Greatest Hits Vol. 1 review by Korn

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  • Released: Oct 5, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.7 (57 votes)
Korn: Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Sound — 10
My impression on the bands sound and music is great. I love Korn, and thanks to them I got into metal and out of rap. This album is a collection of their most popular songs, and the music style is rap metal or nu-metal, one of my favorite albums ever probably.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics for the most part are pretty dark, angry, and aggresive. You can definetly get a feel for John's anger, and if your a really angry 13 year old that gets made fun of in school like I was when I got into Korn, you can really relate to the lyrics, especially on the older releases (Clown, Blind, Shoots And Ladders, Somebody Someone). The lyrics comply with the music very well, usually the sludgey dark 7-String guitar riffs go very well with the lyrics, like I said, they always do a good job of getting the listener to get a feel for the mood of the song. John's singing skills are very impressive. He is one of the better singers/songwriters around in my opinion, he writes a lot of raw, up front type of lyrics (Falling Away From Me, Trash, Right Now, Yall Wanna Single), and he also writes much deeper lyrics (Alone I Break, Blind, Got The Life, so overall I think he is a very good singer/songwriter.

Overall Impression — 10
Yes, it obviously does compare to the other albums because of the fact that it's the greatest hits album. The most impressive songs in my opinion are Somebody Someone, Blind, Shoots And Ladders, Trash, Freak On A Leash, Got The Life. The thing I love about it is it's Korn, it has a lot of classic Korn songs, if I wouldn't have bought this CD in 7th grade (first metal CD I ever bought) and found something to relate my anger with, I'm not kidding, I probably would have either killed myself, or someone else, that isn't a joke either, that doesn't mean that every mental patient should start listening to Korn, but hey, I got picked on and didn't really have friends, this Korn album was the only friend I really had, honestly, Korn pretty much saved my life. What do I hate about the album? To be honest their's only one thing I dislike about the album, that's that it doesn't have Thoughtless, or Faget on it, but other than that, nothing. If it were lost or stolen, first I'd have a corny movie flashback of me and my Korn cd's best times, then I'd go buy another copy.

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    i wish this tracks on this album were in reverse order so you could start listening to their oldest stuff and work your way up to the newest stuff to really see the evolution of their sound.
    It's a good compilation of KoRn's greatest hits, to say the least. I've always enjoyed this band, even though it's always been somewhat of a guilty pleasure. KoRn didn't "save" rock, they paved the way for Nu-metal.
    kow God
    I have this CD and I have to say that they did a good job picking wat songs go on there.
    Hell no, they forgot to include alive, everything ive known, and what about bbk and need to, and good god, they really missed a lot of good songs, but still ok though, they used to be my favorite band, until head got out and they made their gay cd (see you on the other side)but i think they'll get better, i wish they could make a really good album like follow the leader.
    i got this for a fiver in fopp the cover of another brick in the wall is great
    dang it. it doesnt contain that live song i heard on a bootleg minimum aluminum condom. thats a great song. but this is a killer album anyway. 9/10 stars
    i used to listen to korn and all. decent if ya just want some aggressive music. but i dont think they need a greatest hits. its not like theyre gonna go down as a supergroup of the age
    Needs Good God , Justin and It's On On it. Too many good songs to cram into one cd. SYOTOS sucks tho
    i dont know why ppl like korn. they have like couple good songs, but they are nothing special, at all.
    ToxicGhost wrote: i dont know why ppl like korn. they have like couple good songs, but they are nothing special, at all.
    Nothing special ? One of the originallest bands out there nowadays, they do their own thing