Korn III: Remember Who You Are [Special Edition Bonus DVD] [DVD] review by Korn

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  • Released: Jul 8, 2010
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 6
  • Production Quality: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.7 (3 votes)
Korn: Korn III: Remember Who You Are [Special Edition Bonus DVD] [DVD]

Sound — 10
The sound of this new album is completely different from anything KoRn have ever done before. In my opinion I love the new sound, it's possibly my favourite album. It's not for all KoRn fans though, it is more about the things you don't know about KoRn rather than JD singing about his issues and problems, which was and is great to hear. This new album still holds KoRn's unique ability to lose it in the music, for example the last concluding track "Holding All These Lies" is a very in-depth emotional song where at the end you hear JD lose it and burst into tears, which they kept in the master recording for that little extra that KoRn's fans admire and of course to bring reality into it, to show that JD sings from the soul and heart and KoRn is honest in the things they write.

Content — 6
The DVD features the songs from the album (excluding the three bonus tracks) filmed as KoRn record them. It is quite interesting to watch although it would have been great for the bonus tracks to have been filmed in the studio or at least KoRn performing them live for the DVD, and the live bonus track is "Blind", which was one of their first hits, the clip isn't included unfortunately.

The DVD also includes some great special effects to watch while KoRn records the songs you listen to. Although it would've been cool to have an option to turn them off because if you find them annoying there's nothing that can be done, and unfortunately that brings the score down quite a bit.

Production Quality — 8
The production is great, you can see as your taken into the studio how KoRn use different tricks and technics to get their sound, for example munky muting the strings and plucking them giving a sound similar to missing a note on guitar hero. It works though. The sound is great and the overall vibe of the band is great, it doesn't make you feel as though that KoRn are sick of being their, it seems like they are having a great time, which is what music is about. Although again it would've been cool to be able to turn the special effects off, even if you love them like me, sometimes you just want to watch the DVD in it's raw form.

Overall Impression — 9
It's great, it really is. I recommend getting it, definitely. It's funny, it's great, it's new and it's different. I love that it is a huge change in KoRn and yet still the same band spewing out emotion and raw sounds. I would buy it over and over again if I had to because it got lost or broken. 10/10 for the album, 9/10 because you can't turn off effects and because of the bonus tracks not being on the DVD, but then again, that's what a bonus track is really. Something thrown at the end, as the album doesn't go to long, but the quality and sound makes it all so very worth the buy!

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    KoRn III
    May have been a bit harsh on this one but, it's by far my favourite album so I picked at every little thing so it would be unbiased. I stand by my rating however.