prejudice.
    a tad prejudice but a tad true
    See, now this is metal(unlike that Dir En Gray shit)...and they're yay for kittie...
    1 - It's spelt Dir En Grey. 2 - Dir En Grey cover more genres than metal and so can't be fairly compared to a band that just does metal. 3 - Dir En Grey are a million times more creative than Kittie. As for the review, it sounds alright, I hope the long wait for this album is worth it.
    sorry for the double post, but had this on in the car repeatedly since i got it really a very good, rounded album, and a fairly decent review too.
    had this album for 2 weeks, its easily the best album kittie have done, love 'things that could have been' - very pleasantly surprised, well worth checking out.
    The Silence
    Yeah They are great in the album and live!!!!!I saw them in Puerto Rico playing in a Hard Rock Cafe,and they were great,they actually did a medley that lasted 21 minutes,I was like this 0_0!!!Good band!!!!!
    wheeee Kittie... I will probably go out and buy this album since I see it hasn't been leaked out to my usual torrent sites yet...
    masterometal666 wrote: I hope you're right. The whole thing with signing the asian chick made me flinch. She didn't look hardcore enough for them. Guess I shall see. Hey first comment! Rare for me.
    Not hardcore enough for them? just because of the way she looks? thats a tad prejudice.