Reformation review by Kiuas

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  • Released: May 24, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (3 votes)
Kiuas: Reformation

Sound — 9
Finnish Metal Titans Kiuas have continued on their underground epic journey through their heroic career. This album definitely has all the feel, creativity and skill - some of the key points for a brilliant album! The sound on this is definitely more refined than the last, although the guitar tone continues to be a little fuzzy - sounding. Again I am not one to complain! Guitar riffs are kept in their own way just like the beggining: Lots of scales used but used in the way that is not abused: constant fast picking them in other words! This is what I love about Kiuas! They use the scales in the speed and time they're needed. The story of this album I think has the same morals as any other album - just portrayed in a different way, which is awesome because alot of bands have problems with coming up with different morals, so Kiuas thought outside the box, using metaphorical lyrics but getting the same message across. The album is an explosive masterpiece from start to finish, another amazing performance! All instruments are used tastefully.

Lyrics — 9
With the lyrics here, they are inspired by not just musical influences, but also as an all-rounder: Certain events/disasters, everyday life, you get the picture. But a definite highlight of this album for myself would be the uplifting '' The New Chapter ''. Usual message, but an intriguing use of this metaphor, if you will! Like some of the lyrics from the chorus: '' Reaching high into the stars Beyond what once seemed too far With the force that lives within The new chapter shall begin '' Souding quite power like? Id say so, with the message of ''MOVE THE F**K ON!''.

Overall Impression — 10
My own impressions of the songs: 01.Race With The Falcons: the album opener! Epic scales used here going along with the '' tacatacatacataca '' thrash beat! Headbangable Id say. Chorus in this song would be a bit too quick to chant along to (Kiuas being known for the epic choruses) but still goodyyy! There's a piano used in here after the second chorus, and it sounds really touching, then going onto a blazing guitar solo! Great performance. 9/10. 02.Through The Ice Age: nice musical background to it, and extremely impressive picking in this song, blazing harmonization, true virtuosity! 9/10. 03.The New Chapter: one of my Kiuas favourites! It's what I think the most uplifting metal song ive heard and does for a great anthem too. I absolutely love the main guitar riff ( start/chorus ). Great use of soloing too :P. 10/10. 04.Of Ancient Wounds: one of the best choruses on the album! '' Brothers rise and greet the pagan sun So long forgotten in the darkness Now, praise the resurrected gods, Awakened from their age of silence '' Absolutely love it. Perfect for a sing - along. With the soloing in this song, it's surprisingly the keyboard's turn. 10/10. 05.Child Of Cimmeria: this 1 minute melody is not to be mistaken for '' just one of those little album gap thingys ''. This melody is really touching to listen to, epic too. 9/10. 06.Black Winged Goddess: Child Of Cimmeria continued, and going onto this song it suddenly explodes into a tremolo - picking Viking trek! Everything about this song gives you the chills! Every aspect. 10/10 (well, 11, lol) 07.Heart Of The Serpent: hmmmm, well best thing about this song is definitely the main solo: nice sweeps finely picked. 8/10. 08.Bleeding Strings: another huge highlight of this album. Big sounding melody at the beginning, big choir between the fine lads, foward thinking lyrics, woah but I must tell you to listen to this song you will understand so much more about it! It's what Id say a cold, breezy Finnish masterpiece. 10/10 (11). 09.Call Of The Horns: heroic riffs, great melodic foundation and lyrical quality but not as big as a highlight. 8/10. 10.Reformation (Wrath Of The Old Gods): I have got to say WOW to this album closer. Best thing about it is definitely the chorus: it carries such a heroic feel to it! And just like all Kiuas album closers it carries the most elements for a song meaning: PROGRESSIVE! Orchestra and heroic choir along with the Freezing Heroic status of metal. 10/10 ( deffo 11 ). Wait there's one more! The UK bonus track :D ( oh shit forgot to mention UK bonus on SOU...o well ) 11.Hunting Girl: Kiuas! Covering Jethro - Tull. The song Hunting Girl. In my opinion Kiuas made it sound more heroic and viking sounding with the heavy guitaring of course, and I also love the use of flute. The scales used in this track are made to sound quite viking like, I just love it, gives you such a great feeling. 10/10. In all, Reformation is definitely another unforgetting album and masterful effort. I really don't know why they are not getting the recognition they deserve, hopefully they do. My favourite band! If it got stolen Id buy another, with 110% certainty.

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