See You On The Other Side review by Korn

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  • Released: Dec 6, 2005
  • Sound: 1
  • Lyrics: 1
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reviewer's score: 1 Junky
  • Users' score: 7.6 (930 votes)
Korn: See You On The Other Side

Sound — 1
KoRn has always had a sound of their own, from the drums to Jon's voice, if you heard a song you could tell it was them right from the start. This however, is no longer true, instead of the interesting lyrics and cool riffs and rythms, there is now the same old same old sound and it's very generic in every sense of the word. Once they were unique and cared about the music, now all they care about is making album after album to appeal to anyone so that they can make a lot of cash quick. Besides the awful same sounding guitar riffs in this album, the drums which used to be a highlight for me when I listen to KoRn, now sounds like every other band and sometimes even worse. Another thing that I loved about KoRn was how awesome the bass lines were and how much it really contributed to each and every song, but now it's barely there and there's no inovations or really cool rythms, instead when you can hear it, it's just the same old shit that every other bassist does and there's no real heart to it anymore. Like everyone else, KoRn now sounds like a generic wana-be band that's in it for the cash and nothing else. There's no inovation, structure, unique sound, or heart in the music anymore and it not only makes KoRn's sound awful to hear, but it also brings them to a level of any other generic band that makes music now.

Lyrics — 1
One of the biggest reason I and so many other people loved KoRn was because of Jonathan Davis and his lyrics. He not only had the perfect voice that complemented KoRn in each way, but his unique and disturbing lyrics that he put his heart and hate into were amazing and really showed how talented he was. Often, he talked about himself, his childhood, or people that hurt him, so all the lyrics were very powerful and emotional, because he wasn't just talking about an issue or something fun to do, or anything like that, it was because it was how he really felt and the hatred was very real and powerful in all their songs. His skills in singing were great and his writing was also great because of how he really felt, so it wasn't just the same old singer that we've heard in hard rock and nu-metal today, it was something real and you actually felt for him and his anger actually helped many people with their own anger. Like I've said he's great and one of my favorite singers ever, but that was before this album came around, now instead of the hate, anger, unique sounding lyrics, and emotion, there is the dull, dry, and boring generic lyrics that plague almost every band now. No longer are the songs personal, now they are about politics, religion, and other issues that most bands discuss. Not only his the personality ripped from all the songs, but the anger and hate are no more as well. All of those things, hate, emotion, and personality is what drove the songs, but now there's no emotion, personality, or anger only dry useless shit that can be found from all the bands that just want money and fame. Jonathan barely sounds like himself and it doesn't even seem like he put any thought or effort into writing and singing these lyrics. If anything, that would be the biggest disspointment, the fact that the once great singer/writer is no more, the lyrics, and songs are worthless and I can't stand them.

Overall Impression — 1
Head left the band and maybe he knew an album like this would happen, maybe he knew KoRn would sell out and become nothing, but a heartless, souless, bunch of pussies who can't write or play music anymore. Sure, there's a lot of people that like this album, but that's because they either don't know good music or never liked KoRn before they made this mess. KoRn no longer cares about the music or the fans, all they care about is making the money and keeping a "popluar" image to make sure people will buy their effortless attempts at making boring and generic music, instead of unique, emotional, interesting, and hate charged music that has touched people. They've not only lost the respect of real fans, but they've let down many people who loved them and loved what they stood for and for the kickass tunes that they made. After this many years, the inventors of nu-metal have fallen and I don't think the old KoRn will ever return. In the end, KoRn has become what they used to make fun of and hate, I wish that they would look themselves in the mirror and realize what's happened, but I think all that's in them now is greed. The KoRn that I and many people loved have died and will most likely never return to their previous greatness.

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    I simply can't stand "Twisted Transistor",but I have to admit that the rest of the album is pretty good.
    hard to explain
    did anyone see the video for twisted transistor?? since when were koRn rappers? issues best album everything after that was terrible
    the video of twisted transistor was good. diffrent from other artist i see. snoop smacked everyone haha. but still. the album was EHHH.
    This album is fantastic.. Deffinatly the best album; Well behind follow the leader of course.
    Korn Used to Rock So Much. Ever Since Issues They've Gone Downhill. This Cd Is Hopeless =(
    lann skenis
    Korn has deffitnetly done better. But this album is still pretty good, i mean we shouldnt put them down cause we arent doing anything better then it. but i agree with alot of you saying that their first albums are better. They are better. but korn has grown up from all the agnst and shit. and they lost head. so i think the loss of head had some deal with this let down album.
    KoRn is not dead.....will not be dead....and will be alive until someone dies in the ****en band!!!!
    kow God
    koRn arent rappers....they are just trying to get certain peoples attention....get it? more fans....more money....=)
    Don't compare it to their past stuff. if you like it you like it, if you don't you don't. it's stupid to think that you're a true korn fan if you just like everything they do even if it's sh!t, and it's equally bad to condemn it because it's different from what they did. just listen to it and form your own opinion based on the music.
    Korn rules see you on the other side wasn't their best but it was still awesome
    White And Nerdy
    This is definitly not their best work, Coming Undone/Liar/Twisted Transistor are the only ones I really like, If your new to KoRn, I'd Reccomend their first CD, It's so heavy. But this CD is less heavy then most of their cd's. Guitar work isn't as good, Lyrics are I don't know, Just not what i expected from KoRn...
    Not there best but id still rate it ahead of a few of the other albums. Still got heavy songs like Hypocrites,Liar,Coming Undone and the softer songs (Love Song,Open Up,Throw Me Away) are very well put 2getha.