Take a Look in the Mirror review by Korn

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  • Released: Nov 21, 2003
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.4 (68 votes)
Korn: Take a Look in the Mirror

Sound — 8
Through the eyes of five musicians, who led similar yet differing lives, Take a look in The Mirror's sound drew back towards Korn's earlier era's, moving into deeper aspects and vigorous styles. The overall sound for this particular album was somewhat a statement for untouchables with a more quirky experimental sound, where as this album was more grainy, and has a dirtier sound. The album years styles taken from ther first, but also I feel pinches of Follow The Leader added in, all this making a soup of heavy guitar riffs, slap bass, and dosile heavy drumming. Innovations are not to be seen in this album, for now Korn remain what they always have been from where they begun. Korn (the album) was an innovation where as this is like a mutation of the first with every other album added in.

Lyrics — 6
Lyrically, the Korn remain with their typical lyrical structure. Using rather simple lyrics which time in with the rhythm like many other band who lead similar styles. I would say Korn's lyrics are their downpoint, on all albums of theirs. Lack of meaning is passed out, and basically it relys on a rather typical free verse style which yearn's not much complexity. Another factor the springs to mind is that on each album, their meanings for songs remain rather the same. Hate is the initial feeling, and with it all, the music actually reflects in the same way inducind a lack of progression through each album. On the other hand, Jonathan Davis' voice can alter the perception of the lyrics dramatically. His voice during the screams and growls is usually very heartfelt, and this is what he is quite good at; expression.

Overall Impression — 8
I think the accent of this albums among their other creations is a good one, to say the least it was good to see some traditional Korn, however there a quite a few points about the album in which I didn't admire all that much. This involved: rather untimely transitions between different sounds. This influenced a disjointed approach to some tracks, in particular Let's Do This Now and Deep Inside; David's drumming style is to be expected again as it has not budged from it's original position for when they started, as are the guitars. But the album was better then some of their previous albums. A couple of good points would be: a fairly well composed album, claiming a few different styles, that push the envelope for the music a little more; some good rythms which can be quite catchy at times. I do not own this album, but would probably buy it due to the fact that I respect the fact that they are musicians, and for that will respect and give the music a chance. What will Korn come up with next? Time will only tell and I hold some anticipation for it, hoping it will differ from all the rest in many ways.

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