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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
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Krv: Ograma

Sound — 8
Krv is an obscure band form an obscure country, Bosnia-Herzegovina, so you might think that they play some sort of Raw Black Metal, wrong. Krv is a black metal band but a black metal band which is not bogged in genre rules and stereotypes. They have two guitarists, Ban Krvnik and Vihor and they utilize this by having two guitar arrangements and even dual guitar solos, a far cry from the "standard" BM outfit. Few black metal bands focus on their musicianship but Krv does and this is very clear on Ograma, which is their most complex release yet. The drumming is also very different, blast beats are only utilized on accented riffs and sections and that's where they should be placed. Ograma has a decent production, it's not a high end one but the album is mixed well and all instruments are audible, the album has a very thick sound when compared to their earlier ones. Ograma also has a lot of energetic songs, the album is mostly in a lively uptempo mood.If I had to compare Ograma and Krv and the closest thing would be something like Darkthrone before Transilvanian Hunger but Krv have their own,unique sound. All songs start with an ambient/FX sample which lasts abut 5-10 second and after the first two or three track it gets annoying.

Lyrics — 8
Krv often use use archaic words(Ograma is an old word meaning illusion, spell, magic) and constructs, their words of choice may be from the 900s but a lot of the lyrics focus on the social and political situations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and their impact on the daily lives of its population. On their earlier albums the main focus was history and Slavic mythology and there is some of that on Ograma as well. The vocalist/guitarist Ban Krvnik uses mid-range shrieks, they are somewhere between growls and shrieks and they are thicker than what most other band use.

Overall Impression — 8
Chances are that you will be put off by the obscurity of the band and the fact that the lyrics are not in English. But for those who endlessly sifter through the mesh of equally obscure Norwegian/Scandinavian black metal bands Ograma is a chance to find unique and not generic and dry black metal. My favorite songs are "Dok Lai Se Divi" and "Neposluh Zmije".

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    Much better than a lot of Norways offerings, and some DECENT VOCALS, nice.. Sounds a bit like Tagtgren. Just needs a bit more clarity in mixing, only real drawback for me..
    Great job UG team on the song titles,thanks!
    EpiExplorer wrote: Much better than a lot of Norways offerings
    Stjepan Tomeević thanks Thee.