Untitled review by Korn

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  • Released: Jul 31, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (281 votes)
Korn: Untitled

Sound — 8
Ah, See You on the Other Side was a significant change in Korn's label, music, and mood. As you know, the previous albums they have released where heavy, down tuned, funky-hip pop, emotional, and raw. However, their previous studio album Take A Look In The Mirror was out right before guitarist Brian Welch quit the band. When that happened, the band continued, released a greatest hits album, and signed on with a new label, Virgin Records. The music released for See You On The Other Side felt pretty relaxed with random outburst at times. Songs like Hypocrites Twisted Transistor Politics and Coming Undone was all funky, dark, heavy, fast, and computer edited. I didn't mind, for I love those tracks, but after the band went on a tour, they released their follow up album to little fanfare. Slick style and computer pro tools dominate the music in the album as one texture is added to another making everything complex to hear. However, you can separate sound in the songs and hear most of the sounds if you're not paying attention to the song. What you got is one song covered with all kinds of sounds from all kinds of equipment that will lead to confusion. It's like a cake with all kinds of frosting and fruits. However, after sound hits your ear, it starts unveiling a weird feeling in you that makes the track catchy and likeable if not a headache. There are a number of songs that get away with it as it catches the unsuspecting listener. You'll think it's weird and wild, but effective afterwards. And of course, the music is less relaxed this time as Korn attempts to match their heavy sound that created the genre known as nu-metal in early 90s. I had no problem listening to the album the first time and loved, and to this day, I still love it in its entire glory. As for the lyrics, I don't think there's been any evolution, but there is stuff worth reading about. The problem, however, is that there are no lyrics in the booklet, so one has to go to the band's website to view them.

Lyrics — 7
There are no lyrics printed on the sleeves of the Untitled album, so I looked up some of the songs. I like reading the lyrics while listening to the song. I like what I mostly read like "Love & Luxury", "Evolution", "Hold On" and some others. Some of the songs talk about certain concerns like future of Earth and mankind and others are backlash against former bandmember Brian "Head" Welch. The lyrics do match the songs a lot though.

