Dimensional Bleedthrough review by Krallice

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  • Released: Nov 10, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (11 votes)
Krallice: Dimensional Bleedthrough

Sound — 8
Master of esoteric music and mastermind behind Ocrilim and Orthrelm, Mick Barr, returns to front NYC black metal group Krallice for their second effort Dimensional Bleedthrough. Though while not as extreme as his other projects, Krallice are complicated, confusing but competent in their composition. Barr is joined by Behold... the Arctopus Warr guitarist, Colin Marston on guitar, Lev Weinstein on drums and Nick McMaster on bass. Krallice is a band that pulls no punches when it comes to challenging music. Their guitar and bass lines intertwine and diverge crazily while Weinstein blasts in the background. The sheer complexity in their song structures is mind-boggling but often runs the risk of losing the listener: it is a difficult album to listen to. It may require multiple listens to understand what Barr and company are trying to achieve. But once you do start to understand, you understand it is something quite cool. The technicality does not detract from brutality on Dimensional, as songs like Autochthon attack unrelentingly. While generally providing some solid riff work and song writing, Krallice can often be frustrating, with the closing track Monolith of Possession going off on a million tangents, not providing the listener with anything to really stick to. The bloated nature of some of the songs diminishes the initial effect they give.

Lyrics — 8
Dimensional Bleedthrough is the type of album chooses to have vocals second to the music, though this is not to imply that the vocalist do not provide some great performances. Barr screams above the cacophony with a voice somewhere between black metal and hardcore while secondary vocalist McMaster opts for a low death metal growl. It's an appealing combination, but it would have been fantastic to have some in depth interaction between them. The lyrics are bizarre and deeply metaphorical providing some interesting images; egg-shell eyes.' Interpretation of the lyrics is fairly open as the abstruseness of the words do not provide a definite emphasis.

Overall Impression — 10
Dimensional Bleedthrough may or not be black metal, and if you measure your music by gr1mness, be aware that this is not the most frostbitten piece of music around. But nonetheless, Krallice has delivered and album full of interesting twist and turns, howls and trem riffs enough to keep the prog and black metal fans happy...It could use an editor though.

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    The vocal combination,growl/shriek has been done and done better by Dark Funeral.Ain't too bad for avant-black metal.
    It took a few listens to get into but after that I started to really like the album. I would give it an 8. Great but not mind-blowing.
    I must say that I haven't heard any songs off this album. I did like their self-titled quite a bit. I'll go ahead and check this out.
    Yeah on second though, maybe I rated it a teensy bit high great band