Issues Review

artist: Korn date: 03/03/2006 category: compact discs
Korn: Issues
Released: Nov 16, 1999
Genre: Nu-Metal
Label: Immortal, Epic
Number Of Tracks: 16
"Issues" is the fourth studio album by American nu metal band Korn.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 9.2
 Overall Impression: 9.7
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overall: 10
Issues Reviewed by: KoRnHead, on march 03, 2006
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Sound: Issues has got to be the most drastic change from original Korn. They used realy strange effects even for them. They also showed a deep connection with their fans by letting them design the cover for this album. This CD is also the very last of the "perfect Korn sound" which started to fade on the albums to come. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics seem darker and more down to Earth than what you would normaly expect from Korn. The effects were just weird as heck but added to the depressing tone to the album. As always the lyrics pertained to every day life like in "Counting" how many of us can't stand ourselves or in "Somebody, Someone" how we need some body to carry on. The most depressing song I felt was "No Way" just the way he sings the song makes you feel depressed. John I think has mastered how to set the mood for an album instead of mixing it up like in pervious ones. // 10

Overall Impression: This album was just like the older Korn style and hardly like the new. I feel "Falling Away From Me," "Lets Get This Party Started," "Make Me Bad," "Trash" and "Dirty" were the best songs on this album. I realy hated how they had short songs like "Am I Going Crazy," "4U," "Wish You Could Be Me," "It's Gonna Go Away" and "Dead" they were just a waste of space but it added to the mood. If this album was lost or stolen I would buy it again and for all my friends as well. // 10

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overall: 8
Issues Reviewed by: jewishosama, on july 24, 2003
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Overall Impression: The 4th album released nu-metal gods Korn is a supposedly "rushed" product, but it is actually a quite excellent album. While many of the songs are nothing but filller, songs such as "Lets Get This Party Started", "Falling Away From Me" and "Somebody Someone" proved that Korn has evolved way past the point they started from and, by incorporating new, trippy guitar effects along with synthesizer loops and textures, are the cream of the wannabe nu-metal crop. Even though the guitars in this album are much more cleaned up than the raw guitars of the godfather first album, the riffs are still heavy as hell. Johnothan Davis' singing in this album, however, are much better on this album than on any of their earlier releases (where at some times he sounded like a strained version of Eddie Vedder). Anyway, great album, worth checking out by any means. (Oh, by the way, theres no bulls*** on this album like "All in the Family", so do not panic). // 8

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overall: 10
Issues Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 16, 2003
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Sound: The greatest band in the world (KoRn) has released the greatest album in the world (Issues) which contains the greatest song in the world (Falling Away From Me). All I can say is, it is an awesome album. // 10

Lyrics: Jonathan Davis must be the best singer in the world and sounds just as brilliant as ever on this album. He is backed by three brilliant guitarists and one awesome drummer in their best album yet. // 10

Overall Impression: The album was too good to compare to any other except for Godsmack's Faceless. It is worth twice the amount that you pay for it, so get it right now. // 10

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overall: 10
Issues Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 19, 2004
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Sound: The recording on this album is awesome. This is the best KoRn album no doubt. The earlier ones are good but miss something and the later ones have no diversity in the guitars. The guitars and effects used in this album are so perfectly balanced it' unbelievable. The use of effects and tatseful use of the 7-string. it's not just 1st and 2nd fret on the low string. It's really diverse. The drums are also tasteful in that its not just like dur dur dur dur dur dur on the double bass pedal. It's really good. // 10

Lyrics: Jon Davis is Such a brilliant vocalist and it shows in all thier albums. Again bringing such diversit to the band. The lyrics are so deep they just compliment the guitar lines and visa-versa. The song pretty is about a baby girl that was brought into the morgue where jon used to work and she had been raped by her own father and Jon was so taken aback by this he wrote a song. It just proves how deep the lyrics are. // 10

Overall Impression: As I said earlier this is by far the best album the d00d that said it sucked is a moron. He doesn't appreciate it just cause he is closed minded about different styles of music. The first 12 tracks of silence really builds up the album cause you stick it in and you're like What the F*ck? and then "It's on" comes on and you're like holy SH*T this rules. BUY THIS ALBUM!!! // 10

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overall: 9.3
Issues Reviewed by: free_iraq, on july 05, 2004
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Sound: First of all, the guitars are absolutely amazing in every track. The sound of munky and head has changed in every album and it has changed again. The two guitars achieve very catchy riffs and produce amazing effects. Top marks. Fieldy's bass hasn't changed much, although in some songs his bass isn't so thick and heavy. David drums well and the drumkit and bass colaborate well. Jonathan Davis' voice is wicked as usual. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics here are very good, and not all of the tunes are about Davis' childhood (unlike previous albums). However, davis' is a little bitter and I feel he should start writing more about other aspects of his life and not just about his childhood. But the lyrics are good anyway. // 8

Overall Impression: This is very different to what I expected from Korn. The sound in this album isn't so thick and in some cases the band experiments with hip-hop, rap and alternative rock. This is a must buy. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Issues Reviewed by: dabonehead182, on november 08, 2004
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Sound: Korn's sound has always been nu-metal. Issues proves that that sound can be heard throughout the cd. There wasn't any rap songs like Follow The Leader which was fine with me. Fieldy always sounds great. He's a great bassist. Every Korn song has his signature bass noise. Head and Munky also sound awesome together. They had some crazy riffs. David has some tight drum beats in the songs. Jonathon Davis and the bagpipes was pretty tight. // 10

Lyrics: Jonathon Davis writes good lyrics. The topics mostly range from his childhood to his hate. He writes mostly on how much he hurts which I could relate to. His voice is pretty good. It works on most of the songs but his voice can turn some people off. I like his screams during the songs. // 8

Overall Impression: Issues is one of Korn's best albulms. It continues that nu-metal sound from Follow the Leader minus the rap. The lyrics were good. Jonathon sounded good. The top 5 songs I liked were Falling Away From Me, Trash, Make Me Bad, Let's Get This Party Started, and Wake Up. Korn need to go back to their roots and bring some good old nu-metal back man. but I still have respect for them. Issues is a great albulm. If you liked Follow the Leader or any of the earlier cds then you won't be dissapointed. // 10

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