See You On The Other Side review by Korn

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  • Released: Dec 6, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.6 (929 votes)
Korn: See You On The Other Side

Sound — 10
The sound is beyond comprehending. This totally kick-ass album is my favorite the band has ever put out and, in my opinion, it's their most creative work. Their new sound is sort of industrialized, kind of like Nine Inch Nails almost (Atticus Ross produced the album, so is this maybe a coincidince). For all the Korn fans who despise this album because they took a new direction, They shouldn't call themselves Korn fans anymore if they don't want to support the new things they're doing. Yeah, Head left and it was best for all of them, but I think it was meant to be because Korn needed something new to fall back on and this new sound was perfect.

Lyrics — 10
I'm guessing the days of JD's lyrics of troubled childhood, anger, and hurt are gone. Now, Korn tackles new, more traditional metal influences. Songs like "Politics", "Liar", the anger-stirring "Coming Undone", and the goth-infused "Love Song" are just a few of the powerful ideas from within Jonathan's mind. It doesn't get more metal than this style of Korn.

Overall Impression — 10
I love this album so much that if it got stolen I would probably dismember the person that stole it. This was originally the first Korn CD I got into, but it hooked me so fast I was listening to all the Korn music I could find. I'll review each song: 01. Twisted Transistor - this was the song that got me hooked on this incredible god of a band. The intro is a little overdone but the song rocks throughout. 02. Politics - an anti-government song. Korn still writes songs thaat can help people deal with anger and this is definitely one of them. 03. Hypocrites - a song about being opposed to organized religion. I'm sure a lot of us can relate. 04. Souvenier - one of the songs that totally defines this album. I heard a rumor that the name of the album was actually supposed to be called "Souvenier of Sadness" (dunno if this is true or not). 05. 10 Or A 2-way - song about chicks only using guys for sex. awesome bass part. 06. Throw Me Away - another song that totally makes this album. Awesome synth-effects and chorus line. 07. Love Song - nice gothic feel. Totally depressing but cool at the same time. 08. Open Up - there's the fieldy we remember. Kick-ass bass line and a little bit more like old Korn. See at least they remembered to keep it a little bit old-school. 09. Coming Undone - possibly Korn's most popular song since "Freak On A Leash". It's plenty original and heavy as hell. 10. Getting Off - sort of a crossover between nu-age and nu-metal. Good death metal vocals towards the end. 11. Liar - another remniscience to old Korn. Great song about? I'm not too sure. 12. For No One - very punk/gangster sounding. I got a feeling fieldy did a big number in writing this one. 13. Seen It All - this is probably the mascot song for this album since the cover art is supposed to be represented here. Nice feel for what's to come after it. 14. Tearjerker - emotionally ripping. Makes you want to break down about absolutely nothing. Really a big thing for Korn since they've never really done anything other than hardcore upbeat songs.

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    the one dude was an idiot brian quite the band like 2 years before this came out. lmao!
    I think is is probably their best album simply because it shows that korn have some degree of musical diversity/talent. I think lovesong is the best korn song to date. Granted, this album is quite different from the classics like follow the leader but it is still ****in awesome. Anyone who says it sucks coz head left is a retard coz head wasnt the whole band and anyone who thinks korn are all about making money is an even bigger retard. Watch the video for y'all want a single and read the quotes that pop up. This video bankrupted a high profile recording company so dont ever call korn sellouts
    Korn isn't dead, they haven't been dead, and who cares if there not the same? They've made a new album soon to be released anyway and their going back to the basics!!
    Hypocrites, Liar, and Coming Undone kick so much ass. Love this CD. Not their best, but still really good. I found it in walmart last year, but made a dumb move and bought Paranormal Activity instead...FUCK lol
    Whoever wrote this crap needs to get a life. Korn is awesome, and I think this is their best album, contrary to the shit you wrote! All you did in your review was insult, and possibly even defame Korn (which is illegal, smartass) People don't wanna see that in a review. Reviews are meant to be objective you idiot?!