Extreme Aggression review by Kreator

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  • Released: Jun 19, 1989
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (17 votes)
Kreator: Extreme Aggression

Sound — 7
Extreme Aggression would be the album where Kreator finally found then success they deserve, the album got a distribution deal in the US through CBS/Epic. The production is cleaner and more streamlined than the previous albums. Sadly though, Extreme Aggression is less memorable than the Endless Pain, Pleasure to Kill, Terrible Certainty and Coma of Souls. The album definitely has it's moments, the title track, "No Reason to Exist" and "Betrayer" are examples of this but overall it seems to lack the impact of the other early records. The riff work is more technical here than on previous albums but they lack the aggression, intensity and exitement which is what got me hooked on Kreator in the first place. I find it ironic that the title is "Extreme Aggression" but it's probably the least agressive record they had made at the time of recording. This isn't to say the album is bad, it's a good album from start to finish, but that's the problem, it's only "good" whereas albums like Pleasure to Kill, Coma of Souls, Terrible Certainty and even the more recent Hordes of Chaos have been incredible.

Lyrics — 9
My favorite thing about this album is the lyrics. Some really cool topics on this album, "No Reason to Exist" and "Love Us or Hate Us" are the best tracks for me lyrics wise. Lines like: "Existing like the rest In endless emptiness Manipulated slaves From the womb until the grave You never had a chance They put you in a trance Against your will" From "No Reason to Exist" and "Don't try to tell us what is right for us We don't give a fuck anyway Don't try to steal imagination from us Things we believe we will never betray" From "Love Us or Hate Us" really pump you up, which in a way is almost disappointing because I'm used to the music of Kreator doing that for me and the lyrics adding to that. These lyrical topics fit really well with the music that Kreator makes and with Mille's vocals. Angry music and angry lyrics = kick ass thrash. Speaking of Mille Petrozza, he puts in another stellar vocal perfomance here, just as aggressive, angry and hate-filled as ever, it's just a shame that the rest of the band couldn't maintain the agression of previous albums.

Overall Impression — 8
Even though for Kreator, this album is probably the weakest of the first five, but for Thrash as genre it's still better than what most bands were doing at the time. Essential for any true thrash or Kreator fan. Despite the lack of impact, most riffs are still pretty good but my favorite things about this album is the lyrics and Mille's vocal performace. I would buy this again if it were stolen or lost, a good piece of old-school German Thrash Metal.

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    I don't really like many songs from this album. I agree with the reviewer. It's not a terribly good album in my opinion compared to Pleasure to Kill or Terrible Certainty, but still above average.
    i love this alvum, one of my fave thrash albums ever- good production - good riffs- good leads- headbanging stuff
    Extreme Aggression is probably Kreators best album IMO. It saw them launch from a small time German thrasher outfit into a worldwide success and lead they way for many other bands that followed. Sadly after Coma of Souls i personally feel they declined in quality from merely 'searching' for a more industrial/experimental sound. But in the late 80's and 90's they were probably one of the best true thrash oufits around. And they were awesome live too.
    Gotta love Extreme Agression,my 2nd favorite album from Kreator.And look how young Petrozza looks on that cover.
    What is the reviewer talking about? Do you seriously think Endless Pain is better than this album? Personally, I think Coma of Souls is their best, than tied in 2nd place would either be this album or Pleasure to Kill. Just my two cents.
    Preposterous review! This IS their best album. Its one of the few albums that perfected thrash. It may not be as technical as Terrible Certainty but showcases the band at their peak during the time. Pleasure To Kill may be widely regarded as their best but IMO that album more of a death metal influence like Reign In Blood was for Slayer. Extreme Aggressions rules.