Life Is Peachy review by Korn

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  • Released: Oct 15, 1996
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (47 votes)
Korn: Life Is Peachy

Sound — 10
The sound on "Life is Peachy" is fantastic. The guitars have a sick, mean, heavy guitar tone, Fieldy, the bass player keeps a nice heavy groove. David Silveria keeps a great beat, and Jonathan Davis goes all out on this record. He sings, screams, raps, scats, you name it he does it. Here I'll go through and rate each individual track. 01. Twist: theres not much to this song. It runs at 49 seconds and features Jonathan scatting, and the rest of the band just jamming out. It is a great choice as the opening track considering all the energy it gives off. 8/10 02. Chi: the song starts out with a heavy, groovy, riff. During the verses Fieldy keeps the groove going with his excellent slapping technique, while the Guitar players Head and Munky are playing some high squealing notes. During the bridge it quiets down and takes a small pause, then the band comes back in with the heavy opening riff. 7.5/10 03. Lost: the song starts out with another heavy riff. It quiets down during the verses, and comes back with the same heavy riff the song opened with. It isn't to memorable but its still a good addition to the album. 6.5/10 04. Swallow: like all the songs on this album so far it opens with a heavy riff. Similar to Chi, Fieldy keeps the groove during the verses while Head and Munky add their unique sounding squealing notes. Like Lost, it isn't to memorable, but its worth a spot on the album. 6.5/10 05. Porno Creep: pretty groovy track. Opens with some sick wah heavy guitar work. Quiets down while Fieldy plays a funky, groovy bass line. Not much to the song its only about 2 minutes, but its really good and deserved a spot on this album. 7/10 06. Good God: this song is very good. One of the best on this album. It opens with some drums that lead to the opening guitar riff. The chorus is probably my favorite part of the song, although the bridge challenges it. The chorus is very melodic, and the bridge features heavy guitar work, similar to the opening riff but without the harmonics, and Jonathan screaming like theres no tomorrow. It was rumored he popped a vain recording that part. 9.5/10 07. Mr. Rodgers: flat out AMAZING song. The intro features Jonathan whispering, then comes the riff. During the verses there is some creepy guitar parts playing while the bass and drums hold the groove. The chorus is very melodic. The bridge features some creepy guitar notes that lead into a heavy breakdown. 10/10 08. K@#0%! (Kunts!): pretty funny song. The instrumentals are very good, featuring heavy riffs and weird sounding pitch-shifting during the verses and bridge. The vocals are standard singing/screaming you'll find in most Korn songs, but the lyrics are the funniest part. I can't say them on here but just look it up on youtube. 8.5/10 09. No Place To Hide: the first single off the album. It was a good choice because it really represents Life Is Peachy well. It has the heavy riffs, the grooves, the high-pitched creepy notes, the softer parts, the screaming, everything that is Life Is Peachy. 9/10 10. Wicked: a cover of the song Wicked by Ice Cube. Featuring guest vocalist Chino Moreno from the Deftones. It sticks out more then songs like Lost or Swallow, but I wouldn't call it one of the best songs on the album. 7/10 11. A.D.I.D.A.S.: A.D.I.D.A.S. (All Day I Dream About Sex) is a good song. I wouldn't rank it with songs like Mr. Rodgers, or Good God, but its a solid song. 8.5/10 12. Low Rider: a cover of Low Rider originally by War. Features Lead Guitarist Head on vocals and Lead Vocalist Jonathan Davis on bag pipes. 6.5/10 13. Ass Itch: solid song. It feaures some heavy riffs, melodic chorus', and squealing notes. 8/10 14. Kill You: very powerful song, and one of the most unique songs on this record. It features a clean guitar intro, something you don't usually see from Korn. Heavy riffs, of course, and Jonathan singing, screaming, crying, ect. Very reminiscent of Daddy off their first self-titled album. 9/10

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics. Jonathan Davis is one of the most talented people in the world. Period. He sings, screams, raps, scats, crys, plays the bagpipes, plays the guitar, drums, and as in addition to all of those, he writes amazing lyrics. The lyrics are very powerful and can help you through tough times, or at times can be funny and full of dark humor. Overall, the lyrics, are a 10.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is a MUST have if you like heavy music. Everything about it is great, the songs, the lyrics, and the album cover is one of the coolest looking album covers ever. Overall it gets a 10. I don't even know if this is Korn's best album, their self-titled debut and Follow the Leader are to good to be rated 2nd, but at the same time Life Is Peachy is to good to be rated anywhere but 1st. If it was ever stolen I would find the guy who stole it, and beat the shit out of him. But, in a realistic scenario, where I couldn't find it, I would buy it again. As I said its a must have.

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    Laughing hard at the idea of Jonathon Davis getting raped by Mr. Rogers. Ha.