Drastic Fantastic review by KT Tunstall

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  • Released: Sep 18, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (45 votes)
KT Tunstall: Drastic Fantastic

Sound — 8
For me this CD was much anticipated as this year I got back into KT after having had her first CD since it came out. I don't think it's possible to compare this record to her first. I also feel that the record itself splits, at least in 3 parts, there are the more rock N' roll style songs, with loads of energy and bluesy riffs, there are the acoustic ballad songs and lastly there are the poppy songs which are very catchy but definitely not KT's best. 01. Little Favours - is one of those pop songs, this song also upsets me as it sounds like KT has had her voice modified. However the end bit that has "this little universe between our backs" repeated sounds more like KT, especially melody wise. 02. If Only - is another of those pop songs but there are some nice harmonies in the chorus. The instrumentation is however, rather boring. 03. White Bird - is one of the Ballads. The instrumentation is very simple. The harmony is also very nice, and I'm sure it would also make a very nice "just acoustic" song. 04. Funnyman - this song is a bit Rock N' roll but mostly pop. Normally KT's mix of acoustic and electric guitar sounds good but on this it lets down a bit, the first verse sounds alright with just electric, the chorus sounds messy and although I'm sure it's on purpose it just doesn't go. However the keyboard/guitar instrumental sounds nice and they definitely compliment each other. 05. Hold On - more of a rock n' roll song although a bit hard to put in a genre, I think KT has always been good at deciding which songs should be singles, this song is a very good sum up of the album, the energy of this song is really easy to feel and the instrumentation is very good, especially the rhythm of the guitars. 06. Hopeless - is my personal favourite song on the album. It has a great mix of ballad style with good blues guitar and a fantastic melody. The chorus is very catchy and here KT shows how good she is at mixing electric and acoustic. 07. I Don't Want You Know - is a pop song. The song doesn't really go anywhere. There is nothing exciting about it. 08. Saving My Face - very good song, again hard to fix with a genre, but nice instrumentation especially the drumming, it really fits well. in an interview KT said she wrote this for the old album but it didn't fit, that is easily seen here as it has the sound of her old songs but fits better with the style of the new album. 09. Beauty Of Uncertainty - is a beautiful ballad, I think it should be completely acoustic but the bit at the end definitely takes it to a whole new level. 10. Someday Soon - is a very nice ballad. The guitar sounding slightly like blackbird by the Beatles but still very nice. very simple but effective melody. 11. Paper Aeroplane - sounds like something of KT's old album but is still very refreshing at the same time.

Lyrics — 9
I'm not normally that interested in lyrics, but there are some that particularly strike me. Hold on really has the atmosphere that the music is trying to portray so it fits really well. Hopeless also grabbed me as lyrics that felt great for someone to hold on too in a time where you feel that no one cares, a situation where we've all been.

Overall Impression — 9
I think overall KT has still got it and although it is definitely more commercial than her last album it is still the work of a great musician. I'd say hopeless, hold on and white bird are definitely the three to listen to. It's definitely worth the money to buy it!

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    im not great at reading long posts, i think you agree with what i said lol so if so thanks lol, if not ah well.....but i still recoment you get hold of her demo tapes called "tracks in july" its so very good
    kristakaybe wrote: Wow- I love how so many people post their comments on here like they know everything about music. First of all, defining KT in one genre (like pop) is utterly ridiculous. If you listened to her actual albums including her acoustic release of B-sides (Acoustic Extravaganza), instead of just hearing her songs released on the radio then you would know exactly what I am talking about. KT's sound is truly original, ranging from bluesy sounds, using jazz chords in a lot of the music that she writes, then taking that soulful sound (like off the first record) and completely challenging it with this second album that hits the surface of classic rock and roll, emotional ballads, and going outside of the sound that made her famous from her first album. That takes balls, and it also takes a lot of creativity and influence from a WIDE range of artists. Her biggest influence was Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday. HELLO PEOPLE- these were divas that were coming into the music scene WAY before Dylan, Joplin, and whoever else you want to classify and drop names to make you sound good. Do you even listen to those artists? Probably not, because (like our friend above explained) KT has covered Dylan and already got referenced to old style singer-songwriters. So, please before you carry on and act like you know what the **** you're talking about next time- just save yourself the time- because you obviously know SHIT about music....If KT was manufactured in some POP music industry bakery (whatever you dims call it), then she probably would come out looking like something off of MTV I'm sure (Fergie-a-liciously, or Rhinnawannahumpa). But she has stated her own style, is a well-developed musician singer-songwriter (which means she writes her own music/ lyrics), started doing this on the streets and sidewalks, and pulled through so many stereotypes, and has taken so many different viewpoints on music in her life just to be able to create music that is honest and true... Since when did that get classified in the majority of music that is being listened to today?? Exactly.... Here's what I think is wrong with music and critics today... People are stupid. People are looking for oppurtunities to make themselves sound smart and witty. People love to drop BIG names in the music industry because they heard other people praising that artist or because they were a defined legend( not because they know anything about that artist.) People like to think nowadays that if they listen to underground music strictly then that makes them above everyone else and they know so much about music. But news flash- there are a lot of shitty underground bands and artists that will one day make it big or make it on the radio- and the next day those same fans are calling those artists sell outs and no longer support their music because they can't drop names and act like they know so much about so and so and not expect everyone else to too. ....News flash- music is not all about solos, heavy metal, and who knows shit about shit.... Music is about making good music. Music is about making honest music, original music, music that the artists have a personal connection to and isn't trying to sound like every tom dick and harry....Okay got it. So before you post something and make yourself sound like a complete idiot, you should know what the **** you're talking about next time. Wake up- because no one gives a **** about your sloppy criticism. Krista Kathleen
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