Overall Impression — 9
Untitled is a catchy and awesome album although one can spot the weaknesses it has: computer dominated sounds, pro tools, tiredness among band members, and forgetting who they are. Despite that, Korn has shown no compromise in its attitude or music as they are writing and playing whatever they want to. I love the exploration they made with the music and artwork. It shows the band is wounded, but not dead like the bird on the album cover. All they need is to remember who they are. Songs: "Intro" 1:57 "Starting Over" 4:02 "_itch We Got a Problem" 3:22 "Evolution" 3:37 "Hold On" 3:05 "Kiss" 4:09 "Do What They Say" 4:17 "Ever Be" 4:48 "Love and Luxury" 3:00 "Innocent Bystander" 3:28 "Killing" 3:36 "Hushabye" 3:52 "I Will Protect You" 5:29 Hold On: Intro 1:57 Great way to start the album, I found it pretty unique as it sets up a certain mood and theme to the album which deals with alienation, anger, despair, and other things too fascinating for the human mind. The intro has a smooth carnival ride right before it goes haywire with some demonic riffs and bass. Starting Over (4:02) Starting Over is the first and wicked song off the album! The sound is heavy and John's voice is amazing. The tone and his singing are very swift at the beginning of the track. It reminded me of or couple of hip pop songs where the artist singing in a soft and crooning tone right before Davis goes haywire. It is at the chorus where Davis starts to reveal a grimly vocal while Munky's guitar riffs become heavier. Listening to the lyrics, the song is possibly about a near death experience that occurred to Davis in a performance once. I gotta say Starting Over grimly, catchy, and compelling. *itch we got a Problem (3:22) this is my least favorite song from the album. I didn't get into this song even though the title is humorous and one of my favorites titles. Again, there's the swiftly voice Davis is singing while the Munky and Fieldy play their instruments in low tuning. I do like certain things about this song, but it could have been a little better. Its music is much disorganized and vocals are very erratic. Evolution (3:37) "Evolution" is one of the best songs on the album! The song starts off with pounding drums and moderately tempo rhythm from guitar from Munky. Davis then attacks with his vocals of pain, misery, and desperation! I'm digging with my fingertips I'm ripping at the ground I stand upon I'm searching for fragile bones Evolution I'm never gonna be refined Keep trying but I won't assimilate Well written lyrics, the song "Evolution" focuses not about where humans came from or anything political, but questions about humanity on the planet earth whether if there'll be a place for future generations to live. Anyways, the song becomes heavier and gloomier before Davis screams it's evolution in the chorus. Meanwhile, Munky fills in with some cool and guitar notes. Also worth noting is the drumming on the song, for it has a raw-down tune like Lars Ulrich had the bongos in St. Anger? That's how the drumming is, raw and bad-ss! Great song! Loved it! "Hold On" (3:05) "Hold On" to your socks, it's going to be a bumpy ride. I am referring to the music video of course. "Hold On" is a very hard edge song with lullaby sound during the chorus. The song is pretty awesome as it starts off with the vintage sound where the guitar is tuned low. The tempo is moderate, but heavy. I found myself enjoying the song and reminiscing scene with Davis, Munky, and the bull. "Kiss" (4:09) "Kiss" is the most depressing song in the album. The song starts off with piano and acoustic guitar. It sets the mood and then the sorrow voice of Davis commences the song and lyrics. The lyrics are pretty depressing in this case where it deals a person with a rejecting lover along with the futile attempts. I really loved this song and thought the most choking part is when Davis sings in a high pitch voice why you always push me away? "Do What They Say" (4:17) "Do What They Say" is another depressing song. With the voice all angered up and upset, the song is once again depressing as it centers on capitulate or death. I don't know, for there are no lyric sheets. A very dark track with an impressive guitar sound, I enjoyed it a lot. I found the arrangements and structure of the song very simple as "Hold On". "Ever Be" (4:48) "Ever Be" is very heavy and loud, but found out that I didn't like this track at first. I cannot recall the reason why. The guitar work is very highly distorted and John's singing is catchy, so where did it all go wrong for me? Anyways, I really like this song and thought the bagpipes at the end were pretty cool. I read your little book, ha, ha, ha, ha, jeers Davis in the best song out of the entire album, "Love & Luxury". For some odd reason, I never wrote anything about this song in my original review, shocking. Okay, "Love & Luxury" has simple chords playing with supporting bass (Fieldy) and drums (whoever it is) while being covered in series of keyboards that give the song an exotic Arabic feel. The song is mid tempo throughout and goes to certain changes in its mood and sound until going back to the music when it is about to end. I really love how Korn performed this track, but also loved Davis vocals. The song is retaliation towards the former comrade Brian "Head" Welch, but not for quitting the band. I think they wrote it because Welch may have "dished" or talked a lot crap about the band. Anyways, this song is a way of telling him to move on. The lyrics are really great too. "Innocent Bystander" (3:28) did not know what to think about this one. I enjoyed it, and that's for sure (laugh). The song reminded me of "Coming Undone". The song is loud and aggressive as it tells you to shut up. Not literally, but you know what I mean. I love the way Davis repeatedly saying shut up. The music is thumping and features some killer bass thumps from Fieldy. "Killing" (3:36) Munky is at his most intense guitar work in "Killing". The guitar riffs are catchy meanwhile you got Davis voice out of control and along with some killer sounds in between. The intermission of the song is pretty cool. I believe this song is the rawest and intense as it's going to be. "Hushabye" (3:52) "Hushabye" is another depressing sound that transforms loud and heavy. The track opens up low and slow, but then kicks it up a notch. This happens back and forth. Its hooks are very catchy and liked it although not as much as "Killing". "I Will Protect You" (5:29) I adore the ways the track opens up with mystical sound of a harp or keyboards. I stood there listening to it thinking what would be next and then it goes to up tempo beat as Davis sings very subtle in the verse. He sings in a poetic way during the chorus and found that pretty cool. Also in the song were organs and keyboards, they were used so it can lead to a grand finale that I thought was a pretty cool way closing the album.

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    only 3 of the band's original members? really? I cant believe the band' went on without brian.
    ME TOO
    John should have stopped KoRn when Head left and made his own band, people wouldn't judge his music to old KoRn that way, I personally enjoy all of John's music but in my opinion he should have made his own band with Munky and Fieldy and then they could create what they want without the repercussions, this album is not your typical KoRn album but it still has a KoRn feel so I enjoyed it. plus front to end this album has a good flow
    I'm a big Korn fan but this album was a let down. It has potential but just doesn't do it for me. Also for the people say that Korn isn't original, you are all ignorant uneducated retards.
    I found this album subpar. I enjoyed "see you on the other side" better, though that album was sonically a disappointment aswell. Untouchables still to me is their last good piece of work, and probably their best piece of work.
    Listen to "Love and Luxury" and you will all understand why this album was complete crap...
    jeowy wrote: i wonder if there'll be a flame war here? the nu-metal fad is years old but im sure theres still a lot of elitists who would jump at any opportunity to say "KORN SUX LOL", and likewise a lot of KoRn fans eager to jump to the defence of one of their favourite bands... im gonna check this album out, that "evolution" song seems pretty good to me, albeit simple as you'd expect from this genre.
    korn succckkkksss