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  • Released: Oct 11, 1994
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (98 votes)
Korn: Korn

Sound — 10
This album is by far Korn's heaviest album. With downtuned 7 string guitars and Fieldy's clicky bass with lots of little bass solo's every now and then. Most people will wonder why there are no guitar solo's. They thought it was overused in that time. If you think they can't do them then you are wrong. On the Deuce DVD you can see 2 solo's by both. There is also a song with bagpipes that Jonathan Davis plays called "Shoots And Ladders." The drums sound great. An aggresive snare really gives this album the aggresive feeling. Also, the best part of the album is that it doesnt really follow the verse-chorus-verse rule. New parts are very unexpected most of the time. I'll give this a 10.

Lyrics — 10
Jonathan Davis has had a lot of trouble in the past and therefor there are very variated lyrics. Dominating lyrics as in "Divine" and "Lies" which feels like he is talking to you. And also lyrics with the "Why?" feeling to it. As in Ball Tongue and Daddy. My personal favorite lyrics are "Fake" which is about how you should be yourself. "Look at you, all I see, is a man too afraid to really be." Jonathan Davis aggresive voice really completes it. He screams, sings, cries, whispers, scats and does everything.

Overall Impression — 10
I will give a review of each song here.

01. Blind - a great choice that this song is the opener of the album because of the build up intro. At the end of the intro Jonathan Davis says: "Are You Ready?" and then a simple yet effective riff blows you away. Also the first single. This song sums Korn up. It's about how f--ked up drugs are.
02. Ball Tongue - I think this song is about the life of someone that does all this shit to people. A great aggresive intro with a creepy effect in the verse. Great backvocals by "Head" who has recently left the band.
03. Need To - an unpredictable song the whole time. It has a main riff that varies the whole time. Changes by the bass, drumms or guitar just make it a little different each time. The drumms by David Silveria sound pretty cool in the chorus.
04. Clown - another classic by Korn. Singled. Another anger song. You shouldn't listen to this when you are Drunk Or High.
05. Divine - one of my favorites. As I said these lyrics are very dominating and it seems like he's talking to you. Too bad the song isn't too long. Only 2:51. The bridge is good.
06. Faget - yeah, everyone should hear this song. After the 3rd chorus it keeps surprising you with new things again and again.
07. Shoots And Ladders - another single. It starts of with bagpipes. Then the rest joins in and it sounds greeat together. The lyrics are childish which fits the song perfectly.
08. Predictable - nice riff. The vocals somewhat annoy me in this song. Although they fit perfectly with the song. I like it though.
09. Fake - great song full of energy which suddenly gets into a slower part of the verse. The lyrics are one of the best ones of the albums. The chorus "Let it all go" fit well with the music. The song sums up that you should be yourself no matter what happens.
10. Lies - a song where "Head" sings the chorus while Jonathan screams his part. They did that nice. Once again dominating lyrics. "I smile, while you're afraid." I think this song is one of the heaviest.
11. Helmet In The Bush - very underrated. Everything sounds so low in here. If I'm right this is about Jonathan having sleeping problems and wanting to die.
12. Daddy - this is about Jonathan being raped if I'm not wrong. When Jonathan says "It's Alright" an amazing bridge comes in where you can't deny banging your head.

Buy it. I bought it two times already because I've lost mine.

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