Follow the Leader review by Korn

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  • Released: Aug 17, 1998
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.9 (73 votes)
Korn: Follow the Leader

Sound — 10
Many people feel this album is the last of 'good Korn' music to be published. They used some new effects and changed their style a little more than I would like. They also showed they can do more than just make heavy songs. I would consider this one of the great albums they have put out.

Lyrics — 10
They have realy improved vocaly and istrumentaly on this album. The band wrote some of their most true to life, heaviest, and darkest music yet. One song that almost every KoRn fan knows is "Freak On A Leash." It has the strangest effect for the intro and verse and many people can relate to it. This also has the closest 'guitar to lyrics' style they have ever done. John has made great progress on his singing from his days on his debut. He mixed soft with heavy and dark with light. The biggest stray from tradition are the rapper gest like in "Children Of The Korn" and "Cameltosis." The only guest singer I like was Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit in "All In The Family" in wich him and John fought back and fourth throughout the whole song.

Overall Impression — 10
This album compares to all their pre-2000 albums. I feel all the songs on this album were impressive and if you wait long enough after "My Gift To You" you can here the "Earache My Eye" which has Chich and Chong in it. The only thing I hated was the guest rappers other than that I loved everything else about this album. If this album was lost or stole I would buy it again and as well buy it for all my friends.

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    huh for the record and the guy who wrote the first review....Jonathan Davis was never ever abuse by is father but by a neighbourg...tss....dont write a review if you dont know what oyur talking about!
    pretty good album, but i hate the rap songs on it, and i agree with xemo
    Yer, i think follow the leader kiks ass! and i wuld also go out and buy a new 1 if i lost mine! from JaRed
    you are an idiot if you don't know what the 12 tracks of 5 seconds silence each is! 12 tracks, 5 seconds each = 1 minute. 1 minute of silence for the kid that they visited for the 'make a wish' foundation. the boy they wrote the song justin for. respect that.
    Crux u r an *****.this album is awesome.yeah its a bit pointless 4 a silent start but it still kicks ass.
    The War Machine
    actually i dont think it was his neighbor either, the lyrics to kill you illustrate his step mother being the foundation for his abuse. other than that little arguement, this may just be the worst thing ever recorded to cd. ignoring the worthless twelve tracks of 5 second silence, we hear kindergarten-esque lyrics, traditional rock drum beats, and guitar parts that are simpler than a 3 year old playing a first act, it only sounds impressive because they line up about every effects pedal known to man. the only relatively impressive aspect is the bass. but it's hard to like a song where the guest appearance is fred durst rapping about eating pumpkin pie and jacking off in someone's eye. first class rhyme, fred, you are a master at the business. this band sucks.
    The War Machine
    and if anyone wants to challenge me by saying 'well if its so easy why dont you learn it or why dont you better' ill gladly accept. and no one's fooled by jonathan davis' rasping skat moments, like his solo 'twist,' it just sounds like an army of june bugs being marched into a vent while the fan is on high, followed by every fiber and organ being thrown out of the fan down his throat while he's trying to say something that isn't even relatively important.
    if you dont like this band then why post? this space is for people who enjoy this type of music and want to discuss it. Not for people just trashing it.
    Crux you're the stupidest idiot in here cuz you're whining about the rappers on there then you go and recommend "take a look in the mirror?" Thats the worst album they've made and it has more rapping on that album then on this one.
    Korn is the radest band ever and the fact that they are not scared of experimenting genres is respectible i rekon korn is whats makin nu metal
    KoRn have rapped from the start. Even though people don't notice it and just call most of it shouting. Alot of it is still rap. Life is Peachy had tons of rapping on, alot more than follow the leader. And even tracks from self titled has rapping on such as faget, the quiet break down for instance, "I'm just a pretty boy wahtever you call it..." KoRn have always been fans of rap and nearly always included it in their music.