Untitled review by Korn

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  • Released: Jul 31, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (280 votes)
Korn: Untitled

Sound — 8
Personally I thought this was a great album from Korn. It has a spooky feel at times that just makes the album great. The drums are amazing and creative through out the entire album thanks to Terry Bozzio Brooks Wackerman of Bad Religeion. There are a few songs though that don't really appeal that well at all or just drift over on the CD (Do What They Say and Hushabye). This album though has some of my favorite Korn songs of aqll time on it like Hold On and Killing. Overall I think the album is definetly a step forward for Korn Musiclly.

Lyrics — 8
You can never go wrong with Johnathan Davis, he always ceses to amaze me with every song I here from them. In this album he mix of vocal syles are great, esspecially the outro for killing with growling death metal vocals. The actual song lyrics in the album is pretty different form the rest of the Korn's stuff. Evolution is the biggest difference here where they talk about de-evolution with todays people. I also have to mention Korn bashing Brian "Head" Welch for leaving the band and writing band things about them in his book "Save Me From My Self" that he wrote. But overall the lyrics are typical Korn with the exseption of a few songs.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall this album leaves a big impression on me. I always crave to here this album (esspecially for Killing and Hold On). If your a Korn fan then you should really enjoy this album unless your one of those people that don't like the fact that there trying something new. Great CD with my high recommendation.

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    Issues is actually the one album I'm iffy about, though it had some great songs, as an album its my least favorite. This album is still in my playlist, it had some great trax, and some really not-so-****in-good ones too though. At least they are still making music even if its not for the masses.
    rik23 wrote: if your not a fan of Korn why u reading this!!! duh!!!!!
    damn FuCkIn straight
    guitgrinder wrote: man, I love the first 4 records, but since then it's been glimmers of hope on each album. here to stay, thoughtless, y'all want a single, coming undone, evolution... all pretty good and heavy songs in the korn style or a progression of it, but a lot of the other songs are just blah. remember when Korn first came out and JD said that he wasn't ever really into metal, but very much into dance music? I think that shows a lot these days, but due to their past and their questioned credibility, they can't really say that they want to do more stuff with a dance feel. Seems like they feel like they HAVE to be metal 'cuz that's what people expect of them 'cuz of their previously heavy music. Essentially, they are the new Metallica. I said that 8 years ago, and I say it again today. They had four solid albums in the same style. On their fifth, they opened up and kept with that for the following records; some turned away, but many new fans were attracted. Some got bored and left as quick as they came, some stayed, some old fans reappeared after giving it a second chance, some scream "sell-out!", some are die-hards. Some fans who pretty much like older stuff will find themselves occasionally rockin' to a newer track. Some 'tallica fans only like thru ...AJFA, but dig Fuel, kinda how I only like thru Issues, but dig Coming Undone and the few others I mentioned above. Basically, what I'm sayin' is this- Korn, just like Metallica, are "here to stay" (heh-heh). Either you get it, or you don't. If you don't then the die-hards don't care and really, neither does anyone else, 'cuz they gave up on the band so long ago. I say if you're a die-hard, then rock out with your cock out with no remorse and no regrets, 'cuz I'm a die-hard Metallica fan and respect those who stick to their guns through the thick and thin.
    yeah maybe but i would say there the new sabbath really, sabbath popped up playin hard rock as the hippy rounded off, korn started playin metal after kurt kobain and grunge in genreal died
    W.h.o.r.EGuitar wrote: Idk, this albums weird, but beeter than the last one... i like it... And why does every one diss life is peachy I mean it aint perfect but not that bad
    LIP is a good album for being recorded in two days lol
    I admire this band because of their experimentation and courage to do something new while testing their own creativity. Album is good, but experimentation with drums got to far, I don't understand why it sounds like kickikng a carbage can. My favorite ias Hold on.
    hey this isnt corn.....haha jks i just needed to make that joke. good album, i liked evolution.
    rik23 wrote: if your not a fan of Korn why u reading this!!! duh!!!!!
    damn FuCkIn straight
    Korn has really lost there "Aoura" over the past 10 years! Not as inspiring as there earlier material.
    see you on the other side was a great album-different but not too different. My little brother bought this one and he was full into it so i had a listen and it is without doubt THE S-H-I-T-E-S-T KORN ALBUM EVER !!! they should definitley go back to the classics or at least do some more serious shit like the last album
    you people need to grow up and accept musical exploration, and Korn is still Korn even without Head, Korn is a band not just one person they were succesful because everyone in the band is incredibally talented and well rounded musicicians. i think this album is great and my hat goes off to Korn for still keeping things going after all the member changes and still finding there own sound with every album they release.
    This album is terrible. I will even say it's worse than St. Anger. Nice Review.
    Whoa I totally misinterpreted the grammar of that. I apologize. Not my day. This album is the best thing they released since Issues, IMO.
    bootyking69 wrote: my a$$ farts out better music then this $hit!!!
    As opposed to what other kind of farts, good sir?
    there first album was amazing. life is peachy was really good and follow the leader was where they started slipping but i still liked it. after that they freakin suck. head was and is a bad a$$ guitarist and munky as well but there sound is horrible now. they need to cut there losses because they hella suck now.
    I love the old KoRn more than this stuff but this album has some good songs that sound great live!